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    Hey, so far, are you liking the third part ? Do you have a favorite character ? Thanks !!
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    Well, one day at a time. No use beating yourself over problems. Life isn't meant to be taken that seriously, anyway. Hope you're fine too.
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    Yeah, I live in Texas, more specifically the Houston area. As for the UPS stuff generally they have just the driver in the truck, but they just get so many deliveries this time of year they hire people to help them out so it goes by faster. While I deliver the package the driver can find the package for the next house and make the process faster. When you have 100's of packages in the truck it can get tricky to find them in a timely manner.

    I should've specified about the game, it's Dragonball Xenoverse, so no relation to any of those other games. Overall what is your impression of Persona 3, and are you planning on starting Persona 4 after that?

    Working at a library sounds like it could be interesting. If you got that job there would be two APers that work at libraries (Captain Ugly works at a Library as well).
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    Wish I could get snow from time to time, but the best I ever had was small amounts falling down that melt on contact. Also, I'm not driving the truck but tag along with a driver and he goes to the places and gives me the package to drop off at the house.

    Glad things are getting better for you. I remember the neighbors being a nuisance so here's hoping they turn out well, and hope the job search turns something up soon for you. (Anything you are hoping for in particular?) As for Persona 3 been a while since I played that one. In the near future I'm thinking of playing all the Persona games again leading up to the release of Persona 5 in April. Though it's hard to get motivated to do the first one because that particular game has aged poorly. Lately though I've been playing Xenoverse 2, Bloodborne, Meatboy, and a few other games off and on.
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    Wow, that's a big time commitment for therapy. I'm glad you feel like it's helped you though.

    I totally get the looking for a job stuff since I'm in the middle of that too. It's frustrating how not having one decreases your sense of self-worth. I might have to find something low-paying and disposable while I look for a more career-oriented one.
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    I've been doing well, thanks for asking. Offshore work is down for the season, but to fill in the gap I'm currently helping deliver packages for UPS as a Driver Helper, and finished my first week. These cool temperatures make it nice and while I felt sore after the first few days I pushed through the week and got used to it. Besides that just been relaxing and enjoying the small things in life.

    How have things been for you?
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    Things could be a lot worse. I just got up to visit my girlfriend so that's definitely a pleasure. How are you?
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    Thanks very much, Ekila! :)
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    Well, I know it's an RPG. And that's it. The Zelda series and watching my brother playing FF games are pretty much the only experience with japanese RPGs I have D:
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    Oh really? XD Funnily enough I have been to a plethora of states - Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mass., Virginia, Jersey, and even D.C....all east coast states mind you, but still. I would like to go to California one day though.

    I like Marvel more myself....although on the DC side, I REALLY like Batman. Something about his rugged background, surviving the epitome of crime Gotham City, fitting with more of his brains and skills then some superpower....really appeals to me.

    Life is going alright. Registered for classes, had a nice Thanksgiving, and I recently got over a cold from last week. How was your holiday, perchance?
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