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    Glad to hear that, I know things had been rough for a while there for you. BTW, I haven't forgotten about the game, I just haven't posted because I was waiting to see if Woody would start up again. With only one person it doesn't seem fair if I just kept going all by myself.
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    Sure. I'm not the best when it comes to spontaneous responses either.
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    You get used to harsh lyrics fast. Just listen to Amon Amarth ;)
    For "Something Wild", well, these were my favs and fan favourites too. Let me hear what you make of the other albums and Iced Earth.
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    Sorry, I've been out. Another Brazilian dude was suddenly attacking me about how Lula and Dilma were framed.

    What I understand of the situation is that is an "al capone" kind of deal ,that their opponents managed to catch them out of "minor" crimes because they couldn't get them for the big ones. But the perspective shift from "there are no big crimes, and their accusers are more guilty than them" to "in a first world country these crimes are enough to pay for"

    Are there currently protests?
    As a Venezuelan I can't feel personal empathy for these Chavez allies, as all the good that they might have done to Brazil will always be tainted with the way that they enabled Chavez and his megalomania.
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    On the other hand, I really don't see any salvation for Brazil at the moment. I can understand the desperation of just wanting any kind of group to take power and solve the current chaos. It seems like there's no light at the end of the tunnel and all parties involved are as dirty as you can get. I just wish there was some new movement, like Macron in France, that could tear the entire party structure apart and come up with new, responsible and feasable ideas on how to calm the country down and put it back on the right track. But it must be the civillian society coming together to do something. It's not the system that needs to be changed, it's the people partaking in it. One thing I don't get at all though, is why someone running for office and getting elected clears them of their criminal charges. It should be the exact opposite, should it not? If you have criminal charges against you, you can not hold political office. That seems like a really convenient and awful rule!
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    Yep, I just read about it. It's not confirmed yet, right? It takes over a year until the next court in line decides to confirm the sentence. I'm really glad to hear about that, your justice system is finally working as it should and I hope that Temer is the next to go. The threat of Lula going free seems to be gone now, so I guess it should be fine to impeach the guy and possibly arrest him, no? The whole political system does seem rotten to the core, though. We have some bad cases here in Portugal as well. Just because we're in the EU and have developed a lot over the last 40 years doesn't mean our politicians aren't corrupt. But it seems that with the crisis almost completely busting the whole fabric of the economy, most of the corrupt and monopolic structures ended up collapsing, many dirty schemes have come to light and are being duly investigated. It seems both of our countries are at a turning point in terms of the functioning of justice, although a lot still needs to be done.
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    Oh, I see. Yeah, I don't have much access to a computer either. I mostly use the one at the library, or the one I can borrow at the place I can live in.

    Speaking of libraries, I have been reading more. In the county I live in, if one library does not have the book I have, they can check to see if it is in another one. (As long as it is in my county of course.) I think this is an awesome system indeed! :3
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    I PMd you abou CoB. Iced Earth had their strongest years between "Burnt Offerings" and "The Glorious Burden", best Power/Heavy Metal since Maiden imo. Cradle is different, they try to change a bit with every album. Personally I prefer the first albums but this is completely a matter of taste.
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    Haha I wasn't expecting such a development
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    Ooooh! Really ?! To be honest I haven't been following the forum's activity that much since I got in engineering school. I tend to forget how awesome this community is.
    So what happened to make you change to C_uggs ?
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