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    Yes, it is awesome! It's the lowest type of manager, but manager none the less. I enjoy the job very much. But I do plan to become an English teacher overseas, which I need to do some schooling for. But that won't be for a while.
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    So, what kind of work do you do?
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    You're welcome! Well, I'm in school/college at the moment, but I do plan to try again in the future. I do have a job though, and I work at a Dollar General store. Which is like a general store that sells basic goods. (Like food, milk, clothes, etc.) I'm a lead sales associate there, AKA a manager o:
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    Ah, awesome! I hope you have fun! :3
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    Sorry to divide in 2 parts, but thereīs a char limit to Visitor messages.
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    Crazy Diamond, The World, Killer Queen, Part 8īs Soft and Wet and part 7īs D4C are my top 5 (donīt google, spoilers :P).

    It was weird like hell. One of the most bizarre events in the manga, for itīs effects and because it came out of nowhere (also, weird that no one had that idea before).
    I felt like it was necessary in order to create a "fair" battleground between Diavolo and Brunoīs gang, since Crimson King was so God damn OP, and in that sense I appreciated it.
    Instead of a final fight between two characters, we had a battle with a "neutral" objective, and whoever got it, won. In that sense it was original. In the end, the wittiest party won. Getting the Arrow was the fight. After that was just conclusion.

    I just didnīt like that it did not have a lot to do with Silver Chariot, both design, and ability wise.
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    I liked the fact he seemed more vulnerable/weak than guys like DIO, Kars and Diavolo until he got MiH.
    It felt like the odds were against him in some parts of the story and that he managed to slip away due to cunningness instead of ramming OP powers into everyone that stood in his way. He was a bit like Kira in this aspect. He felt a lot more vulnerable. His interactions with Dio were also fun because of the dimension it gave Dio, but I disagree when people say he was Dioīs minion. Pucci is his own person and has distinct objectives. His final objective was arguably beneficial towards mankind, depending on how you looked at it. Dio was a maniac, Pucci was more reasonable, even if obsessed.
    I liked him overall. His stand was fun and the fight with C-Moon was amazing. He had some fun quirks that made him very memorable.
    I guess I would rate him behind Dio, Kira and part 7 villain. Above Diavolo and Kars.
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    No problem man, part 6 ending is such a brain f*** itīs normal that one doesnīt completely gets it.
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    Touhou songs on an accordion?

    That sounds interesting, no really, it does. Like. What on earth would "U.N Owen" sound like?
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    Also do you read the Tokyo Ghoul manga by any chance? Super good. Possibly my favorite manga that's going on right now right alongside One Piece. Although I'm binge reading My Hero Academia right now as we speak and GOD DAMN, is this a great manga. Admittedly I'm also a pretty big fan of American superhero comic books but still, this is some great stuff. I'll be finished with this series pretty soon honestly, it's just, the best.
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