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    All the stars are now black, a reference to his latest album.
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    Oh awesome! That sounds like fun! :3
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    He would be difficult to endure. Don't worry I feel you. And yeah I really hope we get a BB flashback, as well as an Akainu flashback, if only because I feel like something *really bad* must've happened to both of them to make them the way they are now. A Whitebeard flashback is still possible I think... But I feel like it might not happen in the main manga it might have to happen in some supplementary material at this point.

    And thanks btw.
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    And that's pretty cool about the museum! And congrats on getting head librarian! Is it kinda like a manager position, or not really?
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    Oh, okay. I see. And yeah, I won't give up. I want to travel the world and being a teacher overseas helps with that very much.
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    And I should note that I loved Brook from the start... mostly because he was just so weird that I couldn't help but love him... And also because he was first introduced when I was about 13 years old (God this series has been around for a long time.) But I guess I can see why people didn't like him at first. If nothing else having Caesar Clown in the SH crew would be very interesting because if nothing else it'd mean there'd be a Logia in the crew. So... Maybe...
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    Yeah I love Marvel too so man I know the feeling. Lately I've been way more into the movies then the comics but I still have an extensive collection of Marvel (and DC) comics at home. As for Kuzan/Aokiji in the BB crew... I'm going to wait and see how that goes... I'm about 99.99% sure that Kuzan is only working for BB because he's on some kind of undercover mission and/or he's trying to bring BB down from the inside. Otherwise it's going to be very shocking to see how a man who was probably the most moral Marine we've seen so far in the series could work with one of the most devious and vicious pirates that we've ever seen. Just my two cents.
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    That would be cool. Say something when you do. Those arenīt the subs I check often so I might miss it.
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    And that's pretty cool you are an librarian at a museum. Sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoy museums, though its been a while since I been to one. (I like learning new things.) The last museum I've been in was a butterfly museum, where in one part of it, they had live butterflies flying around. Also, the butterflies all are from the rainforest. It was pretty cool. By the way, what kind of museum do you work at?
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    Yes, it is awesome! It's the lowest type of manager, but manager none the less. I enjoy the job very much. But I do plan to become an English teacher overseas, which I need to do some schooling for. But that won't be for a while.
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