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    I liked the Firecracker Jinx skin
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    I LOVE BLAZE!!!!
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    It's hard not too! Some of the threads on the first page are old!
    These forums just aren't active enough, I suppose. We have way more visitors than we do actual members.
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    Oh yeah Iara is there, so is Boudica, Tomrys & Hypatia to name a few of my faves lol

    As I said, there are some not-quite-real women from legend, myth -and books ...like Lolita or Beloved (not sure of Lolita, but do know Beloved was made into a movie )
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    Here's a link to the " rejected princesses"= here The page gives a list and short blurb to choose from before giving the story/. Some of the blurbs are tounge in cheek humor compare=
    Tsuruhime Ohori -The Savior of Omishima Island
    When invaders threatened her island home, she declared herself a living god, raised an army, and fought them tooth, nail, and occasional grenade.

    Onake Obavva -South Indian Whack-a-Mole Champion, 1777-present
    When enemies invaded her town while her husband was on lunch break, she grabbed a nearby pestle and saved the day by achieving the high score in soldier whack-a-mole.

    --- by 'whack-a-mole' they are referring to how she defended her town by whacking the invaders over the head as they came through a crack in the wall one at a time.
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    Its a wonderful site it tags itself as =" Rejected Princesses - Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kids' Movies. " The name is a joke to Dinesy 's 'perfect imaginary princess' type. 1- its mostly about real women, there are some legends but not as much as real women 2- they aren't perfect ... but are very interesting!

    due to length limit, will finish in other post...
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    Dang... color me impressed.
    That's more than I did ... but then I had family issues that prevented me from finishing high school
    - like the issue of my mom getting sick and not being able to work so I had to go full time to keep a roof over our heads.
    Its depressing but can't be helped.

    Now I like to read (when I get to) on history of strong women (love rejectedprincesses.com for their history on notable women from around the world) and ancient history
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    Haha Alright. :p I just assumed you were being flooded with messages.

    When I can't make my own threads, I go crazy trying find something to do. @_@ Oof.
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    It occurs to me that your inbox is probably bloated. Do you need any help organizing? (Like, setting up rules so you get more organized messages?)
    If you don't need help, too bad, I'm offering my suggestion anyways. :p When people submit answers to you, they should be in PMs titled "Answer for X", X being the number. :p
    Okay, I'm done. >_> Sorry.
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    well yea, everyone has bad stories. But that's because of people being jerks and some communities being full of assholes, since I guess fighting games attract assholes. It doesn't mean people who want competition are all like them.

    I personally have just as many instances of wanting to play a game seriously and people jumping in with crap and rng just to keep me from having a simple, honest fight. It's like if you want to play a good game of soccer with friends and a jerk jumps in and starts throwing soccer balls everywhere for the lols.
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