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    I was gonna get it for 3ds, but my Wii U library is small and I haven't gotten a OP console game in forever.

    but yeah, it's also for PS3 and Vita.
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    Really? Never heard about something like that......

    I can get if they're retro games for the virtual console, but I'm not a fan of current-day games being download only. The game got a physical release for Wii U in Europe and Japan, but not here. Downloading it took OVER 5 HOURS and too much space! lol

    Thankfully it was worth it.
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    Actually it turned out to be like....11 or 12 gigs when I finished downloading....but yeah, it seems you have no room. Do you anything to delete (I deleted Amazon Video and hulu, for example) to make room?.....although more good games are a-coming....maybe you'll need a hard drive.
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    As someone who has never played the Unlimited series, it's really fun. Every character plays differently, and the different combos prevent fighting stretches from being too monotonous.....

    ...plus there's good replay value and a good roster.
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    Hey, Awakening was your first FE game? Wow! I started with the great Fire Emblem 7 on the GBA....
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    I think by the time I got her, I didn't know Rally Spectrum. Honestly, Morgan wrecks everyone as a lv. 20 trickster (when she gets paired with Anna, she DESTROYS people), so much that I'd feel reclassing her and buffing her up to a grandmaster would make her OP lol

    now I'm working on maxxing out the second generation characters....favorite is got to be Cynthia.
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    Wewell I married Anna, so I only got Morgan...she never learned it, and she's a level 20 trickster!"
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    yes, yes, and more yes. Too bad myself is the only character that has it....at the moment.

    but seriously, out of all the child paralogues....Nah and Inigo's were the hardest....Morgan's and Laurent's were the easiest for me.
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    Not I, I tend to buff people up when I know things are gonna be hairy. Lissa's rally luck has helped me so many times, and Maribelle's rally resistance was a savior on Nah's annoying paralogue.
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    are you kidding??? I grinded until all non-second generation characters were level 20 promoted...exceptions being Panne, Nowi, Tiki, Olivia (kept them level 30 same class), Morgan/Lucina (only kids I maxed out for the adventure), Frederick/Libra (barely used them) and Donnel (he's still a villager, albeit level 22)

    I also kept rallying the hell out of my party, and I paired everyone up. It was intense.
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