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    Hahaha agreed. I got a start when I saw 5 new visitor messages XD But I love getting stuff so yay!

    Anya really was a wonderful character. But her death wasn't given as much screentime as Joyce's or Tara's or Cordy's or Fred's :( I really really liked her though. I really can't rank which my top three are. I honestly love the way Joyce's death was done. Tara and Fred dying felt like having the lights of my life extinguished. And Cordy had such a special place in my heart :(

    I guess the First was kind of like Glory in that they both did whatever they wanted, and had a lot of faith in their own power. I just wanted to laugh when the council revealed that Glory is a god. Like ahahahaha nope. Perhaps the First wanted to use the scythe to her own advantage.
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    I kind of feel like rewatching the start of Buffy for early Spike~ So snarky and awesome :D I really liked how unchangeable he was, even when he liked Buffy; he never pretended to be actually good and he always reminded the gang of that when they (especially Xander) tried to get him to help save the world. Heh. I also miss Dru a lot! They were fantastic together.

    I'll tell you first that Firefly is generally more loved than Dollhouse, especially as the latter became a tad messier towards the end. But I still like it a lot and it's well worth a watch~

    Aw man sorry to hear about the tough situation. But it's great that commuting is more convenient now! Glad to hear you're settling in too :) What triggered the re-move? Who are you staying with~?
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    Noooo! Why did you spoil yourself :( You gotta tell me your top 2-3 worst deaths in the Buffy/Angelverse after you finish everything~ When I was nearing the end of Angel, I tried to prepare myself for, well, everyone to die. I was just so sure that Whedon would destroy everything I love XD I even started counting down, and calculating how many people would need to die per episode, and which order they would die in.

    I think that S2 finale really made everyone want to protect Buffy and cry for her :( That ending just emphasised how completely alone she suddenly was. It devastated me. And then to be turned against by her family and friends in the last season... gosh she really has the worst job. D:
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    Yay Dollhouse! It's a great concept, a couple of problems in execution but it has Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku and other great great people. You should also watch Firefly. It got cancelled after one season but it's really a fantastic show and it has a big cult following even now. It has a wonderful cast and I watched a couple of their panels at cons and they make me laugh and maybe cry a little.

    Hmm I didn't watch Tangled online but I'll try to find something for you when I get home tonight. How's the moving going, by the way? It's been a while.
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    Sigh, I know. :( Fred dying was really a major heartbreak for me. I wanted to curl up and cry when her last words were "Why can't I stay?" She really drew the short stick. She and Cordy are the sweetest characters on the show. You're Welcome was a major blow to me too, because of how abrupt it was. I found out just yesterday that the episode was actually meant to have been written for Buffy, but SMG couldn't make it, so they rewrote it for Cordelia instead. And thank goodness, it was such a good episode. But so so sad.

    I think a part of me has never forgiven Xander for being so thick-headed and insensitive and brutish about Buffy and Angel. I mean I'm still okay with his distrust of Angel, who IS a vampire after all. But his complete insensitivity towards Buffy about it made me so angry. I was fuming so hard when Buffy ran away after killing Angel and when she came back everyone just crucified her for it.
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    I agree that Buffy and Angel is by far my favourite couple in the Buffyverse, as silly as they can sometimes be. It broke my heart when Angel had to leave. I watched their last scene dancing at prom to Wild Horses and it just made my heart break all over again. And then again when Xander was yelling at Buffy for wanting to kill bad-Anya and Buffy screamed back that Xander had cheered for her to kill Angel whom she loved more than anything but she did it anyway because she's the Slayer. Worst job in the world for sure.

    DEFINITELY watch Dollhouse when you can. It's only a couple of seasons I think, because it got cancelled too. Whedon is cursed XD

    The Season 4 finale ending was one of the most cruel things Whedon has done overall... Sadly, it is not the worst heartbreak you'll get from Angel.
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    Maybe the ritual just had to be about the essence of the key or something, whatever it turned out to be. I dunno XD Now that you mention it, it does seem quite lacking. At least Glory was a great villain, for me at least. It killed me when she attacked Tara though. I was screaming at Willow to conjure up a spell and zap her from a distance. It was so devastating.

    Bahahaha Angelus, yes. I was so afraid when it looked like something bad was going to happen to Angel, then Angelus came out and I cheered when he killed that first woman. It's incredible to have one of the best heroes and the best villain in the same person. So much fun. I didn't like him killing Jenny though. That made me incredibly sad and very angry.
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    Different kind of anguish? XD What were you expecting? I suppose you can call it Whedon-anguish... The guy has guts, to be able to kill off the people he does.

    I really really hated Giles leaving. I was so upset when someone told me he wouldn't be a regular in that season anymore. And the whole plot of it felt like it kind of went back on itself, cause later Giles came back (great entrance though!) and told Buffy she needn't have struggled alone. Bleh.

    I guess I get what you mean about Buffy and Spike. It was brave, it could have ruined both those characters and I think it did for some people. It was definitely Buffy's lowest point.
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    Haha, your favourite character is Angel then? I think my least favourite moments of him were usually when he abandoned his crew or treated them badly to go on one of his solo impassioned quests. But he's definitely the lead of the show~ Amy Acker (Fred's actress) is fantastic, you should check out Dollhouse too. (Psst: Dollhouse's lead is Eliza Dushku, Faith's actress. :D)

    Wesley had excellent development in Angel too. I didn't name him more solidly because I wasn't sure how you'd like his flaws, but I should have known how much you like darkness XD He definitely changed a lot, for the better. Also, this video was hilarious and awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzr7JSUIIQE

    I'm not a fan of Connor personally. I think he just never got the chance to be a likable character? Season 4's finale broke my heart into a million pieces. Not sure if you've seen that yet :P
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    It's the one in this video (you can start at about 1:07): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwqInyXu7vE
    Video itself is a bit too sappy and romance-y but I love that quote.

    Awww! You definitely need to rewatch that episode somewhere more private where you can just let it all out. I wouldn't mind redoing the drinking game XD It really was just so bad emotionally. The way Whedon captured their grief was overwhelming. I feel like crying just seeing you mention Anya's breakdown! :( Told you there'd be anguish, haha.

    I hated how ugly it was. You're weird. I was kind of just staring at the screen shocked and disturbed. Him coming back all broken was heartbreaking. AND THE MUSICAL EPISODE WAS GREAT! Hahaha. I rewatched it a few days ago and got the songs stuck in my head all day. I agree that they did a great job with it, putting two major plot points, Giles leaving (which was STUPID by the way) and Tara breaking up with Willow, on hold to draw it out.
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