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    I've seen Flash with yellow and blue lightning, but white works very well for him.

    And that Superman image is gorgeous.
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    And that is exactly my problem with Batman on teams. I think he works great as a foil to other heroes and villains, but he gets so much cheap biased treatment that makes his colleagues look like chumps. And that isn't even getting into how his moral arrogance always has to look objectively right like in that one Young Justice clip with Wonder Woman. I always like your suggestion to have Batman's killing code from a legitimate psychological barrier he can't control due to his trauma than actually being that naive and stubborn. It would make his story a lot more compellingly tragic and his fight against Gotham's near-irredeemable madness much more suspenseful, especially in an alternate universe limited series that has a planned ending where Bruce dies or hangs up the cowl.
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    I don't know if I will like Young Justice all that much if it's going to have another timeskip, but I think the hiatus and how season two ended makes a new timeskip flow better.
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    Spider-Verse is a movie that still worries me a lot on paper since they will have to juggle Miles' origin, the death of Peter Parker, multiple Spider-Men, and multiple villains. But everything I have seen, especially the five minute after-credits clip at the end of Venom has me VERY impressed. The animation and writing is easily as good as, say, The Incredibles. It looks like the best animated superhero movie I have seen in years since Under the Red Hood. I love its gorgeous art-style and fluid animation. And the humor is so clever yet natural. I'm still worried about it, but I can tell how much effort has gone into every second I've seen of that film.
  5. I guess Punisher never takes a day out. Can't say I expected anything less.

    Im might actually try a couple books in Marvel with Daredevil being Mayor and Fisk being the previous one.

    For the spiderman I heard the first couple of issues before this one aren't that great and many dropped it.

    I like Bats interacting with people not alone. My biggest problem with him in a team is that he always get preferential treatment. As in everyone gets captured/killed etc... except Batman. I like Batman as part of a team not exterior to it.
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    I'm not all that familiar with how Cap acts in the comics all too well.

    I have all the issues from the current Amazing Spider-Man run but have not read them yet. I know about Boomerang being Peter's roommate though. Speaking of villain bars, the last thing Punisher did before the world ended as a lead up to the recent Secret Wars event was go to a random villain bar celebrating during their final moments and telling them he's still going to kill them before that happens.
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    I believe that Batman as a character works best in either detective stories or in teams.
  8. If Fisk is great and I don't have hand BS I can live with it. Fisk and Purple man are probably my most interesting villains(although one is dead).
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    It's definitely better than season two. And Bullseye turned out better than I thought he would be. Fisk is great. And there is another one take fight scene that surpasses the other two in length and narrative.

    I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it is easily one of the best Netflix seasons.
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    I already watched the whole season. But I could not access the forum for the past few days because of server issues. That apparently got fixed for me today though.
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