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    It's an okay movie. Just okay. Has some clever ideas and really cool moments, but for the most part it's either just okay or underwhelming.
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    That kind of praise coming fron you is getting me a bit excited. I will see it on Sunday, which is a ways away from now.

    And maybe I will rewatch Infinity War beforehand. Not sure since I plan to watch a lot of things this weekend. Also, I wrote a hot take article for my college entertainment journalism class about why I think MCU Thanos is a bad character. I'm proud of how much I made fun of him in it.
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    I haven't read the books since they came out and I only watched the first couple seasons of the show. I have no idea. The books haven't even gotten to officially revealing that yet.
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    Thank you very much. I am sorry for replying so late. I've been feeling pretty down lately and trying to pass the time playing video games I've had laying on my shelf unopened for years like BioShock Infinite.

    I heard that Young Justice season 3 has started releasing episodes. But I might wait until the season is at least halfway done. I feel like it would be good to rewatch the series sometime this month because I don't remember much at all from the series besides a few moments/scenarios and I want to see if the quality holds up.
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    There is his original Spider-Man 2099 comic from 1992. Aside from that, eh. I'd also recommend Spider-Girl from 1998 about Peter's daughter Mayday. She has an interesting version of wall crawling where she can stick to objects and then propel them from her hands electromagnetically. Spawn only reminds me of Venom and Dr. Strange. The former makes sense since Todd McFarlane made both Venom and Spawn.

    I did play Spider-Man on PS4. It is easily my favorite game on the PS4. The story/dialogue is better than most of the Spider-Man movies and I really like both the web swinging and combat in that game. I have my critiques about the wall crawling and villain designs and the story's pacing, but it is a great game overall.

    I will try reading Supersons now that I am on winter break. I hope I warm up to Jon Kent. Never saw any reason to like him.
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    Also, you need to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. As soon as possible.
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    I love Spider-Man 2099's design so we'll have to agree to disagree there. I love the quirky red half-spider eyes and spider skull symbol. But I can understand his temperament in that arc being rather meh. I have read some of his stories and find him to be an interesting character. You know how Peter is introverted and dorky as Peter Parker but extraverted and quippy as Spider-Man? Miguel O'Hara is the opposite. Suave and confident by day but serious as Spider-Man. And rather than having a sense of responsibility per se, he is mainly motivated by guilt.
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    I understand Otto killing too much hampering the story.

    Hobgoblin>Green Goblin. Gobby is literally Evil McEvil nowadays. But I at least like how he is drawn.

    Otto getting a doctorate and company is cool. It goes down the tubes when Peter comes back in Amazing Spider-Man because status-quo though.

    What do you think of Otto's inventions/strategies compared to Peter? And how do you feel about Spider-Man 2099? Also, have any of the villains stood out to you in this comic?

    If you want to see Otto teaming up with heroes, read Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 to the end of its run, and then Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. 15.1 takes place in-between ASM 700 and Superior Spider-Man #1.
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    Peter never worked for Doc Ock in the comics. Spider-Man first met Doc Ock after he started going villain from his radioactive accident.

    Meaningful episodic filler is fine with me.

    Anna is arguably the best part of Superior Spider-Man. Aunt May is best when she is human instead of just a doting mom. Reminds me of Spider-Man 2 when Peter tells her he was involved in Uncle Ben's death and she briefly distances herself out of shock, but then gives Peter meaningful advice later on during the garage sale.

    I don't really like the Venom arc too much. Then again, I don't like anything Venom-related outside of Flash Thompson's solo book lol. Symbiote influence works best when it's nuanced and releases inhibitions like alcohol instead of an Evil McEvil split personality.
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    And I'm actually sort of fine with the dreams lol. They ARE creepy as hell, I don't deny that. But they're still just dreams. And if you can access someone else's memories, it is bound to happen. Although it does bring up an unorthodox issue of consent when it comes to something intangible like viewing memories, and if you can even control that or not.
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