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    I liked Get Out. The premise of objectifying racist liberal white people being scary sounds funny on paper, but it paid off on-screen. It didn't rely on jump scares aside from one cheap scene where they play a music note super high when a character suddenly appears. I really liked the acting and creepy mood it set. It often felt more like a psychological suspense thriller, which I liked.

    No Country for Old Men... I'm gonna be honest. I think this is a movie that I will have to acquire taste for over time. I'm know it's probably trying to say some poignant things, but that movie bored the hell out of me. The pacing moved so slow and the conversations are filled with that Coen Brothers-style "talk about random irrelevant stuff to set a tone and make it seem important". The most I can say is that I like Anton. He's a fairly unsettling and interesting guy. That's about it.
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    Eh. I'm just not into Deadpool's humor unless it cleverly fits the story context and has some tragedy inserted.
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    I haven't even seen the first one yet lol.
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    A movie for Grodd does work better. It's weird for him to be a season long enemy anyways since he doesn't really fit in with Central City's environment.

    Although I just came up with an interesting idea for Grodd in a tv show or movie side villain format. What if he was sort of like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs? Where he is imprisoned and bound, but has to be relied on by the heroes for some sort of expertise or ability only he can provide. And the story builds up to how he manipulates people with his cunning and telekinetic abilities to break out. If he has a sophisticated personality like in the JLU show mixed with a thirst savagery underneath, maybe it would work.

    Admittingly, I only came up with that just because I feel like Grodd replacing Hannibal in this image would look terrifying yet fitting for a dangerous animal like him:

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    Apparently, Lex is teaming up with Joker because Lex wants to embrace human biology craving disorder and chose instead of the law and justice. He thinks that they can no longer co-exist. So he looks at the Joker as a shining example of being an ideal person according to this philosophy. Someone who embraces their inner urge for anarchy.
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    How do you feel about these rosters:


    And yes, they will be calling themselves the Legion of Doom.
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    lol I am not doing a mediocre superhero movie marathon like that unless I'm not alone for live commentary.

    I plan to watch it Saturday or Sunday.

    I've been trying to watch horror movies lately though ever since I saw Get Out for inspiration. I have recently seen They Live, May (2002), The Shining, and Cabin in the Woods. Along with some non-horror films like Memento (that was a rewatch) and Fargo. I still want to watch more horror films like Misery, No Country For Old Men, Sixth Sense, and the Gremlins duology. I'm going to watch District 9 and rewatch Who Framed Roger Rabbit next week for inspiration about fictional prejudice stoiries. If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to tell me.
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    That is no problem.

    I don't hang around there either.
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    lol No, I do not watch Gotham. I stopped somewhere in season one. But I check back on clips of it every now and then.

    It doesn't take too much of my time. I start around the evening and it usually lasts until 3 AM because Jabberwok and I are that picky about the script lol.

    And thank you!
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