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    Force Ghost Peter is used too much, very true. Especially when he isn't necessary for readers learning about Otto with their own eyes but being forced to see how Peter processes everything too. Characters being the viewers in a sense to process a series' surreal elements can and has worked, but here it feels unnecessary since Peter is slower on the uptake than the viewers themselves and does not play any other role besides that.

    It might be logical for certain characters, but I don't think it's necessary for Otto. An egotist like him could easily find someone like MJ to be an annoyance he wants to cut off. An insecure codependent person who craves affection like Kilgrave switching minds with someone else would make sense out of trying to bang that guy's lover. Otto's never been like that. It's pushing a random flaw onto him. How Otto deals with Peter already having a girlfriend is inevitable, but it happening in this specific way isn't all that necessary to me.
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    Start from Amazing Spider-Man #676. Superior takes place right after #700.
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    The final Amazing Spider-Man story before Superior is about Peter Parker in Doc Ock's dying body fighting against Otto in Peter's body. Freaky Friday final showdown.

    If you are still open to it, you can put Superior Spider-Man on the bacburner for now and read twenty-thirty Amazing Spider-Man issues leading up to Superior Spider-Man first so the events that happen there make more sense and you are more invested.
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    One of my issues with Spider-Man 2 is that Alfred Molia's Doctor Octopus is NOTHING like comic book Doctor Octopus when you take away the explosion accident and the appearance. Yeah, Doctor Octopus has always been a jerk obsessed with his own ego. The experiment that created him did alter his mind a little, but stories about his childhood like in Superior Spider-Man strongly hint his antagonistic narcissism has always been there. Spectacular Spider-Man is the most accurate portrayal of him, aside from working for Norman Osborn at first (Spider-Man shows really like making Otto work for Norman before going bad for some reason. Almost as a way to imply one will always be superior over the other as Spider-Man's greatest nemesis).
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    Massacre is a woman. Lily Hollister, a celebrity that dated Norman Osborn from a while. Came across the Goblin Formula though, got sprayed with it somehow, teamed up with Norman Osborn and became his lover. Had a kid with Norman, but then revealed it was Harry's kid. There's... a lot of baggage there. Peter and MJ have not been together for years, so Carlie Cooper has been Peter's cop girlfriend since then. She found out Peter's secret identity.. Although they recently broke up before Superior Spider-Man.
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    You'll get more of Otto adjusting to Peter Parker. Many hilarious moments come out of that later on. Him learning to move on from MJ is interesting, although for some people it treads too much into pervy/rape territory for obvious reasons.

    Otto's shortcomings will come much sooner than you think, trust me. The first few issues are about establishing how he is different from Peter. Also, if you told me you were starting Superior Spider-Man, I would have recommended a certain amount of Amazing Spider-Man issues beforehand that build-up to arcs in Superior Spider-Man.

    Peter's force ghost is easily the worst element in Superior Spider-Man. Guaranteed. It feels like he was only there so that Dan Slott could convince the naysayers to give the book a chance under the impression Peter has a chance of coming back later. As someone attached to Peter, I would have been fine with him gone for a long while.
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    I've seen Flash with yellow and blue lightning, but white works very well for him.

    And that Superman image is gorgeous.
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    And that is exactly my problem with Batman on teams. I think he works great as a foil to other heroes and villains, but he gets so much cheap biased treatment that makes his colleagues look like chumps. And that isn't even getting into how his moral arrogance always has to look objectively right like in that one Young Justice clip with Wonder Woman. I always like your suggestion to have Batman's killing code from a legitimate psychological barrier he can't control due to his trauma than actually being that naive and stubborn. It would make his story a lot more compellingly tragic and his fight against Gotham's near-irredeemable madness much more suspenseful, especially in an alternate universe limited series that has a planned ending where Bruce dies or hangs up the cowl.
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    I don't know if I will like Young Justice all that much if it's going to have another timeskip, but I think the hiatus and how season two ended makes a new timeskip flow better.
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    Spider-Verse is a movie that still worries me a lot on paper since they will have to juggle Miles' origin, the death of Peter Parker, multiple Spider-Men, and multiple villains. But everything I have seen, especially the five minute after-credits clip at the end of Venom has me VERY impressed. The animation and writing is easily as good as, say, The Incredibles. It looks like the best animated superhero movie I have seen in years since Under the Red Hood. I love its gorgeous art-style and fluid animation. And the humor is so clever yet natural. I'm still worried about it, but I can tell how much effort has gone into every second I've seen of that film.
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