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    I agree, but I didn't really like how pathetic Green Arrow looked.

    The second Aqualad only amount to the rebound boyfriend was a bit wasteful, but I agree with you on the rest.

    I would prefer to only see Saul Goodman just because it would be different from Breaking Bad's ending. Or maybe even him trying to redeem himself but failing. Either can work for me. If it's the latter, I would like to see it in the present because I really want to see where everyone ended up in present day.
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    Man, I still can't get over how they skipped over the entire Daddy Luthor/Deadbeat Superdad plotline. That was literally the one thing I was most looking forward to seeing explored in season two. But no, they had to force a timeskip for some reason. And I'm not really into them repeating the same type of "turns out the heroes had a plan that involved going along with the villains' plan all along".

    I'm fine with the timeskip now though. It makes sense with seeing the ramifications of Wally's apparent death. Although I'm betting he'll just come back from the Speed Force or time travel or something.
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    To be fair, there are signs in Saul's flash forwards that he regrets what he's done and still cares about people a little. And Vince just sounds like the type of sap to always want a happy ending to cap off a dark series, even if he's already done it before to mixed success.

    I agree about redemption stories needing to be well-handled and consistent with the character though.
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    Maybe, but I can see Vince Gilligan still wanting to push for a present day redemption ending. And that needs time on its own that I think would get in the way of a proper fully transformed Saul Goodman fifth final season.
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    That soon? How unexpected. I don't know if I'll watch it weekly or binge season 4 when it's done.

    I expect five-six seasons in total. I would prefer six so that there's a good amount of time to fully explore Saul embracing his sleazy identity and if the story catches up to the present. Breaking Bad should have had six seasons instead of only five to me. I feel like Walt fell out of power after beating Gus way too fast.
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    All in all though...

    Danny needs his goddamn suit in Iron Fist season two. I think the green and yellow tracksuit he has at the end of Defenders is already a good start as a way to modernize his costume. Just pop up the collar, open the jacket to show his tattoo, and give him a mask. Like this:


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    As for Danny, I feel like he improved. I wouldn't say he's great yet, but I like him focusing on stillness and wisdom while being a cool down the Earth friend. But his comments on Luke's anger felt annoying since that's barely a nonexistent subplot. I like Danny being more analytical than Luke in exploiting enemy weaknesses and not focusing solely on brute force.

    This would be the perfect time for a Heroes for Hire show (I mean after Iron Fist season two). All of the plotlines and villains from season one got finished. But Luke is now a moderating crime boss. Which is an interesting twist that can go places. But gets in the way of a Heroes for Hire show. Or could make it more interesting, I don't know. I do not believe that a third season is necessary at all though. And the show could end up being completely different now.
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    Bushmaster was cool. Like you, I was scared that he would kill his uncle. I'm so glad he had that depth of caring about his family instead of going full on unstable selfish revenge murderer. Although his role as an antagonist leaves much to be desired. The savage acts were cool, but the story felt like it was running in circles and I wasn't that invested in his revenge quest until the last few episodes. He had four fights with Luke and lost three of them. The paralysis dust came out of nowhere and is never useful again. And the season dragged with his revenge attempts. I feel like he would work a lot better if he was someone's right hand man or top soldier. The mastermind would have more compelling ambitions and schemes while Bushmaster is the bruiser with swagger who has a family and neutral/anti-hero morals. Like if he worked for Cottonmouth. Man, I wish Cottonmouth was still alive so they could team up or at least interact.
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    I mostly liked Mariah. I like how she valued Luke, how she embraced for queenpin role, and her love/hate relationship with her family. It could have been told more consistently, but I like how she doesn't flat our reject or love her family legacy. It's more nuanced and complex than that. She was forced into that life and hates what they put her through, but values the lessons/privileges they gave her that she can't easily let go of and wants to do better than them while deluding herself about being Harlem's ruler.

    Additionally... I just liked her personality lol. It felt multifaceted. She could be intimidating, she could be sassy, she could be childish, she could be cunning, she could be cowardly, she could be kind, she could be funny, she could be condescending... Yet most of it felt consistent barring some of the crazy moments. And I love unhinged sassy mature lady villains in general lol. She reminds me a bit of Yzma from Emperor's New Groove.
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    I have a similar complaint about Bushmaster's uncle because almost every scene with him is about how revenge is bad but Bushmaster won't listen. However, I like him a lot more because his lines were very meaningful and he had great interactions with Bushmaster. And once he got taken hostage, I felt so bad for him. Not even just for how he died, but how his resolve broke down and he understood why Mariah should be killed. That hit me deep. And I actually felt awful during the Jamaican massacre. Scenes like that usually impress me in seeing how devious the villain is, but no, I felt the true horror and sadness of those innocent and how disgustingly scary Mariah was.
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