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    I wouldn't mind if Kingpin and Jigsaw teamed up for Defenders season two. Maybe with Nuke too since he got hired by Kingpin once in the comics to wreck Hell's Kitchen and got in a fight with Daredevil.
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    CIA lady was cool she telling off Orange.

    I wish we learned more about Billy's backstory. Why he decided to join up with Agent Orange after leaving Operation Cerberus. His relationship with his mother, growing up in a group home, his interactions with Curtis, and his relationship with Frank's family are interesting. Yet we don't know anything about why he wanted to betray Frank. He... just happens to be a selfish douche. Kind of underwhelming.

    This is weird to say, but I really love the merry-go-round music that plays for Punisher's scenes and in Daredevil season 2. I love carnival music that isn't too cliche. I really want to know what it's called. It's probably in the public domain.

    I wouldn't mind if the show stopped there. But I need me some Jigsaw. I would prefer it is a season two cut down on the military conspiracies and focused more on the streets and crime like The Dark Knight. Which is what most people were expecting when watching this show lol.
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    Just finished 13.
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    I loved how grizzly the eye poking looked too.
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    Agent Orange's torture made me laugh my ass off. I love how hammy the actor got. The way he says "Your ribs must CRACK!" while grinning is too good. He has been bland as hell so far aside from being all about business, but I just love how the actor is also able to get into playing a total 180 of that initial calmness.
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    I swear, Milky Eye in 12 is just... You have to see him for yourself.
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    lol I'll take conversation about series I like wherever I can get it. It's flattering and entertaining, don't worry about it.
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    When Frank was going down those stairs, he must have been accidentally dragging the show's writing quality down with him.
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    The reveal is also kind of half-assed because it hinges Billy killing Stein, something Frank and David weren't there for. They only talk about it at the start of episode 9 when they are considering to talk to Maldani while she is depressed. So when Frank is all like "what did you do?" and knows from this point on that Billy is working Milky Eye, as well as how the betrayal gets sidelined to focus on rescuing Karen, I felt a mix of confusion as to how Frank quickly connects the pieces and apathy to the emotions it was trying to spring from me.
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    The Lewis arc was cool, but I feel like the ending could have gone somewhere more. I really like what Frank said about his father, but I think my issue is that there wasn't enough emotional drama in his demise, I suppose. I feel like Curtis or his father should have been there. To really make the whole situation feel dramatic and relevant after how much focus it got. Instead, Lewis looks like this side threat that nobody's gonna really give a damn about. Not even Frank. Although calling Lewis "shit stuck on his shoe" was funny lol.
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