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    Also, I feel like Jane, as fun as she can be, gets away a little too much with her attitude. I get that the split personalities are a coping mechanism for being molested (which in itself is a cliche I rolled my eyes at) and she technically has better reasons for acting flawed than the rest of the Doom Patrol. But she still never apologizes for anything and her interactions with people always have to be the other person's fault. If you want your personalities to be treated respectfully like real people, then they should be called out for their BS. It feels like everybody grew in some shape or form this season except for her because the show always gives her the abuse/mental illness victim card.

    That said, Cliff really needed to stop being so clingy to Jane. Over time it became disrespectful in an unfunny way and creepy and it never really changes besides Cliff apologizing over and over again like his abusive father.
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    I think my only critiques towards the show, aside from some of the wacky absurd plots in the first half being too vague and convoluted to the point that it relies on the emotional drama/humor/acting to keep you invested, is that Negative Man could have had more entertaining interactions with the rest of the cast. I really like his personal arc (that sunset farewell shot with his ex was beautiful) but with the rest of team he's mostly quiet background character or support man with a smartass reply once in a blue moon.
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    I finished Doom Patrol. The age thing does hammer home how damaged all of these people are how much time they spend realistically wallowing in their misery and staying safe.

    I had the same thoughts on Rita and the doomsday boy. Not-Constantine is fun.

    Most of the character-driven drama is a blast. The Bureau of Normalcy is a cliched but neat sex/handicapped minority persecution allegory idea.

    I wasn't keen on Mr. Nobody at first but he grew on me as the series went on. I also think this show easily has the best interpretation of Cyborg I've seen aside from maybe OG Teen Titans. I was actually invested in his origin story and tense relationship with his dad while in other interpretations Victor sounds whiny.
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    There's an Avengers comic where Hawkeye suggests that they should kill Norman Osborn because he's taken over SHIELD and gained too much power, but Spider-Man yells at him by saying that the Avengers aren't used to making tough no-killing choices like he does because they're rich. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds.
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    I'm fine with DC trying to be more inspirational. It's more that I get irked when murder gets viewed as completely unjustifiable or unreasonable, like it's a cowardly act regardless of context.

    That Batman & Robin moment does sound really cool though. Did you ever see Batman vs. Dracula? It's actually a decent movie despite how silly the premise sounds, but I've never known how to feel about Bruce having no hesitation killing Dracula. One one hand he is technically undead and can't be contained in jail, but on the other hand it's still technically murder and Batman has put away criminals that are just as or more dangerous without killing them...?
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    Doom Patrol's plots have been getting better as I keep watching it. I really liked the original Doom Patrol, therapy, and Danny the Street episodes.

    That is a decent point about Jane becoming Valkyrie, but the question is if Marvel is willing to explore Valkyrie's niche in the Marvel Universe. Whatever that niche even is.

    Black Lightning's speech is a great, but I often wish DC superheroes would be more understanding of a hero killing an irredeemable villain if it's mostly a one-off thing. I'm fine with Batman being judgmental because being pretentious and traumatized is his whole stick, but other characters should know better. Especially Miss Martian.
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    I loved how Batman Inc. was referenced as a way for Black Lightning to mock the Bat Family cabal.

    Halo's powers barely make any sense. And I wouldn't mind her having multiple powers as long as they had some sort of recurring theme or similar method of gaining them.

    I heard about Jane becoming Valkyrie. The reasoning sound organic, but I still find it embarrassing for so many of Marvel's legacy heroes regressing to identities that are inferior to their predecessor. Really makes you wonder what the point of creating them is besides sparking status quo change controversy to drum up a sales spike for a little bit.

    That hammer is totally inspired by MCU Jarnbjorn.
  8. I didn't mind the different factions even s2 had that but more how they talk about it. It's really the discussion with Barbara that tells me to the show they will always be sidekicks playing with the grown ups instead of heroes themselves. I thought Batman Cabal was to show how they grew and were in leadership positions but instead it serves to show they are are still followers. It's why I like s2 wwith Dick having his own plan that isn't suddenly reveal to be Bats plan or anything. Hell in my head cannon Bats doesn't even know about Dick's plan.

    Hopefully her recent adventure with Granny made Halo lose the healing power because it is way too OP.

    I was thinking about WestWorld because of the one discussion we had about the soul. I think s1 is a solid exploration of reasoning/experience leading to consciouness. s2 is boring.
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    That is a good point about the different factions in season 3. I don't mind the Outsiders sort of being their own thing, but yeah it does make season 2's ending feel redundant.

    A gradually decreasing health factor would have actually been a good way to sell us on Halo dying and make her frequent resurrections add to the plot.

    I heard Thor got a new hammer. Apparently it can transform into different weapons? And I know who King Thor is. I was joking about how if Thor could lose his hammer by being told Gorr was right, technically King Thor could lose his hammer too as an alternate timeline Thor without main universe Thor's character development.

    I have not watched Westworld, but I remember lots of people recommending and praising it. And I know Anthony Hopkins is in it.
  10. I can't remember. Did you watch Westworld?
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