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    Thank you for relating to feeling too depressed to dabble in entertainment. It's like you still have all your geeky knowledge in your head, but lose that natural enthusiasm to do more than only talk about it. I often feel intimidated by series that are well acclaimed, but somehow make me feel insecure about trying them out. As if my depression making me feel like they're too different or I can't ever make anything that good. I hate it. I hope you improve soon too.

    How you described American Gods is the PERFECT example. The basic concepts and atmosphere of a series feeling familiar, but the story still having new takes and characters/writing to stand out. Like you're taking pieces from completed puzzles and using them to make an all-new puzzle to attract experienced and newer people to try it out. But you have a good point about that. I love One Piece, but I'm still trying to do different things like dabbling with cultures and co-existing stories than one big bubble.
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    But Matt accepted that his Daredevil is a part of his life. I think those are even the last words he told to Karen. So Matt still finding fulfillment in being Daredevil but then being okay with dying with Elektra feels off. He has the right to choose how he lives or ends his life if it doesn't inhibit innocent people, but I really don't care for femme fatale romances. Which is why I laughed my ass off when Superior Spidey clocked Black Cat right in the jaw while starting to flirt with him after a heist.

    Matt coming back should have been in his own series, yes. And I completely forgot about the domestic terrorism. I was excited to see the Defenders use a controversial tactic like that to stop the Hand only for it to have no consequences or collateral damage outside of New York.
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    I want to know why Joy even wanted to work with Davos. One minute she thinks her dad is scummy for ruining Danny's life, and then she hates Danny by the end of the episode presumably because she blames him for the death of the ice cream scoop impaler? lol I don't care about that show anymore. But to answer your question, no idea. I wonder if Davos will even learn about what happened to K'un-Lun.
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    I typed a review of the Defenders that skims all over the place. Sorry for not typing out that review of Iron Fist like I promised way back when. College life was making me less forum active and the show was so underwhelming that I felt like typing up a long review would be a waste of my time when I wasn't in the mood to make long posts.
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    Nah. I'm not that into novels, unfortunately. Although I should be. I've been struggling with gaining back my enthusiasm for entertainment mediums that aren't manga or a couple tv shows for the past year or two, but I'm finally breaking out of it. I'm actually playing video games again for the first time in God knows how long.
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    I don't really feel up for it. You're right about me feeling that I've already said my piece in my Alabasta review, but I'm busy with typing up a summary for one of my comic book series ideas. It's over twenty pages long as a Word document thus far.
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    Here are three reasons why The Superior Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man story in years:


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    I don't mind Peter finally rising above being a measly freelance photographer. He was a scientist for a few years before turning CEO, and that was cool because Peter was always a scientist at heart that never realized his passion and potential. The CEO thing though... I don't mind it too much on paper, but the way it's executed makes Spider-Man read more like an Iron Man fused with James Bond comic book with constant traveling around the world, fancy vehicles/gadgets, SHIELD allies, juggling foxy exotic love interests, eccentric employee inventors, etc. I'm just not into what it's going for at all, even though I liked Kingsman lol. And actually, it was Octavius in Peter's body that actually started up the company after finishing college. Peter just reaped the benefits of Otto's work and has no clue of how to be a good businessman lol.
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    It's not that I think he is a shallow person. He sets his priorities straight throughout the movie instead of engaging in any time with his friends. A kid being inspired to do good by superheroes and being a naturally nice person is perfectly fine. I am only talking about in comparison to other adaptations though, because being indirectly responsible for Uncle Ben's murder was a big part in how Spider-Man stood out from other heroes. It's easy to forget that with how much we're used to the origin story. So I feel like it's a bit of a shame that gets excluded and MCU Spidey's superhero motivation is pretty much Kamala Khan's, the new Ms. Marvel. Like you said, one scene or line of dialogue or something in Homecoming could easily fix this.
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    My pleasure.

    The Dornish also have a unique heritage from a different region of Essos, so they're proud of that distinction too in the same way that the Northmen do (though without the different religion).
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