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    I agree with a 7-8 rating.

    Oh. That is inconsistent then.

    I didn't mind the vegetarian joke that much. It was a bit funny, but I can see how it felt forced. Although it fit how he has a gorilla theme, and gorillas are soften thought to be savage when they're actually peaceful herbivores. But I'm giving that joke too much credit.

    Yeah, that angle was out of nowhere and dumb. What you said would have been better. I also wish we knew a bit more about what Kilmonger's father was doing with all those weapons.

    It's too bad because I love the idea of the final fight taking place in that Vibranium mine. It could have been the best superhero fight ever. So much wasted potential. I was also expecting T'Challa to fight a super powered Kilmonger without getting his powers back. Not that I'm angry that didn't happen, but it could've been cool. Especially if he had to rely on tech and the Vibranium mine hazards.
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    Also, I felt that Ross (white guy) was just there in the second half of the movie. I like his role before then as being a U.S. agent that had his own obligations and pressured T'Challa about risking Wakanda's isolationism. But after he gets healed and orgasms at the Vibranium mine, he just sticks around, helps out a bit, and is the butt of cheap colonialism jokes.
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    Wasn't T'Challa the one who said they shouldn't expand while farmer guy said it might be time to? I barely remember their first conversation.

    Yeah, he gad good motivations going on. The final fight could have been better though. Like not wearing extremely similar suits and fighting in more areas than one train track. And don't get me started on the poor lighting obscuring action. The casino and car chase sequences were freaking great though.

    No, I didn't. He was just wise old guy that happened to be a flashback character. He needed more of his relationships to get focus.
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    I'd give the film an 8 out of 10. I wouldn't call it exactly great, but it's definitely good and I want to see more superhero films in this style.
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    The first act of the movie is flawed with how obscure Kilmonger is and Klawe's relationship with him not getting explored enough. With that said, I actually liked his acting. He was bland greedy villain, but I liked how much Serkis owned the "I could care less" sleaziness and having fun being evil.

    I was fine with farmer guy betraying T'Challa. Kilmonger brought in results by actually killing Klaue. He was naive about it, expecting rulers to be infallible instead of flawed humans. But it still flowed well with the script. What bothered me is how he just gave up at the end after how committed he was to killinge everybody enough to summon rhinos into the field. It would work better if his wife wasn't there at first, but he knew she was there the whole time. So changing his mind then is a bit dumb.

    I really liked Shuri and Okoye too. Kilmonger was great. I loved what he represented and how black Michael B. Jordan's acting was in contrast to how formal Wakandans are.
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    It was actually a pretty good movie. I definitely rank it was one of the best Marvel films. It's a solid superhero movie with proper stakes, gravitas, memorable supporting characters, meaningful themes, and humor that actually fits without taking away from the seriousness. The plot has flaws, but it's solid for the most part.
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    I just finished season 3. Wow. That episode had layers upon layers of deep commentary about self-acceptance and redemption. I'll talk about it later tonight since I am about to watch Black Panther.
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    The meticulousness is a little nice. But I'm still way more into Nacho's side of the plot. In fact, I think I'd prefer Nacho being the deuteragonist than Mike after season one. His personality, family drama, the drug deals, and the assassination plan are all so interesting. And yeah, Jimmy's gone full-on selfish scumbag at this point while being slightly compassionate. I felt really bad for that old lady he manipulated into being ostracized by her retirement home friends. I'm on the last episode of season three.

    Yeah, that Tantrum episode was weird.
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    Clear your inbox again.
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    Jimmy busting into Chuck's house to break the tape was a spectacular scene. Wow. I'm not really into whatever Mike is doing. I liked that side plot in season 2 where he kept meeting up and helping Nacho. But ever since he got on this secret one man war against Hector, it's difficult to tell what exactly he's doing some of the time since the story sticks to pure visuals and... it's just boring. Nothing interesting has happened, even if Gus is getting roped into all of this somehow. I hope it picks up soon.
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