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    I used to include Gwen Stacy and Ben Reilly with Uncle Ben in that statement. But they're alive now. So...

    Marvel is undoubtably a mess. And they shamelessly tie in their comics to indirectly promoting the movies through costume/character changes and arc focuses too, while DC focuses on doing it's own thing.

    Hm... You might like Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). I think the last series I really got into was Vision. It's an already finished series written by Tom King (who is currently writing Batman) that is two volumes/twelve issues long. The plot is about Vision creating his own android family to live on a suburban neighborhood in Washington D.C. It seems like a cheesy happy family scenario, but that is to hide its tragic dark undertones. It is not a crime fighting story, but a psychological thriller about them living day-to-day lives and trying to fit in as a normal family.


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    I like Wally's new costume. And the two Superman being fused, I suppose.

    I have always respected DC for its legacy heroes. Which is why I still don't like how Geoff Johns brought Hal and Barry back to phase their successors out of the picture because of being a Silver Age fan, but it is what it is. And yes, everything is a mess in Marvel. If a major superhero gets replaced, they'll come back in two years max. And right on time for the new movie.

    Unfortunately, I do not.
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    Yeah, when I was saying good DC animated movies, I meant stuff like Under the Red Hood. The New 52 movies are... glaringly flawed, to say the least.

    Pre-52 Wonder Woman sounds cool. Marvel NOW Thor (before he became Unworthy) was also awesome. He was a wise comforter, cosmically exotic connoisseur, had humble self-doubts about being worthy enough to protect Earth (which makes him even more worthy lol), and even practices a bit of magic he learned from Loki. And he also got his own minotaur, a human CEO that can transform into a Minotaur when stressed and wanted to deplete Earth and the Norse realms of their natural resources.

    Yeah, that's Jesus alright. Hesiod's Five Ages of Man gradually become more corrupted as they were exposed to more wordily accessibility, but it's not pinned on one tempter like it is with movie Ares/Lucifer.

    While I agree about Brotherhood, "*insert series here* has a terrible final war arc" is a already mad lib for shonen.
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    Just saying this because of private message character limits, but I will definitely read the Fullmetal Alchemist manga this summer. I have only watched the Brotherhood anime.
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    And to answer that question you have about Zeus in the DC Movies thread, there are various interpretations of that. Some like Hesiod's Five Ages describe Zeus as creating certain eras of men, while others claim that Prometheus created man from clay (while Athena would breathe life into them). But Ares in particular screams Lucifer inspiration.
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    I can understand not paying enough attention to it because of plausibility. But even disregarding that, I think it would have been more awesome to see Wonder Woman pull a Kirishima by tanking hits and still pushing onwards.

    I'm mainly talking animated movies and shows, although it has been a while since I have watched Justice League so I can be wrong. And when it comes to superhero teams, it's easy for characters like Wonder Woman and ESPECIALLY Thor to get flanderized into being ineffective hype-building prejudicial brutes while the weaker characters "compensate" by being smarter and more complex in general. And that's such a shame because both characters, like you said, have awesome mythological lore behind them whenever that comes into play. But that tends to be saved for one-off episodes completely centric around them.


    Reminds me of the good o'l days where Sam Raimi would have every Spider-Man movie villain commit suicide.
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    I liked Wonder Woman. I agree with pretty much everything you say. Although I do think there is a legitimate point given about
    Wonder Woman's lack of wounds in the No Man's Land sequence. The beginning of that even starts with her only blocking one bullet after another instead of what should have been a multi-directional onslaught.
    I was never a Wonder Woman fan before, primarily because I find her depictions typically making her look like a rash brute than someone who is levelheaded and compassionate. And that's not getting into arbitrarily bringing gender into things, ugh. But I really liked this depiction. Especially in having both her and Steve be likable characters instead of making either look like total fools. They really did a good job of acknowledging misogyny in a nuanced way without becoming too preachy or making all men look collectively corrupt solely because of gender.

    Ares shouldn't have died though.
  8. Thanks.

    Wonder Woman got to show how she is the real badass of the trinity and I'm celebrating that.
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    Oh wait, I just noticed that you said X-Men SHOWS, not movies lol. I liked Wolverine & The X-Men, and also the original 90's show.

    Nice new avatar by the way.
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    To tell you the truth, I never watched the first two X-Men films. Only everything after, sadly. I liked Days of Future Past. I also REALLY liked Logan. I would easily put that above most of the MCU. Maybe even all of it, although I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet. I did see Wonder Woman yesterday though.
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