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    Here are three reasons why The Superior Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man story in years:


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    I don't mind Peter finally rising above being a measly freelance photographer. He was a scientist for a few years before turning CEO, and that was cool because Peter was always a scientist at heart that never realized his passion and potential. The CEO thing though... I don't mind it too much on paper, but the way it's executed makes Spider-Man read more like an Iron Man fused with James Bond comic book with constant traveling around the world, fancy vehicles/gadgets, SHIELD allies, juggling foxy exotic love interests, eccentric employee inventors, etc. I'm just not into what it's going for at all, even though I liked Kingsman lol. And actually, it was Octavius in Peter's body that actually started up the company after finishing college. Peter just reaped the benefits of Otto's work and has no clue of how to be a good businessman lol.
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    It's not that I think he is a shallow person. He sets his priorities straight throughout the movie instead of engaging in any time with his friends. A kid being inspired to do good by superheroes and being a naturally nice person is perfectly fine. I am only talking about in comparison to other adaptations though, because being indirectly responsible for Uncle Ben's murder was a big part in how Spider-Man stood out from other heroes. It's easy to forget that with how much we're used to the origin story. So I feel like it's a bit of a shame that gets excluded and MCU Spidey's superhero motivation is pretty much Kamala Khan's, the new Ms. Marvel. Like you said, one scene or line of dialogue or something in Homecoming could easily fix this.
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    My pleasure.

    The Dornish also have a unique heritage from a different region of Essos, so they're proud of that distinction too in the same way that the Northmen do (though without the different religion).
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    Oh, I forgot! Aegon's sister Rhaenys and her dragon were both killed during the first invasion of Dorne. So that sucked for the Targaryens too.
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    Dorne is mostly a big hot desert, and isolated enough from the rest of Westeros to make supply lines difficult. Aegon's troops couldn't handle the desert heat and struggled to maintain order across the whole region. So while Aegon or his sisters could fly in and burn a city to the ground, they couldn't keep the people from guerilla warfare.

    About 80 years after Aegon's conquest, one king actually did totally conquer Dorne but only held it for a few years. Before then there were several failed invasions as well as a lot of misrule.
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    It also feels a bit odd that the ending of Homecoming is about Peter accepting that he's not ready to be an Avenger only to get thrown into freaking Infinity War before a sequel. Not that the heroes don't need every man they can, and it would be silly to expect Marvel to refuse having Spider-Man be in Avengers movies.
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    He did have a thing, but it wasn't his sole inspiration or obsession. It's fine to give more focus on it, but it feels a bit shallow to only concentrate on that while not even mentioning Uncle Ben once. As if to say Peter only became a superhero to be like the Avengers. It feels like it takes some depth out of him. But I get it though, because it would be a waste to not have the young superhero fan niche (I only wish that was saved for, say, Nova or Ms. Marvel). And yeah, I'm not a fan of Tony-lite at all. Especially in the comic books right now, where he's living it up as a CEO traveling worldwide.

    It definitely looked as well-made as a promotional video.

    All the more reason to have Mysterio be the main villain of the next movie.

    I haven't read the books. Although I know about some spoilers. Come to think of it, I haven't actually watched Deadpool yet either.
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    I knew the Bruno Mars parody existed, but I never watched it until now. It is a lot better than I though it would be. It's also reminded me of how Marvel's been pushing for the whole "Newb Spidey that admires the Avengers and uses James Bond tech" style of adaptations since the Ultimate Spider-Man tv series. Which I'm kind of fine with, but it's still a bit jarring to me in retrospect.

    I'm sure that there are plenty of proficient Ryan Reynolds impersonators nowadays with how mainstream the character has become. Not that they can necessarily replace the original. Those special effects and props were stunning though.
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    Oh, I remember seeing that months ago lol. And even though it's not even in the song, that quip about the bartender wiping spot cliche is so great.
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