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    Did you see the new Spider-Man trailer?
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    I'm far away from episode 16 lol.

    It's coming along okay. They're due on Thursday.
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    Oh, okay. So then... I think we sort of agree or at least one of us doesn't care lol.

    666 Satan sounds interesting. The art ironically reminds me of Naruto too.
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    You know that battle Kirishima had with that blade Quirk guy? And how Kirishima was struggling with making his Quirk more useful besides being hard? So his solution, out of anything clever we could have gotten like learning to parry with his skin, learning a Spin Dash-esque attack like Sonic, maybe somehow digging underground, or just losing the fight and learning to train his Quirk like exercising your muscles, the solution was just... getting harder from sheer willpower? That's literally what happened, and the time limit for his new form doesn't matter at all. Reminds me of that time Vegeta learned how to go Super Saiyan from throwing a tantrum.

    This is what I feel like Magneto manipulating the iron in somebody's blood is like when he already has magnetism powers. Not as blatantly redundant and monotonous, Kirishima was horrendously uncreative. But still making the choice to kill somebody through metal on their person or in their blood too interchangeable for my taste.
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    I personally think portals can be worked into being a very awesome and easily overpowered ability, but I see your point when it comes to how Strange handles it. I think the issue is that they don't want to make Strange overpowered by pulling all sorts of random spell BS out of the air. Rather than sticking with one-three sets of power themes to be consistent, or having the time or interest to set up a whole array of different but balanced specific spells.

    In other words, Marvel prefers to focus on spending their CGI budget on buildings shapeshifting like Rubik's cubes. Seriously, what even was that? It always looked dumb to me. I thought it was more of a shallow gimmick to make the movie look epic rather than anything that was actually clever or had a point like the Eye of Agamotto rewinding time.

    I understand what you mean. I think the MCU is gradually becoming bolder though. In time, I think it can happen. Especially if Thanos can make moons explode to rain debris on his enemies.
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    But will we get pink kryptonite?

    I don't think Marvel does a bad job with being grounded. The whole "on my home, magic is the same as science" quote isn't really untrue at all. Neither is Strange's magic being compared to chi or acupuncture points if I remember that correctly. They still act exactly like magic and often rely on emotional input.

    I would prefer Tony so we could see him taken out of his element like Thor in Ragnarok. That, and I really want to see Tony go full blacksmith when making a new suit. He did that to make Uru Armor in Asgard during the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. And damn, imagine Iron Man fighting a dragon. Thor already fought Surtur and Hulk fought Fenrir, let Tony have this.
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    I just started Smallville episode 11. I'm not gonna lie. I really feel like just skipping this one as soon as I saw that the villain of this episode has the superpower of mesmerizing people with handshakes. That's as bottom of the barrel filler villain of the week you can get.
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    The only real question is what to do with Doom. He can easily be the next Loki. But how to tie him in with the other heroes is the question.

    You ever hear about that one comic where Iron Man and Doom get stuck in medieval times? I wouldn't mind that as an Iron Man 4, as easy as that is to get too cheesy.
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    It totally does jump between so many weird ass villains, places, and themes. But that's also kind of why I like it. As well as the superb watercolor animation/character designs, and Gepetto's voice. Gepetto is the sweetest old man ever. I always feel bad for him when he's yelling Pinocchio's name when looking for him out in the rain alone.

    The Fantastic Four has a unique family niche that no other superhero has. Especially when Reed and Sue have kids as supporting characters. It stands out as much as Peter does as a high schooler with a secret identity. They can also tap into the cosmic otherworldly themes that Guardians, Strange, and Ragnarok do, but go even a step beyond that with inter dimensional/time travel. Essentially, to make Fantastic Four work, you have to make it more of a Doctor Who/Star Trek movie than a standard superhero movie. Sort of like how Jessica Jones is more about PTSD and private investigating, or how Punisher is more about military/government conspiracy.
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    My favorite Disney movie, although this is mainly nostalgia speaking, will be Pinocchio. As well as Lilo & Stitch.

    I agree with you completely. Although I wouldn't mind if the Fantastic Four joins Marvel. Moreso because the MCU can really benefit from having their rogues gallery. And Peter can be best friends with the Johnny Storm.
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