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    Thank you smiley :D
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    Here you are, my favorite Axolotl member, I am here to wish you a happy birthday ;)
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    Holy shit is that ninja Xander?

    Just a general run you're doing?
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    Good man

    Oh dude, I just beat a female-only no pair-up no grind run...and there's no way I could beat Priam in my regular run! hell, I had to cheese it by cramming everyone into the corner, rallying every turn, and using three Streetpass Galeforce units to win.
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    Saw a playthrough where they tossed Benny around, then lunged onto the stair near Takumi! XD
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    Also do you have a strait for the great wall of Takumi? I saw on a Twitch stream that you can trigger Rallyman and his friends (along with fort spawns) to move independently of the archers, but I have no idea how to tackle the top, where EVERYONE rushes you as soon as you set foot. I'm trying to save my Entrap and Freeze for chapter 25.

    I can't even tank with Xander because the stupid spear fighters have lunge!
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    No no, I find Awakening's to be worse because the maps leave you little room to escape, plus stats get stupid inflated. Then again I watched LPs before actually playing FE6, so I had a feeling lol

    I really really like Panne and Nowi, but in my main file, I never reclassed them because I liked the unique niche of taguel and manakete, but it was a pretty dumb move because their class skills are pretty limited.

    Also Nah's paralogue is the hardest imo
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    Good luck, Awakening LOVES its ambush spawns. Lucina and Tiki were probably the MVPs of my last run, although Chrom turned out pretty good too.
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    My strait worked, but Shura was lunged into death a turn earlier. RIP Shura, you died for your land.
    Going further, I actually managed to beat Fuga's wild ride with limited tries, I took it slow, and Xander critted Hayato AND Fuga. Did a few paralogues, and I'm up to Sakura's chapter AKA Hana proccing Rend Heaven twice in the same turn.

    Good luck. Before Fates I beat Awakening Hard, no pair-up, no grind. The enemy stats get ridiculous after chapter 17.
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    So Kotaro's hell isn't as bad as I thought - my strategy is to move everyone up and to the right, using Xander to choke and fighting off enemies as I go. Saizo dies either way, which sucks, but oh well.

    I even got to the boss on one try, but I forgot to rescue Camilla, so that's a restart (I can't win the game without her)

    When I've FINALLY beaten every enemy, this is how I'll beat Kotaro.
    -enfeeble him
    -pair up bow knight Niles at two range (no Trample damage, resistance to Flame Shuriken)
    -use Camilla's and Elise's personals to lower his damage and higher his attack
    -dance every turn for buffs
    -use Shura and Beruka only when I can finish him off.
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