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    Love your work! Thank you and rock on! ❤
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    Thanks a lot man!
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    Thank you so much for everything you do for us!!
    I'll wait then xD thanks again!!
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    Hello!! I hope I'm not bothering...
    If this isn't a problem, I wanted to ask for a quick summary of the short stories from the "Mugiwara Stories" novel. It doesn't need to be long or detailed, just what happens in general (especially Franky's one since you said it's your favorite ahahah).
    Of course only if you have time for it, feel free to just ignore me if you don't want to.
    Thank you so much for all of your translations!! Have a nice day!!
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    Awesome!! Again thank you. When I think of a question I'lll be sure to ask you for translation :D
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    Thank you for the link! So for the format of the question would you include your name first and then the question? And it would be written in Japanese.
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    Hi sandman, I was wondering if you know how to send Oda an SBS question, and the whole process that's involved. I'm asking you this because you seem to be the most knowledgeable in the OP community. Thank you!
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    Hi, Sandman-san.

    Thanks so much for the translation of chapters from Ace's novel. I see that your summary for chapter 3 is more long that the previous chapters. You effort and your time in this work are invaluable.
    I saw the Chapter 3 of Ace's novel and I'm so glad.

    I like the relationship between Ace and Isca. It isn't romantic for me, but I think that Ace sees Isca like a close friend and vice versa. I hope that Isca is alive, but I don't know the reason...I think that she is dead :(.

    I was sad when I read that Ace considered that he could not be loved for others, because his actions showned the opposite: he had a great kindness and he always was worried for his nakamas and for other persons.

    And I liked to know about the Ace's Haki. I never had some doubt about that, but I liked the confirmation.

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    So, the bounty shows the Ace's pirate-power. He was a strong and had many potential (also, kenbunsoku and busushoku haki, not only haoshoku haki like he showed in the flaschback about his childhood).

    Thanks so much for this info and for the all info.

    You give many time and effort when you translate and redact information. So, at least, I must to thanks to you.
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    About the Ace's bounty, seems that there isn't more details of the reason for the increase (for example, the novel no say if the increasing in the bounty was for some specific situation or for to defeat to a great enemy...
    I don't underestimate the Ace's power, but...the increase in his bounty will be for the Roger's lineage?...I have a doubt with this.)

    What will happen in the chapter 3? :O I hope see the Ace's haki demostrations in the battles and meeting with Shanks, Jinbe, Whitebeard's Pirates and maybe some others famous characthers from the manga (like Rayleigh, Dragon, etc). But I don't know...I think that the Chapter 3 will not talk about many more things about Ace, because Oda maybe will talk about them in the manga (I remember that Ace was in Wano Country and this arc is near in the future).

    Excuse for me english and the long text.

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