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    The link doesn't work either lol.
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    Yeah, the fights in Part 5 are cool. Although the ice armor guy was annoying. He just wouldn't stay down lol. Reminded me of how long it took for everybody to defeat Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z. I don't really care for Giorno though. He's pretty bland to me, with his only defining trait being "MY DREAM". You hear more about his supposed personality from the other characters commenting on his actions than from Giorno's own words, actions, thoughts, and expressions. The last of which always looked boring blank. The supporting cast is great though. Some of the best in the series. I do like the Italy setting too though. And I don't like Araki's first art-style either. It just felt painfully stiff and generic. He really found his voice at some point in Part 4, and just kept rolling with it. Although nowadays in Parts 7 and 8, I think he could vary up his facial features more.
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    Sorry for the late reply. I've been talking a lot with another forum member through visitor messages so much that it sort of swamped over everything else.

    Yup, I hate how that feeling of emotional paralysis comes and goes. But at least I'm about to finish this semester by Wednesday. And I can relate to procrastination lol. In fact, I typed up the last half of a ten page research paper at school on Tuesday before class and wrote a whole thirty-page script in less than twelve hours that counts for 50% of my screenwriting course grade right before taking the final on Thursday. I'm insane, or maybe even a masochist lol. I hope you have dealt with your work well.
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    It was alright. I got depressed for the last bit of it because I sort of had to accept that a couple of my very few close friends won't talk to me much anymore, but the break from school has been nice. I'm glad you had a nice time seeing your family again. I would prefer enjoying holidays with friends, but none of friends of my friends live near me so that's a pipe dream lol.

    What do you think of GioGio?
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    Jojo gets better in each part both art and story-wise up to Part 4. Which starts off like a slice of life series about loligagging high school students that happen to run into Stand users before eventually focusing into mainline murderer goose hunt. It's my favorite Part.
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    How many episodes of Naruto did you watch. It takes several episodes to get through the motions, but it gets plenty interesting at some point. And the art-style is great.

    Dr. Stone is not a battle shonen. Think of it more like a lighthearted RPG sidequest science education manga in a future where the world is reverted to the stone ages. It's quite unique and has nice flair. It starts off mild, but it gets more and more interesting. And the main character scientist is freaking great as a cackling arrogant jerk with a heart of gold.
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    So... nah, not interested in Black Clover. Although it is more tolerable than Fairy Tail, but that is hardly something to praise.

    Man, I always find that medieval action-adventure shonen series disappoint me. And I say this as a Lord of the Rings fan lol.
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    Toriko is worth reading for just the pre-timeskip stuff and the first two post-timeskip arcs. But by that point, you might as well read the rest of the manga to see how hilariously rushed it became.

    I watched season one of the Seven Deadly Sins anime and read the manga. My thoughts on it are mixed. I like the concepts that the series is trying to do and it sometimes cleverly subverts shonen tropes well. But on the other hand, I only find two or three of the main characters to be particularly likable. And by God, the protagonist is the blandest one I have ever seen in all of shonen. Especially when the series keeps repeating the same awful pervert gags for him that were never funny to begin with. I definitely respect the series' art-style and character designs though. But it has power levels. Literally power level numbers. Just ew.

    Black Clover looks mediocre and generic. The art is decent, but the protagonist screams all of the time while the rival is bland Sasuke but nicer.
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    I agree with you when it comes to committing to long-term manga/anime. Which is usually why I typically only jump into series that have ran for a while and when I am exposed to some fan feedback and spoilers ahead of time, which ironically make me become interested in trying out a series. That is what got me to try out My Hero Academia aside from being a western superhero fan. The length also helps with giving me a new series to binge too, rather than spend a lot of time wondering when it gets better or if there is an interesting direction the series is really trying to go long-term after the inevitable casual meandering in the beginning arcs like every shonen series has at first before things get serious with long term goals and villains.
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    Magi... doesn't really interest me. I should want to try it out since it finished recently, but I hear it got severely rushed. Not only that, but while I like the idea of an Arabian Nights-themed shonen series on paper as a concept, I find the art-style to look quite bland as execution. Not bad, but it definitely doesn't grab my attention either. A lot of the facial designs, spiky hair, and clothes look too same-y. And the anime colors have these unappealing pastel/neon-esque look to the character design colors for me. So it comes off looking like a generic manga/anime in the stereotypical mainstream sense that you don't pay attention to when you're scrolling down random Google images. That's just me though.
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