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    I don't have prior work. At least not officially. I've mainly been planning for years. Although I have interviewed with other web comic creators for advice.

    I need to become more concise too. If you take criticism to heart and build up the willpower to read over what you write, there is progress right there. I need to learn to take my own advice lol.

    You should definitely get into Sandman. Actually, I need to get into Sandman. I only hear great things about it. That teacher sounds fairly cool in her own right.

    Of course no medium is superior to the other. It is all up to personal preference and the context of a series' strengths and weaknesses in a certain format. But yeah, feel free to get some rest. Thanks for the conversation, I appreciated getting to know more about you. :)
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    It got rebooted in 2013, and lots of people loved where the stories were going after that point. Eggman even recruited his own anthro animal lieutenants in an Akatsuki-esque fashion. It was cool lol. The soap opera stuff was from years before that.

    I read a little bit of Unfortunate Events when I was little, but hardly remember. Although I have considered watching the Netflix adaptation.

    The internet, like many forms of technology, has its own benefits and horrors associated with it. But at the end of the day, it is a form of communication. I feel we must hold ourselves responsible for how it is used and not the tech itself since it is still advancing society.

    I hope you find a way to give an outlet for your passion for fiction/animation while still earning a living. I used to want to get into science, but realized from mixed grades for my high school science classes and embarrassing experiences that it's not for me.
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    I think I have unconsciously always been interested since I was a kid, but felt too intimidated by mainstream familiar properties that I would think I could never surpass. I finally got the confidence to actually realize I had legitimate potential and fulfillment by meeting my artist on a forum five years ago and editing his early comic book story ideas. He unknowingly made me realize how passionate and knowledgable I can be about fiction as a geek. I thought it was inhibitive, as if I could only admire other series. But I realized I can learn and adapt from them too, as simple yet complex as that may sound. And I realized my natural talent and dedication to writing. We eventually formed a true writer/artist team and became best friends.

    People diss technology a lot nowadays, and there should always be some moderation. But it can truly connect you to other people and perceptions you never knew you needed in your life. It's beautiful to me.

    I think I replied to everything now lol.
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    Sorry for so many messages, I can type a lot lol.

    You seem like a very interesting and respectable person I can relate too. I know that if you stay true to yourself and keep an open mind, you will find a way to help others and yourself. The key is finding a balance between what selfishly fulfills you and beneficially assists others to various degrees. You need to take care of yourself to take care of others that you care about. I also have severe procrastination issues, although I can be good at organizing if I am in the mood.
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    I like to be frank and honest too. The key to maintaining good conversation is find ways to achieve mutual selfish satisfaction with the topic lol. Although I am always game to hear about new and interesting things from people, and will always listen and advise my friends if they are personally struggling. I'm not too complex of a person, but I deeply engage in constant critical thinking and introspection as well. They have helped me gain wisdom, humility, and ethics that I will firmly stand by while keeping an open perspective about life and other people since I am always learning. I hope to benefit the world with my writing, creative or critical, so that I can inspire and support as many people as possible. Especially new generations. Fantasy has helped me out a lot over the years in persevering and finding myself, and I want to give that back while also doing the one thing I love. Which is also the only thing I'm decent at lol.
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    My interests mainly revolve around geeky stuff lol. Comics, video games, animation, tv shows, movies, etc. Although I do like reading, writing, and philosophy. And have some political interest after not caring for so many years until recently. I suppose I should branch out more, although I take plenty of inspiration from real life experiences and things I learn in my classes too.
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    There is actually a decent chance that IDW TMNT and IDW Sonic could have a crossover miniseries at some point lol. IDW TMNT has already crossed over with Ghostbusters and Batman.

    Ah, Watchmen. I have both the comic and the movie. I have read plenty of Batman and know about the lore. Political Ideology Catgirls lol, that sounds like a quirky title. Web comics are neat. I need to get more into them since I will most likely be making my own in the coming years lol.

    If you want to expand beyond just superheroes, I can actually give a few recommendations for that too. I recommend looking into old comic books published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, which was used for typically darker and non-superhero stories outside the DC Universe. My top picks are Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Y: The Last Man, Transmetropolitan, Lucifer, and Preacher.
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    I have read the Archie Sonic comics too. The Archie Sonic series abruptly ended this year. But they just announced at NYCC that IDW is now the new holder of the comic rights to Sonic and will make a brand new continuity series that will start in April 2018. Not only that, but the writer will be Ian Flynn. Ironically the writer of the Archie Sonic series since 2006, who they probably got because of how acclaimed his work was.


    Issue #1 will be in stores April 4, 2018.
    Issue #2: April 11th
    Issue #3: April 18th
    Issue #4: April 25th
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    I watched the TMNT 2003 show as a kid. It was awesome.

    I am the exact same way when it comes to series recommendations. And procrastinating on work in general lol. I am also adverse to forcing myself to get into series I'm not interested in at first. Not that series haven't surprised me with how good they are, but I want to feel compelled and not forced because somebody else really likes it. I like to give shows a four episode rule, personally. Not that I always make it even that far lol. No need to be so demure.

    All I can add is that the TMNT comics can get complicated to follow if you want to read the canon worldbuilding mini-series as well. This is a timeline up to one or two years ago:


    If you ever need any help following the series, I will be more than happy to help you out.
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