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    Same lol. But you're welcome to try! It's April 8th.
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    Feliz cumpleanos, mi amiga!I'm Latino, but I barely speak Spanish lol.
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    Hahaha, Svenska datorspel och serier? Aldrig hört talas om. Du måste drömt! :P Men visst, jag får medge att det är smidigt att ha köpenhamn runt kroken. Om man nu skulle bli sugen på riktigt wienerbröd eller nått. Fast jag håller mig nog till göteborg ändå, kan inte överge sillen vettu. ;)
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    Hmh, så du är en Malmö mupp?
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    I mean yeah, that would be a cool idea. If the americans can have their politics thread, we should get our own hangouts! I actually did my bachelor's degree in Luleå ( I'm not strictly danish, my dad is norwegian and swedish, so I've lived in all three countries for varying timeperiods ). That's a town definetly worth checking out. Much of the smaller towns up north don't really offer much, but Luleå has basically all you need in terms of nightlife, cinema, cafés and being pretty okay aesthetically. As far as places I'd like to go, there is of course Japan. Having already visited dreamlocations like Chicago and New York a few years ago. My pops travel alot, so I got to see a lot of cool places in my teens.
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    So I've been thinking about contacting you for quite some time. I feel like we fellow scandinavians should have some forms of communications with one another. I'm curious, where in Sweden did you live before you went to NC? I actually have a friend from Gothenburg who's parents live there too.
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    Interesting! I'm curious about how Swedish education compares lol. Has it been difficult to adjust to the difference in classes, work, or community? You're not moving back early because Trump just got elected, right?

    Be honest. Do you loathe how plant flights make your ears pop like I do? Moving your jaw actually helps clear your ears, although it might induce pain if you're too reckless. I believe it's due to the law being connected to the ossicles somehow.

    I hope that you stay on the forum once you're back home. You probably will, I just felt like saying that regardless lol.

    And thank you! I just have to deal with Theology, Philosophy, Science Goes to the Movies, and I got exempt from English Composition and Algebra. Because I'm a genius.


    I trust that you will be efficient with your finals as well. I expect no less from you.
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    "I've always thought of comics as the most uncensored media (probably because it's the favored medium of satire)." "Is there any particular case of comic censorship?"

    A case? A PARTICULAR case? How about A WHOLE ERA OF CENSORSHIP? Due to a little group called "The Comics Code Authority" that was prevalent from the 1950's-70's before gradually losing power. If you have a minute or two of free time to have both some laughs and shock, skim through this page:


    I would love to hear your thoughts about some of those regulations. Defying these rules meant fines and even potential jail time, by the way.The history behind its conception, reign, and downfall is a perplexingly abysmal tale of the comic book medium being treated akin to the likes of porn and propaganda. If you have any questions or curiosity to learn more, I wouldn't mind in the slightest to enlighten you.
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    Ah. If it's not too personal, what general area do you live in? I've seen you say around the forum that you're Swedish (please don't think I'm stalking you lol). I also have finals next week, although I'm exempt from a couple.
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    I don't know if you'll be interested to hear this or if it can even lead into some discussion, but I just handed in a ten-page research paper about comic book censorship history and how it's still prevalent in recent years. I was initially a bit worried about what kind of "appropriate" topic I should pick to adhere to what a college might take seriously, but then I just decided to be me and utilize my passion for entertainment media as geek. I had most impressive (and longest) research paper presentation thus far, and even intimidated future presenters. It's amazing how my low self-esteem can be counteracted by my fascination with fiction and the creativity lying under the seams.

    lol So how have you been? Feel free to let me know if you're ever not in the mood for comic book talk, since I can go on and on about my favorite series and whatnot.
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