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    But here is the thing you should know above all else. When it comes to meticulous power leveling, when characters are in the same general class, Oda is One Piece's author. And Oda likes writing what is fun and cool to him. What is "interesting" in a suspenseful sense. He could care less about exact power level consistency in comparison to writing funny and clever fights on a "common sense" level without thinking of how that fight compares to every other fight in the series.
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    And I hate it when people try to use the Shichibukai as a power level gauge for anything lol. It's so obvious that there is nothing consistent about the strength level there, although Oda obviously underestimated the long-term game of his series which is why he gave Crocodile a nonsensical power up to stay relevant during Impel Down/Marineford. Which makes sense since the World Government is granting immunity to any intimidating pirate crew they take interest in. They aren't actually rivaling each other with constant power struggle stalemates like the Yonko have been, they are the ones who make more sense to put on a general power level class above everybody else barring Devil Fruit weaknesses and team-ups. But even among them, I'm sure that they aren't literally equal in their power resulting in a draw if they ever face off 1v1 style. Especially considering how much Oda has been hyping up Kaido being the World's Strongest Creature and Blackbeard's destiny of killing Shanks one day.
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    But I must heavily stress that power levels only GENERALLY matter. The problem that lots of fans seem to have is that they are very meticulous about establishing a clear cut hierarchy between every single character without taking into account the unique advantages and disadvantages of each character's unique fighting styles when paired up with each other. For example, Smoothie has a higher bounty than Cracker. Smoothie easily grabbed Nami, and her Sweet Commander status implies that she is way above the pay grade of the Weakling or Middle Trios. However, do you think Luffy would have as difficult a fight with her as he has had with Cracker and Katakuri? While a lot of this boils down to Oda's poor action writing portrayals of female characters and that a male version would look a lot more competent, the answer is ultimately no as I can't see Luffy struggling that much with Smoothie wringing out people's "juices".
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    But aside from Devil Fruit weaknesses/team-ups... Yes, power levels do generally matter. Not on a ridiculous Dragon Ball Z level, but there are clear cut classes of superiority. You can tell by how Oda always likes to have Zoro fight the second strongest member of an antagonist pirate crew and Sanji the third strongest. Or how the Weakling Trio is always the group to cower in fear and usually handle enemies in ways that require stalling the enemy or thinking tactically about exploiting a particular weakness rather than straight up overpowering the other person like the Monster Trio usually does. Usopp also gave Luffy a decent battle in Water 7, one that I would say was as tough as his pre-Arlong East Blue battles. Although he obviously had the advantage of prep time and knowing about Luffy's gullibility, aiding his deception. But as a whole, while weaknesses can come up (Crocodile's water weakness or Big Mom's soul stealing requiring fear), big fights always come down to strength.
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    Also, think of characters like Sugar too. Her Devil Fruit is easily the most overpowered in the series. Any decent fighter has a good chance of becoming Pirate King or the Fleet Admiral with that Devil Fruit. But that is why Oda gave that Devil Fruit to a psychologically vulnerable defenseless little girl. Because her lack of standard fighting capability balances out how monstrously OP her Devil Fruit is. If any one of the Straw Hats had Sugar's Devil Fruit in this scenario, Big Mom would be going down without a doubt.
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    Hm... They do slightly matter. But a lot less than many fans like to think. For example, you're not going to see the likes of Buggy or the Straw Hats right now actually defeat Big Mom. They're only stalling and pushing her back while she is focusing solely on wrecking the ship to find the cake. But Devil Fruit weaknesses do exist, and they can matter a LOT. This has always been prevalent in the series ever since Enel, who is technically the most powerful Grand Line villain Luffy defeated despite Lucci, Moria/Oars, the Boa Sisters, and Magellan giving him a harder time later on in the story. And that is only because Luffy got a lucky break with his rubber properties. The same exact thing applies to Nami, Brook, and Jinbe. Chopper's Guard Point on the other hand is just that dense, but it works because he was still stressed out by Big Mom's punch and can't move around while in that form, so it's balanced well by only working as a support move in a team-up battle rather than a 1v1.
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    1) That's a bit tricky. Ultimately, at the end of the series I think Luffy will be strong enough to take down the Admirals and Yonko. But I hope he still maintains creativity in his fighting style, rather than overcoming them through simple force. He's definitely not gonna destroy continents or planets lol, thankfully OP has a power cap to prevent that (mostly).

    2) Not really, since she was in the Mirro-World since their fight began and played a pretty decent role in it. That said, I don't like that particular event because it didn't lead to anything other than Luffy coming back to Mirro-World
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    I give those views very little legitimacy. Yeah, sometimes One Piece fights are brute strength vs. brute strength, but oftentimes the best fights are characters identifying and exploiting each others' weaknesses. It's honestly really dumb how people think Big Mom is physically weak when she clearly overpowered Jinbe in this chapter, matched a Gear Fourth punch with little effort, and so far has only been injured by her own power.

    Big Mom might not be able to fight as long as some of OP's strongest characters, but she can probably compensate by dealing a lot of damage in that timespan. She can hurt her opponent without being hurt herself, so if her opponent lasts long enough to exploit her hunger weakness they will likely be riddled with injuries while she's still untouched.
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    Just a different body type. Considering that she's completely immune to physical attacks in peak condition, I think decreased stamina is a fair trade-off.
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    Nah. During the fast she was at least allowed to conserve her energy; here she's been moving for ~10 hours straight. Plus I wonder if her reaction to the fast worsened her addiction to food.
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