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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    As for income, I applied for unemployment, so been waiting for that to clear through. And been trying to find a less stressful job, so basically no retail, which is fine by me. Hopefully, I find one soon enough. And hopefully, your job search comes to an end, and you can find something you like to do. I wish you the best of luck! ^^
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    Yeah, it was five days before. (Group Therapy.) It also has multiple groups per day. And I got in thanks to my counselor because I really needed help with my depression/anxiety issues. I lost my job because of my issues. We were supposed to work out a leave of absence, but my boss at the time, apparently never got my roommate's texts. (Which I think he lied about it, but whatever.) So, then when he did send a text, it was to bring the store's keys or else. I had my roommate talk to him, and worked out something with bringing the keys in. (I also have social anxiety/phone anxiety issues.) When she did deliver the keys for me, that's when I found out I was fired. He said I need to keep working till I got that doctor's note, expect my issues were getting in the way, so there was no way I could work with that stressful of an environment.
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    Oh, okay. Hope you had fun at your girlfriend's place! ^^

    As for me, life is going well. Been going to group therapy (Currently, three days a week, from 9:00 AM to 3:15 PM), which has helped a lot on my issues. And in between, I have been looking for a new job, cleaning up the house, and listing stuff on Ebay for my roommate. Entertainment wise, I mostly been playing Persona 3: FES, with a little bit of Maple Story from time to time.
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    Hi there! How have things been with you recently?
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    Just to give you a heads up, I put a travel story in my rambling thread. I'll try to do one once every few weeks so you and anyone who's interested can read them.
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    Anyway, I did a summary and a glossary for my story, when you have the time, do check. Thanks !!
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    Just a heads up, I did turn in my application stuff already. If you are still interested I can send you a PM of my draft because any feedback would be useful for me in the future. If you are still interested, according to my PM message if I try to send you anything it says your box is full so I can't send anything.

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    Nope. Do you have the VIZ digital volumes 78 and 79 of One Piece?
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    Hello. How are you doing? May I ask you something?
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