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    Well, you DO have a political stance, you are expressing political opinions. But you're hiding behind a facade of neutrality.
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    You flamed anti-fascists and accuse "liberals" as cowards.
    I didn't label you, YOU did.
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    Lots of idiots would use it super literally, in which case I disagree.
    Smarter (though not tactful) people would mean something along the lines of "Prejudice is an inherent part of any given society, and people inside of it will inevitably internalize that prejudice on some level. This is especially true if you belong to the majority group." Which is white if we're talking the US or Australia. Obviously not if we're talking somewhere like Japan or India.

    So yes, I'm racist in that sense. Though the comment extends to everyone regardless, and foolish people disregard that. Ask any black person if there's internal racism among black folks and they'll affirm.

    There are lots of very stupid people in the internet left that don't really understand the good points and ideas they support, many of them simply never actually thinking about them beyond BAD or GOOD.
    However what I'll never ever understand is how the far stupider reaction them is apparently to literally embrace racism.
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    Thank you. I always appreciate feedback that credits my post contributions like that. It helps remind me that my posts aren't needlessly excessive. :)
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    Eh, I just have lots of free time to think and ramble. It comes with not having much of a social life lol.
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    フォーラムの皆を助けてあげたいんですね。Suburbanさんは親切な方ですね。短い文章のネタバレ(日 本語でspoilerはネタバレと言います)は毎週水曜の昼頃に2chのネタバレスレッドに投稿されるけど 、日本語に詳しい人でないと見つけるのは難しいかも。http://hanabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/wcomic/1482420395/リプライが1000に到達したらスレッドのURLが変更されるのも分かりにくさの一因になって ます。

    そのかわり、以下のサイトは2chにネタバレが投稿されると、すぐに自分のサイトにコピペしてるので便利か もしれません。http://onepiece-naruto.com/また、このサイトは木曜日の昼以降に独自のネタバレ画像と「詳細」なネタバレの文章をアップロードしてます 。Suburbanさんがこれらの詳細なネタバレの一部でも翻訳してフォーラムの皆に知らせてあげたら、皆 さん喜ぶと思います。では、良い一日を。
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    Well said, it depends on context. Even if the intent isn't meant to offend, it doesn't change the certain terms used as derogatory still hold that meaning for plenty of people who experienced it. "Gaijin" is a strange case since that is an actual non-offensive word that is sometimes used in a harsh manner by vocal anti-foreigner individuals.
    However, the history of "Jap" may not resonate well with younger Japanese populace as it does with the older generation.

    And yeah, I keep putting off cleaning my PM inbox.
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    Oh, your Japanese sentence is 100% accurate! I can't see the difference between sentences written by native and you. Your progress in learning Japanese is outstandingly fast ^ ^ I enjoy reading your thread. Keep up the good work, Suburban!!
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    About the meaning of シビれる, this online dictionary would be handy :)
    It says, "心を奪われてうっとりする。強烈な刺激を受けて陶酔(hyped)する"
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    I've just read your post on this week's chapter thread. You can read chapter 741 RAW in the near future on the website below ^ ^ Be careful of the ads.
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