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    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the wishes and happy new year! I was busy reading/watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure during the school break myself. Good luck at school (and catching up with all those manga) too~
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    Quick question. I've been supporting this for a long while, but do you think it's possible for Usopp to be a descendant of Montblanc Noland?
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    There wasn't an exclamation point. :P

    Wouldn't it be awesome if one of the Straw Hats was actually hiding INSIDE of the cake? Pop out style like a Trojan Horse? It's probably too late for that, but I love all of the humorous and quirky ideas for how the Straw Hats might sneak into the wedding that have been proposed, like Brook disguising himself in the band.

    Sanji will obviously refuse to say "I do" and will declare his love for his captain. You know, I meant that as a joke, but I actually wouldn't mind a less homoerotic version of that as Sanji's apology.
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    That would work. But I thought you wanted it be significant and have huge attention and fanfare. XD But I reckon that can now be achieved in how Sanji saw Pudding's defeat and will now give his love-baked meal to his true family. :)
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    Happy holidays to you as well! Glad to know I was able to help. Hopefully this coming year I get good and am able to make a game to share with you =3
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    The 1st 2 arcs are Jack the Ripper and the Curry Arc, right? Glad you liked it *wipes tear*. The manga is still happily ongoing monthly. And the next arc would be a circus arc with heavy The Piper of Hamelin references (with a... controversial ending). Also, you might want to take notice of the Undertaker *hint hint*. Who's your favourite character?

    The general consensus of the manga readers is... the anime is disappointing. It completely deviates from the manga at about half of Season 1, and Season 2 is PURE FILLER. However, Season 3 (Book of Circus) animates the Circus Arc. Even the producers pretended that Season 2 never existed. As for Monster, I was preoccupied by exams and whatnot, so I am still only up to Chapter 96. I'll get there. Someday....

    You follow 10-15 mangas? Your Thursdays must be busy. O_O Have a good weekend.
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    That manga is still ongoing monthly. Its set during the Victorian Era, and most of its story arcs weave around actual historical events. Thats what makes it interesting for me. It even guest stars Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The art is messy and shoujo-ish at 1st, but it improves. A lot. PS: ignore the yaoi shippers. Its NOT shounen ai.

    For some reason, I always have deep misgivings towards live-actions. I didn't manage to sit through the whole movie. It actually had a drama series recently, where Light is an idiotic high schooler with an idol crush and doesn't know the meaning of 'death' and 'note'. *shudders * Yup the 2nd half of Death Note wasn't as good, but the ending was fitting. And yeah, Kira-sama is my all time favourite character. *fans self* Btw, the writers of DN has a new monthly series called Platinum End. The 1st few chapters were underwhelming, but the latest 1 is starting to pick up pace.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is completed right? I'll read it after I finish Monster.
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    I like long replies, they make me happy.

    My fav is Death Note, FMA and OP. Currently rereading Monster and it is working its way up the list. Ye can't fully appreciate that manga when you are a snotty nosed kid. Shokugeki no Souma used to be very high, but the current story is just so amazingly meh *grumbles*. My 1st manga was Kuroshitsuji. It has some kind of special place in my heart. You can give it a go.

    I did wanted to read HxH, but the hiatuses seem daunting. I sometimes buy local 'manga magazines' (unlicensed printing of random weekly mangas), and saw the infamous lazy art (as legendary as Bleach's heartfelt illustration of air!) and was a bit lol nope. I'll try 1 day.

    As for my fav OP character, its obviously Croc. I also like Doffy, Mr 2, Vivi, and other characters I can't squeeze out from my brain now. My fav SH is Franky, and my love towards Usopp is seasonal. For some reason, this forum is slowly converting me into a Jinbei fan. Must. resist.

    That was long.
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    Just wondering, who's your favourite One Piece character and what's your favourite manga (other than One Piece)?
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    Thanks! And have a nice day too.
    I'm currently reading Hunter x Hunter and One Piece. Don't really have time to follow several manga at the same time.
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