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    Which is why I doubt it is more than two or three chapters long.
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    But they were just that. Different perspectives. Each person's whole side was completely told in one go. This is a flashback from Big Mom's perspective. And the snippets of flashbacks that he does like with Pudding and Pedro are different from full chapter flashbacks that significantly add on to the arc plot and conflict. The fact this flashback has a suspenseful cliffhanger indicates that it will have notable length. You don't tease something like that and only show snippets.

    Pretty much.
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    That's not really Oda's style. He's going to be one-and-done with this. Which means a two-three chapter long flashback.

    I still think Raftel should be the failing point. Aside from Blackbeard shenanigans on Wano Country.
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    I am not spamming you. I want to have a conversation with you to see if you will or will not want to work on a manga with me. All my pages and sketches are on Deviantart.com.
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    They can be done briefly, but not THAT briefly. They will need several pages each. A few chapters are needed to get them all done with proper execution.

    That can possibly work.
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    I can see Blackbeard wanting to ally with Kaido. It would be a cool twist.

    That's possible. But Morgans' presence is still going to screw her over somehow.

    It depends on if we get a flashback dedicated to them. Sort of like how late the Noland and Calgara flashback came.

    That just makes this arc seem like it will be longer since the bomb still hasn't been put into play.
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    The only narrative issue with Blackbeard picking up Jack despite the sheer randomness of it is that Jack himself, as a Yonko Commander and somebody who tortured the Mink tribe, needs a comeuppance in an actual fight. And probably by a Nekomamushi and Inurashi tag-team in Wano Country.

    There's too many loose ends that need to be solved, even if Big Mom appears in Elbaf, to leave that early in my eyes. I can see theme escaping at the end of the arc, but still. The Lola, Pudding, and Fishman Island plots need some sort of resolution. And I doubt she cares about her image if she invited Morgans to a wedding where she betrayed someone right before an alliance was formed. Which I still find to be hideously stupid the more it's left unexplained, even if it's something simple like not wanting to risk fighting the World Government in North Blue.
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    I don't really think it's wise to analyze directions and island geography in One Piece since that hasn't been elaborated on at all, and Oda places his islands wherever they conveniently need to be for the plot. And saying that one random event happened should not be taken as evidence to indicate that another random event based on completely different factors can happen.

    Wait, 6-8 chapters? This arc is at least lasting over ten more. All of that Wano Country hype was just typical scheduling overestimation. Totland still has at least four more months into its belt. Wano Country is at least starting in the fall, if not winter.
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    I just saw it lol. Although I can't reply to it because I am on my phone.

    For the record, I actually do think it would be cooler for Shiryu to have a phoenix Devil Fruit instead of a diamond one. But I am so insistent on it because of the possible Mr. 1 foreshadowing quote and the Mihawk Marineford slash.
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    You mean you tried finding Nanosuitninja? I don't know if he's done streams of Crysis in a while but he has a bunch of videos on his Youtube channel. Full playthroughs (probably multiple, with some being ironman) of 1, Warhead, 2, and 3.

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