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    Also if I don't explain to you medical police by the weekend reminds me. That thing is fascinating.
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    If you can only pick one. Pick unreal. Much more interesting subject I feel. Also shorter. Get past the first episode or 2. I remember not liking them back then but it works on rewatch.

    I managed to watch 3 episode of Umbrella. It really makes me think Doom Patrol in that it's basically superheroes with dysfunctional family made by a questionable dad. I prefer DP but Im interested on your take if you ever check it out.

    I remember mostly skipping around in Mandolorian. By that I mean I pick and choose the episode I like. I like the other badass lady he came across and the baby is cute as hell I just wish it didn't have force powers. I have to check out the Witcher but first raising Dion. Witcher looks like one of those show where I will need to bing 5-6 to be invested by having absorb the lore.
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    Just started umbrella Academy. It looks like a cousin of Doom Patrol.

    After that I plan on watching Raising Dion.

    You ever checked out Unreal?
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    Hello there. What's up?
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    Merry christmas!!!!
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    Aldo on a personal note I hate the idea of sequels. Most people see a movie they love and they go I hope they make another one. My usual response when I finish watching a movie I love is it was great and I hope they leave the story alone. I love inside out. I dont need inside out 2.

    I think at my best I dont mind either way but im not sure i can remember actively rooting for one to happen... Oh yeah I think I wanted a Cap movie after winter soldier that focused on Cap. Cant remember something else.
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    You have the same citation as Doc Oc.
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    Palpi is basically his version from the OG trilogy where he tells vaguely ominous stuff. He only hams it up in one scene.

    He does have a vat of Snokes that appear in the first 5 minutes but then quickly disappear.

    Palpi plot is that somehow he survive, meet with Kylo who he tells to go kill Rey only to later reveal he wants to posess her by having her kill him. In the end he learns her and Kylo are magic and suck their life force and zap dozens of spaceships from the sky.Also in the third act you learn he has a fleet of stardestroyers armed with Cannons that can blow up planets.

    Palpi super feels like an add-on they dont know what to do with until the third acts rolls in and he gets a couple of scene to finally shine. But it takes long to get to that.
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    I mean like L was a straight up billionaire no one knows the real identity of with his unassuming butler that is secretly awesome and seems to have always been with him. It's Batman without the ninja.

    I would never have considered it prior to Horikoshi being such a fan of superheroes. But if Spidey can make a name there Batman probably did too.

    I'd buy editor interference but its just weird they didnt just make him not kill L. Its like he told them he was wrapping up and they accepted but then right when he gave them the final chapters they got some kind of unexpected boost in sale and "forced" him to continue. But it might explain why both Near and Mello exist. He might have made Mello and they convinced him to put L 2.0 also.

    How Bakuman? If I remember right it's about being a mangaka right?
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    Kingsman make me think of the original Austin Powers. Not a spy movie but instead having fun with the spy tropes.

    Watching the first Austin is weird. Kingsman just have fun with it but Austin quite obviously went for the deconstruction pointing out how all those clichés were innaproriate and made him inadequate(in the 90!!!). Like the movies ideas and take are weirdly modern.

    The pure raunchy fun people associate with Austin is more the second movie.

    Another netflix find to get to watch those 2 back to back. Really like the soundtrack.
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