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    Spiderman 99 feels grumpy. Also I don't like his design(and I love a loooot of variant of Spidey's costume) and he really should not be in the past. Really He was not an highlight and I think I would need to read his series to warm up to him. The only moment he was interesting to me was the 10 seconds during wich he was willing to sacrifice himself and reality for a better future(to not let Alchemax be ruled by the Stones) but then he just chickens out. Really he has no endearing qualitites to me. He just stands around complaining a lot with a incredebly subpar spiderman outfit.

    Only interesting about him is his back story. Did you read some of his stories? Does he has interesting dynamic in them> It can be hard to shine as a side dish and maybe he is much better in his own series.
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    I am about to go for the last volume of superior sipderman. If you have questions you would like to ask about the experience you can.
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    You have to read supersons. It's pure sunny fun.
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    Doc dying to an equation that Peter figured out but he couldn't was great.

    Anna is great.

    Doc making a company is interesting and I enjoy his respect for May and him being above board on it.

    I don't need Otto sucking as much as Peter at juggling his lives.

    KingPin escape from shadowland was awesome.
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    It should have been: Parker is gone, Then after a time you see speech bubble only. Short ones like don't kill that guy. Not the whole discussion thing and no actual Parker image. Also you don't give it a special font except for being a thought bubble. Later you the hand moving thing, than you have Otto seeing the anomaly in the scan and fighting Peter in his brain and it is the first time you see him. Otto win(or think that). And then you have that triumphant moment where he saves Doc because he is spidey and he is the one with the will strong enough to resist Venom.

    But because of Parker constantly around both the mental fight and the trumphant feels like rethread and Peter as become a bother to the story rather than the hero I'm waiting for. ANd I roll my eyes every time And that moment with Venom is so damn good if Peter hasn't been hanging around.
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    The Venom story has a good moment where Peter reappears and it would actually be great.... If it didn't feel like the 10th I have to deal with the return of Parker.
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    Worst plot might be proving Otto is spidey. It's not bad but it gets to much attention. I would be fine with just 3 panels from time to time for the progress. I don't five pages on the Caymans.

    The doctorate plot was interesting at times. But that whole I am going to kill my teacher to get credit was stupid. I buy that he has to much ego to not recycle his own idea but I think Otto would hve move past thinking of such idioticly evil move to get his teacher to pass him. Thankfully he use something actually intelligent and in line with his new way.
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    Problem with Otto. He kills to much. Or rather to easily. As in it hurts the story being told I believe.

    I don't mind Kingpin or the hand being chased down. But he tries to kill Agent Venom under false pretense. I prefer when he is just an extreme spiderman not a bad guy maskarading as spiderman. Like him following Jonah order to just kill spider slayer rather than caring much about civilians. lackmailing Jonah to have a base of operation. That's the story I want.

    That Green Goblin story is meh. At least Hobgoblin make it somewhat interesting with the concept of his franchises(which you has mentionned before). It was a really interesting thing the way he brought him to justice.
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    I am continuing my adventure with the superior spiderman. I am currently volume 4 or 5. Is Superior Avenger good? I don't know if I should check out his stories as an Avengers.

    My favorite aspect of Otto is without a doubt his love story with Anna. I keep expecting it to fall apart but it keeps being good. I love her personality and I love how protective Otto is with her and actually trying to be good when with her. There is a story with May asking about children and Otto freaks and it is just great. It makes May more human as she is sweet but is from a different area and protective of her son but also it gives an occasion for Otto to be properly without making him out the bad guy. And I like that even with the symbiote in there he is determined he is still there to confort her properly. I was really worried that with the symbiote on he was going to have a shouting match with her.
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    What made the dreams creepy is that he specifically goes for Peter's memory with MJ. And it's because she won't put out. It just creeps me out that he just go "well I can't force you to be with me but I have that work around anyway to not have to care for your consent".

    I think of the story as a traditional filler. It's totally uncessary but it's one of those 1 issues strory that suppose to exist as themselves. To me it's an author or editorial deciding I don't need MJ but rather than just be done with it they decided to make an interesting story out of it. If it was an ongoing thing I would care but as 1 short story it is told well. But like I said I don't know Otto so maybe it would bother me if I knew him that way.

    So Otto was always an ass but did Peter work with him? The game also ave a similar story and I'm not sure if it's just them getting inspiration from the movie or it was always there.
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