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    First act does make more sense for some newcomer to the story.

    Yeah it could definitely work. Hated child of Konoha(but secretely great asset) teaming with the coveted child(secretely state enemy). It works pretty well plus it would give more credence to Naruto's vision of working together. They thin it out until there is only one Pain and then Sasuke that never trusted anyone is forced to rely on his great rival. Definitely potential for great stories. So it works for both enemies and make the story more compelling.

    I saw it friday. Since you are seeing tomorrow I'll until then to give you my piece. But I can say I didn't hate it.
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    Good idea. With that you're sure to have a pretty clear image of what you want.

    I think Pain works also worked well. Both of them touch on thematic that where central to the hero and the themes of the story. I could see a perfect story where you build both than Naruto get rids of Danzo first to show the corruption and than defeat Pain who wants to get rid of it(which Danzo has shown exist) but in a bad way. Kind of like Akainu/Blackbeard.
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    You're waaay better than me. I think my upper level of non-stop typing for last moment homework is around 7-13 pages. Did you get to pick any context for your script?
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    I fully expect Luke to die quick. Ge is prime for the sacrificial mentor and being from another trilogy only puts a target on it's back. I hope they will do good things with Kylo bcause I can't say I was that interested in his tantrum nature. If I watch itthis week I'll probably gibe you my quick opinion on it.
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    Response typed and posted

    The last minute binge for your paper. A long time honored tradition in college.

    Star Wars is pretty close by. Any expectations?
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    There is no way DC gets away with so many mention of Marvel characters otherwise. They are totally fine giving names to fictional things but try to fine some creative way to mention anything else. Plus if not it would be a pain to handle pop culture reference characters(those characters that mention 3 movies each episodes) or do Captain America list of movies.

    You are almost done with your pages?
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    From what I understood you can reference anything as long as it is recognize as fiction in your universe. The problem is if it is real in the world you created. So Superman can reference having seen the avengers cartoon but he cannot mention having met the Hulk.

    They didn't waste time to confirm it. I wonder what the plot will. I hope a street story or exploration of character. I really don't need more conspiracy.

    I will probably type an answer on the thread in a couple of hours.
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    Old comic panels are a gold mine.

    I think his first story with Stewart he was questinning why the hell the guardian gave him that kind of person that he couldn't trust. Then on their first mission someone stole something. Hal was to quick to judge and Stewart corrected the mistake helping Hal realize the errors of his ways.

    Meh you could do it with Garner but at his core it would just be wrong that the only asshole is a stranger. It's kind of like iron fist that can be cool but being the usual white savior/messiah to the asian problems/martial art. OR Batman with the coolest stories but having the most troublesome concept. 50 years probably wouldn't have been a good time for it which is why I think Kyle fits better.

    I find it funny that somehow Batman and Superman can end up in the hands of 2 different companies.
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    Plus I can't lie about how epic it is to see a being made of will power use constructs to make a real ring to become a real person.

    So Barry returns no for what DC made of the story and trying to erase what was around. I mean Jay protects people without having to be THE flash or erase Barry. He was even a mentor to Wally without overshadowing or stopping being awesome himself.

    Hal returns kind of ok since Kyle still continues forward and he still left open the slots for 2 new green lanterns to establish themselves. That's a decent way to have your cake and eat it to.

    I hope DC never goes to that dark age where they decided to put money over story and threw away their legacy policy.
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    Oh yeaah. It is weird they are all American since they aren't chose by Hal himself. The story about Stewart is a pretty cool one since Hal didn't trust him for being black(it is a pretty old story). Garner is a dick and you can't have that be coiencidently be from another country. Kyle could definitely have been from somewhere else tho.

    I don't mind how they brung back. Johns did it epic enough and I'm sure Barry could get a random city like everyone. The problem is they made Final Crisis a nothing story which totally robs the impact that Barry returns have and they erase Wally which is spitting in you readers face and DC's legacy. It's like Gwen Stacy deciding to come live in the main universe and Spidey dies falling from a cliff.

    At least Rayner got to become a white Lantern(promotion technically) and is still important. They could easily have give Hal that. Heck right now Hal isn't even the Green Lantern of earth so legacy continue there.
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