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    I think we'll easily get that many chapters out of this conflict, the chaos is only just starting. We haven't even seen the Vinsmokes' reactions to everything yet, let alone given them or the Charlotte kids or Capone or any of Luffy's team besides Jinbe a meaningful or climactic scene. In fact, given how many people are involved and how easily Oda's stories expand beyond his control, to the end of vol 87 is a conservative estimate.

    Ceasar is an obvious pick for a plotline that needed at least one more scene, but who else do you feel has been lacking?
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    Akainu is a massive asshole, but he was doing his job. Blackbeard is an asshole on his own free will. He´s not following anyone´s orders, he has his own reasons.

    The marine needs all kinds of "justice", from Smoker having actual ethics (one of my fave marine tbh) to Akainu, who is basically the opposite and will destroy you just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We need "evil marines" to see the marine as one of the antagonists.

    But no, I don´t see Akainu being the final villain any time soon. Luffy´s issues with him are strictly personal. The man was doing his job. He killed a pirate who was going to be executed that very day, either by him or by any other marine.

    Blackbeard? He must be stopped, he´s planning to wreck the world, his reasons will be unveiled later. And he´s also just as guilty of Luffy losing Ace, he was the one who beat him. The one who delivered him to the marines to be executed, in order to gain the shichibukai title he needed to enter Impel Down.
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    Aw come on people it was crystal clear since at least Impel Down
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    Today is a special day, because it's your birthday. Even if it doesn't seem like it. Cheers to you Count.
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    Eh I saw it coming from the moment we found out that was the man Ace was looking for, but yeah, the D. sealed the deal.
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    Honestly, not to mention all the Will of D thing, plus being the son of the world´s most wanted man

    He might not act based on it, but his deeds feel more like "fulfilling a prophecy" than actually being a menace for the world government based on his own merits, since the truth has been revealed.
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    maybe he wasn´t famous enough before he gave it to Shanks
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    robin used to look so different, now i struggle telling her apart from hancock on chapter covers.

    also I find hilarious how every big player recognises Luffy´s hat as being Shanks´s. Apparently there was only one straw hat in the whole world :B
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    I feel you there, but on the other hand I do still like how there is no "pirate uniform", they can look however they want

    Which made me chuckle when Nami asked if she "still looked like a pirate" when she put on her Totland outfit. She never did in the first place :B

    (however I do greatly miss Robin´s pre timeskip fashion choices, she might have looked like a western cheerleader, but it´s better than whatever she tried to pull on Zou. It looks like she was just going to do grocery shopping and got more lost than Zoro and ended up in Zou)
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