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    How's it going? You're ok?

    I was a bit surprise to not see you in the spoilers thread. And I noticed your absence in the proofreaders for Academia also.
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    I finally took the internet's advice and started Firefly.
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    My main atractions are the actor for the villain(love his commintment to his roles) and hoping they let spiderman be spiderman in the second movie.
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    With such a villain I kinda want Peter to be solo and Strange feels to OP with his real magic against such adversary. It would just be funny cameos and I can do without those.

    However if they make him steal a relic from the temple and up his threat level I sure would enjoy it. It would also work by combining a well known actor(Cumberbach with a well known character spiderman). Although after IW the interest has lessen.

    Wait a minute isn't that before IW and they don't know each other in it?
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    So he is a special effect guy that is that used his craft to be an illusionist. It reminds Abrakadabra from Flash(future tech pretending to be magic.

    I definitely think the MCU can pull him off but I doubt they would do some thing actually faithful. I expect the Vulture treatment and he has plenty potential to be creepy. I really doubt they will make a faithful costume at least the for the colors I would interested in being wrong tho.

    But I am definitely in love with the choice of actor after seeing nightcrawler(you should watch it).
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    So I went to the wiki to read a bit about Mysterio and I found that
    Guardian Devil
    In later years, Beck was succumbing to cancer and decided to drive a hero insane, choosing Daredevil. After finding out Daredevil's true identity, he brought together an elaborate scheme that entailed portraying an innocent baby as the Anti-Christ, framing Foggy Nelson for murder, and tricking Matt Murdock's ex-lover Karen Page into thinking she was a carrier of H.I.V. due to her past as a porn star.
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    Old movie tends to have a slower pace that's why i like to enjoy them late at night. When you are into it it's great but when you found yourself with one where you feel every it is the worst drag ever. You already have a much better opinion of No Country for Old Men than I have for Children of Men. This movie is always cited as being among the best sci-fi out there while to me it's one of those rarrisim I truly find really mediocre. Did you ever watch?

    I finally watched Lala land and am in the middle of watching breakfeast club. Will touch on Moonlight soon enough. Any recent movie you would consider personally great or childhood classic you like to revisit(I watched Speed and ransom but refuse to ruin my childhood by rewatching space jam ) ?
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    I thought you would watch it at least on tv for completism value.

    What did you think of Get out and No country for Old Man?
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    How is that Possible!!!!!
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    Opinion on the new deadpoopl? I know everyone seems love it but I need to be sure I'm not walking into a another GOTG2
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