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    Supergirl season 1 is fairly preachy. It just that I can see that the heart was in the right place and it made some good point. Like ow Perry white could throw a chair and be considered exentric while if Cat Grant did so she would be considered unfit. There was also a good number of nice bits. The cringey moments were cringey but the nice moments were sweet. Livewire was great comic book character come to live. The story worked decent enough. But it's like 20+ episodes and while I care enough about those kind of woman affirmation, issue and representation to actually liked them doing them I am you it could burn you out.

    Also for all their preachiness I always liked Kara's journeyand they didn't do much strawman. They mostly took an issue, put a female perspective on it then beat you over and over with it.

    If you have to face one painful season to access greatness do legend of tomorrow. First season is only 16 episodes and second is pure gold. Then if you have time try supergirl.
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    I think a short review of guardian 2 is that the tone is that of the first 10 minutes of Thor 3. So all about the humor and nothing can have weight. And the first guardians is my favorite MCU(with WSoldier).
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    I don't mind political. I hate artificial political. Threachy type where they beat you over the head with it. Or the streotypical type when someone become a caricature you can. Supergirl touch political all the time and is not afraid of showing which side it chooses but it feels natural. The gun episode of Arrow was nice too.If a series touch on a issue I want it to be well handled. But I don't think series have to tackle a particular issue. Supergirl was aggressively feminist in the first season and I was fine with it. Do it well or don't do it.

    But who who knows maybe 4-5 episodes I will think the show is shying away to much.

    Now I see what you mean about Civil War. Everything kind of fizzled out so the status quo could be restored. I can't say I was too surprised. I had kind of a similar problem with Wonder Woman altough at least in Wonder Woman the whole message is drowned but simply diluted.
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    I'm liking the pace for now and with no need to conform to an audience I hope its keep steady


    Frank had some crazy patience with those guys. But the last scene was worth it.

    First thing I thought when I saw the guy is "Please don't put a hacker in there." Just from his one sentence you can see he is the smart kind of smartass that is typical of a movie hacker . The tonal Whiplash is gonna be big.
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    Homecoming is clinical. It is good but lack soul or risks that makes you fond of a movie or make you feel you're taking a ride together. It is like a medical check-up with the stiffest doctor: Effective, professional, did everything right but ultimately robotic.

    No need to watch Guardians. Humor totally hijack the movie rather than enhance it and any important end up meaningless. For Civil war I liked the personal drama and the idea of someone mad at the avengers for the casualties. But thinking about it it is true that movie might have been better by keeping it focus on the accountability vs freedom.

    I mostly like the death scene because it proves the great friendship between Steeve and Black Widow(from WSoldier) and reminds us how alone Steve truly is. I remember the speech being great but I didn't know it was captain america's. Is it from civil war? The girlfriend was worth it just for reaction of Bucky and Flacon to most akward kiss of this cinematic universe.
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    I have to watch the JL because I need to see that version of Flash. I expect an ok movie with some good moments.
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    And DC did a good job with WOnder that could definitely launch something if not tied to DCEU.
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    I think in terms of comics to screen. The great one would be Logan and deadpool is good enough. Which Marvel could never do. There are other good movies but there is always something missing.

    The marvel movies I consider above average would Winter soldier, Iron man(first), GoG, Homecoming. Sadly I can respect Homecoming I can't enjoy it. Civil is also above but his plot his fairly average. Thor 3 is average but being his own movie rather than some blend of the marvel sauce makes it good. And Doctor Strange is a great character story stuck in a incredebly average movie which I never understood much of the praise for in terms of aesthetics or novelty.
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    I just finished the first episode

    I could definitely see worry that Donny would would be really bad at poker.

    The one cracking me up for now is the sexist boss. He manage to slip some nice colorful analogy on every sentence. Kind of remind of JJJ in the first spiderman films. I actually hope he sticks around.
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    YOu're going to watch the Justice league movie?
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