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    I forget. I didn't accidently erase your PM before answering it, right?
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    Doing it now actually :P
    I think I've got til about this time next year before I really have to worry about the covers catching up to the text, but who knows what I'm gonna do then...
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    I have exactly the same habit when playing games with moral choices, either i'm a saint, or a total selfish psychopath to the core lol. And that game is particularly fitting to play the latter XD.

    The game exists for PC also. Both Steam and GOG have it, and they fixed all the bugs too for modern PCs i think. (I suggest you GOG if you're gonna take it)
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    I wasn't able to. I played it years ago. All I know is that I got up to the water planet on a straight good play through. I came across......
    It's not like you made a "bad" choice by killing that fish if you quitted the game because you thougth that XD, there are no objective "bad" choices in that game, only moral choices, you simply made a choice more inclined to the Dark Side (by killing the fish you also ruin the planet reserve of a valuable mineral resource, there was another way to save the scientists), but that doesn't preclude your progress in the main quest, on the contrary you just had it finished on that planet, banned or not, you simply couldn't complete the side quests on that planet (there was a way to lie to the court and not be banned though).
    And i really reccomend you to give that game a try again ;), if you only visited that planet between the 4 available after Dantooine you REALLY don't know what you've missed.
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    Nah, it was funny :) A bad experience would be calling me monkey, give me bananas or any other racial/prejudicial behavior.

    Besides the whole spanish/portuguese disarray, it was a great experience for me.
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    Yeah, a bit AHAHA.

    I used to live in the US when I was younger, I was taller than the average kid of my age, when the teacher introduced me to the class, the first question was, are all Brazilians giants ?
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    That is why is funny, because of the absurdity. Another good questions is "Do you know how to play soccer ?" And yes, knowledge gain is great.
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    But that is a common mistake most foreigner make when they talk about Brazil, along the classics such as "The capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro" or "Do you had a pet crocodile/monkey when you were a kid ?"

    On school, I did a lot of essays about the history of Brazil, so yeah, I do like the history of my country.
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    Did you finished Knights of the Old Republic? If you did i reccomend you to play the second as well (after having read a good thorough guide to fix the countless bugs XD). The plot is way more dark and gloomy, and without the only black/white contrapposition of light side and dark side but with more dialogue and course of action options, i personally prefer it to the first.
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    I liked the short cameo on Jedha of the 2 guys who picked a fight with Luke on the Mos Eisley's cantina though XD, those guys, it was just a short extra but i appreciated it.

    I think it's not suprinsing they killed off the entire cast, they became heroes of the rebellion for having collected the Death Star's plans, killing them off was the only way to justify their absence in the original trilogy.

    Moreover i felt like the blind Force adept idea was a bit plagiarized from General Kota, a blind Jedi who appears in the videogame The Force Unleashed (if you like Star Wars i HIGHLY reccomend it).
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