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    Definitely funny. I couldn't be creepy even if I tried.
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    Don't worry about it, it's all good. And thanks, somebody's gotta take the family role of the uncle.
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    I wouldnt be surprised if wanda and the other females need a glove too. And Im currently rereading fishman island and basically every single young female is a namiface, regardless their status of one time background character, both mermaids and fishwoman. only the older females escape from this :S
    At most Oda made their faces larger horizontally, like he did with Otohime and that one random mermaid at the cove

    Its honestly frustrating
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    AAAAaaaa you are so kind!! And honestly, speaking specifically about Carrot... What was even the point of creating a whole new race only to end up making the females just barely resemble their supossed animals? Wanda doesnt even have fangs! Carrot has to wear a glove that looks like a paw in order to use electro, which could have been avoided by giving her actual paws instead of human hands on the first place.

    Oda has so many good ideas but then suddenly wastes that potential in order to make as many sexy ladies™ as possible... Its such a shame. He can do better, he did better at Amazon Lily. So many of those designs were gorgeous despite being as different to nami as possible. I honestly thought after that he would try and keep doing it. Guess I overestimated it :C
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    That's what I thought. It wasn't really that bad, but considering the fact that Maul blinded Kanan onscreen in the Season 2 finale, I would've thought that we could have gotten something more impactful. At least something that feels like the lightsaber is hitting Maul's body.

    Also, I think I misunderstood your original post. You were saying it felt like Obi-Wan's actual body went through Maul's body too, right?
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    I think he did slice through the body? I was a bit confused when Maul collapsed from it before I realized what happened. Wasn't a very well executed finishing blow to me, but not as bothersome as other parts of the episode.
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    I don't think so, but I don't really know.

    The main problem here is the complete lack of proper story structure. Whereas for One Piece we can make proper guesses like we're at around 70%, it's just impossible to make the same for Fairy Tail as all the stuff basically happens completely random without any sense of how to build your story properly. Basically anything can happen anytime.

    Imagine in One Piece there's an active kingdom on a completely new planet and their strongest fighters are just stronger than anything introduced so far and the Gorosei or Blackbeard completely get fodderized.

    It's basically written like a gameplay-driven video game where you just throw more and more difficult enemies and hazards at the heroes without any deeper thought on anything non-gameplay related.
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    Thank you :D (I feel the same, I want to support fellow artists too but I dont have money to send them :C )

    Guess more people prefer art that is as accurately as possible as the canon looks of the manga and anime (or, alternatively, art where everyone is pretty and flawless). Any style that deviates in body shapes, skintones, and such usually tends to get overlooked. Even had some people (anons usually) demanding an explanation for making X character with a darker skintone or a different body type. I do not mind responding this so I did.
    Even so, I found fellow artists who share my love for adding diversity to the cast of this manga (especially the females, who needed it the most), and even some who inspired me in the first place. So Im not alone at this and Im having lots of fun drawing them the way I do now, it feels way more liberating than back in the day when I struggled to make the character look as if they were drawn by Oda :B
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    Fairy Tail also cannot contribute something meaningful to the thread. Doesn't prevent it from futilely trying almost every week, though...
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    Whenever I get a notification which turns out to be about absolutely nothing, it's always in the Fairy Tail thread. Go figure!
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