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    If you have to take one show to suffer a season I recommend Legends the reason is the chracters themselves can be interesting and if you know the secret the season is decent. The secret being you should only care about the main characters and the villain is nonthreatening. It might sound bad but once you know this and you focus on the right thing it is decent.And season 2 is damn great.

    For supergirl watch 2 first episodes either you can and watch the whole or you can't and better stop. Season 2 is more even, technically better and has a really good storyline with a certain character but I prefer 1 for the heart.

    Anyway check out for yourself I think we have disagreed on some series before.
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    About the whole jumping halfway in a series. I actually jumped directly in season 5 because I wanted to watch the crossover without problem and I continued since it was that good. Didn't take much time to take my footing. I refuse to watch the first season since I can't stand the first episodes but I should watch season 2 and I have watch reaction to season 4.

    I jumped in agents of shield in the second half of season 4 because the reaction channel I watch(Blind wave) had just uploaded one and I was bored. They were talking about robots having free will, virtual reality and how real it is, and even how does your regrets make you. So I watch the second half of season 4 which was pretty awesome but I haven't tought about watching before. They do have a Ghost Rider in the beginning of that season.
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    Have you ever re explore the tv shows you loved when you were younger? Back in a time when you were less analytical and less constrain by logic and stuff. For some reason they put "Charmed" on Netflix and I have decided to rewatch some episodes. It is actually charming and I remember loving that thing. Altough now the whole witches good, Warlock bad is more eye-rolling but damn I still love the characters and started my streak of loving the complicated villain(acertain favorite demon of mine).

    It was girl power made in a more than good way(I don't remember even noticing that they were all girls) and weirdly it is CW. I guess that channel know my test. They also made smallvile that has the greatest build-up of Lex/superman relashionship ever(kind of wasted in the finale) and some of the foremost embrace of comic book in live-action.
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    I was going to go see Justice league today(thanksgiving) but I ended up having a family dinner to attend to. I will probably watch it tomorrow tho. And I'll give my point to that end credit you mentioned.
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    I think street would have been cool and I was excepting that( chasing some gang that killed some girl) but what we got was good. Too complicated but good. That isn't the reason I want it to end. It should end there because the season work well only if Punisher accept the help and becomes a more functioning individual. Any going back to his murderous rampage would be backtracking and taking away the journey he accomplished.

    I know a lot of people doesn't care about those stuff but these are the reason why Star wars 7 or Punisher 2 or the ending of John Wick 2 rub me the wrong way. It nullifies the natural ending and the whole point of the story.I know someone could whip up bash of 10 foot long arguments reason on why rubbing his nose that way or the natural repetition of life make it make sense and yaddi yadda. But to that I say bullshit and all of it is feel good BS.
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    For Billy I think what we got in terms of background is just enough. You don't more than that scene with the mother to see what Billy is about. And that one tidbits at merry gow round tells you what the friendship was supposed to be like. The problem is that they came into play much much later in the season. Put them around episode 3-4 and get him a more earnest relation with Curtis and you are golden. I think a nice parallel is Ward. The only flashback we got is the most silliest one but from the interraction with the that and talking with Joy you get everything he is about. That's what Billy was lacking and that's what I said the first episodes were crucial to make him that complex character by the end and they made the wrong choice. They beautifully fooled subverted expectetions with Ward not so much with Billy.

    Someone that needed a flashback was Micro to get the hardship he went through before he met the Punisher.
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    I will probably put my general thoughts of the Punisher season in the general thread when I get the energy


    It's funny how much I like CIA lady considering how little screentime she got and how she technically allied with the bad guy. I like Rafi and police guy too but they have more screentime and are presented as good. So as I am typing I realize aside from Madoni I liked law enforcement in the show.

    You should use shazam on the song to identify it.
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    Nah, it was a good (unexpected) feedback. Thanks! :)
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    - Billy was pretty great this episode. And last episode he was not to bad.That flashback is the kind of thing we should have got.They should have had like that all the way to play the parallels of this episode.

    -I have a liking for villain and heroes that can have courtesy with each other. So I really liked everything about that part. How personally hurt Billy was about everything was funny. This whole section reminded me of the movie Wanted.

    -Billy really got his face smashed in that glass didn't he? For a moment I even expected some kind of Two-face result.

    -Nce ending overall and really interesting ending for a Punisher story. If it just stopped there I wouldn't mind it.
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    ep 13


    -If Castle is the Terminator, Russo is the profession hitman. That music for the first part was a weird choice. Except of course if you take it as a fun comedic hitman movie. Then the music fits perfectly.

    -So Maldani gambled her parent's safety for her choices. I can't say I'm surprise. Creating a shitstorm and then getting others in it is what she does best.

    -I'm glad CIA lady seems to have get out of this mess ok. Rafi is also cool. And no Maldani you are in the wrong in the middle of your self-importance as usual. Kind of sad she was not fired.

    -Paying off on the whole Micro is missing sex thing was hilarious. I'm glad he's got his family back and they are back at their house. For a moment the safe house made me fear they were forcing them into protective custody.

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