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    Is there any comic you are currently following?
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    I'm reading "The multiversity: The just".

    It's a world in which the superheroes of the the DC universe won. Like there's no more supervillain around and superman made a great robot army to protect from any invasion. The result? All their kids are bored to death because they became superhero with nothing to do. And they basically became those reality star children.

    One of the plot is how Lex's daughter(Alexis) is dating Batman's son(Damien) and damien is best friend's with superman's son(Chris). But since Lex killed superman and Chris is the most popular guy on earth he basically blaclisted her on every part out there and she feels like everyone hates her.
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    I was in Catholic school were god was the norm but in 4th grade I had to take my communion and I started wondering if God had to be real(passion of christ made a strong impression on me). After a decent time debating with my self by 6th grade I knew I didn't believe in God. Much later I decided I wouldn't believe in anything that presents itself as supernatural making me a really odd guy in a country full of those as facts.

    But I insist that I am agonistic. I personally don't believe in god but I am not saying I am necessarily right. I believe I am right but it's not a fact. Because my reasoning is more that I don't have any convincing proof or unarguable argument of the existence of god or the supernatural. And I don't believe in believing just based on faith. But I also don't believe I have to be right because humans make mistakes and I haven't study them. This way of thinking lead me to be less defensive of a lot ideas.
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    I was raised in a country were magic is as certain the earth being round. Zombies and the ability for people to transform to cat or curse you. Theoretically I was cursed with a stutter until my aunt went to a certain kind of "priest" to take care of it and I do remember that stutter or I think I do. In my country were not believing in God was mind boggling. Not in the you don't faith kind. More like you don't believe the earth is round kind. It was less crazy than not believing in the supernaturalthan but definitely mind boggling. God was something to believe in and the supernatural were actual facts. I actually heard news report in the radio were people gave birth to fish people. But my mother never actively inforced those belief in me.
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    A Tobias question from Black Lightning

    In real life? I suppose you are referring to a non medical resurection. Like getting up after days of death by yourself or with help that what science would not consider sound. I don't.

    I go with life being made of all the moving parts in the body and I don't believe in souls. If your brain is dead for functioning stop so you won't e alive anymore. Maybe you can find a way to restart and make it work as new but usually at the heart of resurection belief is the belief that there something more to life than the mechanical function and I disagree with that. I don't believe in souls or spark of life or anything of the sort.

    Do you believe in the the resurection?
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    I might not be the bigest fan of the DCEU but I will always give them credits for actually comitting to their comic universe.No attempt to redress everything as science.

    Shazam gets powers from a freaking magician, Diana is the daughter of a real god and Aquaman enemy has a giant metal head that shoots lasers.
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    I kind of liked it. He failed his sidekick and I like that the show doesn't give him a magic pass. Red Arrow and Artemis definitely still respect and are glad for what he did to them but Arsenal has all the reasons to be angry. And I tend to prefer the less straight answer. Humans are messy and I like that to be reflected sometimes.

    You are probably thinking Lagoon boy. He was pretty damn forgettable. What would be your favorite storyline or part of season 2?I think the biggest waste was definitely beast boy origin.

    I would also prefer Saul Goodman but with a touch of melancholia when in the present he pass by something of his past and see how he ended there. Either that or he goes back to being another version of saul becasue that's all he has left. I jjust don't want something that tells me I'm suppose to feel he is a better person and will live happily.
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    If Wally comes back I hope it's like episode 7-8. I want around the point where red arrow showed up in season 2. You get a real sense of what the world is like without Wally and how they adapted and when he comes back he has to adapt and they have to see how to welcome it back. If they play it as skillfully as Arsenal it could be a great story arc.

    I also want more Nightwing kicking which didn't happen much season 2. He was more of the brain. I can't think of much choegraphy in the new trailer and I hope it doesn't mean the qality suffered in that department. ActuallyI cannot say the trailer exited me. It's more like I hope that it's as good as season 1 or the last 2/3 of season 2.

    Personally do you prefer to see Saul reedemed or just become Saul Goodman? Andif redemption is your choice do you want it to be a whole season in the present(the one where he is in hiding) or do you have another preference?
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    I liked Aqualad story in season 2. Mostly for how far they had to go and the nice drama bit like Meghan messing his mind or constantly pushing the envelop. My favorite thing just being Arsenal and the messiness behind it all. Only missing was maybe a bit more drama from Aqualad having to betray his dad that might be an awful human but a great daddy.

    I definetely agree that Connor and superman being good in the timeskip is one of the things that came out of it. And it just feels weird that it tok 3 years in-universe for the light plan to come into play. However I did like the breakup of Connor and Ms. MArtian and how you slowly get the story behind. All in all the flash forward felt like trying to catch up for a good 3-4 episodes and that was tiring. But once the season mostly got going it went pretty good. And one thing I actually like about the timeskip is the character actually evolved during that time. That and the behind the scene reason they made it makes it a fine decision. 7/10
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    I definitely see what you mean though and now that you threw it out there I am kind of scared of what they will do.

    Do you think they will resurrect Wally in the new Young Justice season?
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