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    Ooo so that's the 2003. I definitely watched a lot of it and loved it. I was just unlucky they took it out of the TV.
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    Cavanaugh is probably the best gimmick of the Flash. Always wondering what roles they give him next.

    You can watch both season 5 and the crossover without the context of the rest. No need to subject to the slug of the previous baggage but also no reason to miss on the fun of those 2 things. I did the same when Shield tackled virtual reality. Trying to be completionist has long lost his appeal.

    Yeah probably the 80s show which I loved a lot. I'll check them out once I'm done wiith static(which I should start soon). You're watching anything interesting lately?
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    Funny enough for has much as I think IF was bad Luke Cage is probably the one I had the most problem watching all the way. Beginning was slow, tone didn't match, interesting characters and storyline were mishandled. IF is bad but it's easy for me to enjoy when watching it with a second degree(like checking what type of villain Harold will try to be this week) it was genuinely fascinating to see how little the people tried. Luke Cage was less bad but also way less enjoyable since you can only watch seriously and when you do you see so many problems.
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    I would like Daredevil 3 to do be an introspection storyline since Matt died and is now returning to his role as a protector of his city. Could be a good chance to have him face more straight villain rather than the usual consipracy/master plan. In this kind of environment you can introduced 1-2 great villains that just aren't about controlling/destroying the city. And yeah Kingpin could still be on the back burner with little tease that he is still around a little tho.

    Also Danny will be around. I wonder what he will do or do they just get rid of him in a couple of minutes.
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    Arrow had an interesting crime boss in season 5. You should definitely check it out. No suits no office in skyscraper. Really basic guy. You probably should check out that season. Doesn't really need much context I should know it's the first season of arrow I really watched.
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    TMNT I watch a lot as a kid but they keep changing them all the time. But yeah I enjoy them and wouldn't mind some recommendations. Probably will check it when I'm done with static.

    You should watch the crisis on Earth x crossover from this year. It's basically a giant movie with not much to do with the main plots.
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    The suit bothers me when it doesn't make sense. I couldn't picture Kingpin in something else. But for the rest really they could find something else. House in an apartment doesn't bother me. Rich house are cliché no matter. Than there is where the office is? Weirdly enough the placement tells how important you are. Nightclub means second/third level. In a isolated warehouse or house were illegal stuff are going means you are really important but also there is a secret guy behind you that will kill you if you talk about them. Then there is skyscraper where you are a legit businessman but secretly the leader of the evil organization.

    Bores me in movies but in shows I get to know them a little so it's decent. But yeah variation could be nice.

    Kingpin in the show getting ninja I can't imagine. In the show or comic definitely yes.
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    Well with lawyering you can help someone not get evicted from their house or get compensation. Harder to do as a superhero. Plus plus it's easier to fail to convince a jury and then take matter in your hands than fail to arrest someone and put a beating on them without being an hypocrite or crooked. Lawyers rely on their judgement and trying to make people see their way while cops are supposed to help while trusting the system is there to help them. Police superhero would be pretty hard. You could respect both but would definitely come out lacking or being hypocrite in one.

    I know what you meant for Ward but I really think one character will have to suffer and I would prefer it the villain than the wife. I keep imagining all those scenario that would be such a CW move to make.
    Gang masterminds are pretty much all the same to me but at least now we bother giving them different psyche like Kingpin and Cottonmouth. But yeah I get what you mean and some variation could be nice.
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    I feel like it wouldn't work. You will either suck as a cop or just be a cop with superpowers. I mean if you are a cop that is swore to help and protect what excatly do you as a vigilante that you can't as a cop. The cop would only be a cover rather than be genuine and make you a corrupt one since you are using what you get from it for your personal judgement.

    I dunno if I want it to be Ward because there is always a weak and if there is going to be one I prefer it to be him. Anyone else(family members/cop friend) would make it to similar to the CW shows and I have enough of them.

    I don't mind gangs. I think you are more thinking of the mastermind behind the gang. thankfully I don't mind much yet but that could change at some point. Not a fan of ninjas tho.
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    The man getting kicked in balls avatar died. :( Plus...it's such a cool Jolly Roger!
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