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    You never gave me your impressions on Get out and Black Lightning...

    Alsodo you want my answers for Luke cage 2? Because I can definitely write plenty on that.
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    Volume is Batman dealing with the death of Robin. It's nice but my favorite moments comes at the end.

    Bruce created a program reruning the events of the night to see if he could have saved Damian from dying but keeps on failling everytime for 4 days straight(like 4000 attemps). Dick comes and as Nightwing and after a long and difficult battle they managed to defeat the enemy and save Damian. That helps Batman mourn a little more healthy. But then after Bat leaves Alfred put the mask on and you see the night when Robin wanted to go out against Batman orders and you see Alfred drug him, carry him up and put him to sleep. And then alfred just breaks down and it's the best moment in the story. Because while Batman was struggling despite how he tried his best you see how guilty Alfred must feel when he knows there was a simple way to do but he didn't because he trusted his surrogate grandson.
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    Volume 3 I love a lot.

    The first part is Damian tricking Batman to go away so he can patrol the city. It's kind of a dick move but several things make it great. First Damian really looks like a child having fun in this one and it's kind of sweet seeing run aroud with Titus in the house. Second the actual thing Damian use to keep his father away is giving him several nice reminders about his parents(one is a painting he did with his mother).

    Second part is death of the family and I just like reminder that Joker is a demented guy who can be really screwed up amd mess with you.He really is dial up to 11 in this one and it's kind of great.

    The third I like much is the aftermatch where you see Damian suffer a vunch of nightmares day after until finally he gets a good dream where him and his father be Batman and Robin and he doesn't want to wake up.
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    Volume 2 is basically a collection of several story so not as good. But there is some great montage in that one. The first couple of page is pretty great where you just see Damian as the murderous monster he was being raised by his mother. You see him alternate between studies and besting his mother to learn the truth about his father. And the the page where they meet is great. In this one Damian goes after the Robins like usual and it's kind of fun to see them bicker and team up for a moment.

    there also a sweet moment where Bats take Damian to see an eclipse from above in his rocket. It's a nice father-son moment. After a fight which mention the joker is coming back(he cut his face and disappeared for a year) there is another one. The first time Bats tell Damian he is proud of him.
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    I spent a couple week reading a bunch of DC.My favorites were: "Batman & Robin", Supersons, new super-man "Batman & Robin" is pretty great because itwhich really explores Damian as a character.Volume 1 It's when Damian just got the mantle of Robin and you see Bats trying to ajust and be a good father but more importantly you see Damian trying to make his father. And in this story there's a minor villain from Bruce's past that comes to hunt. And it really plays well into Damian stuggle and he actually end up killing after trying his best during all the story to respect Batman code.And you see Damian struggle and his dad give him a talking to about how killing is never right but still promise him he will never give up.Also he gets Titus the dog which is great.
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    Could you send me the video about twist villains?

    I could see the blue lady of the internet being the villain in the wreck it ralph. The one that points it out it should be wreck the internet. Some kind of anti consumerism message with a side of how toxic internet can be.

    I have been so out of it lately I haven't even started Better Call saul yet. You started or are about to start I ron Fist yet?
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    I freaking hate this pairing because it shits quite a lot on actual good reason for separation.

    I get staying married for your kids or past adultery. Real issues people face and handled diferently. I hate when the movie trivialized those important issue and boiled them down to I just wanted my man back regardless of what he did destroying the strong character she was and the strong decisions she made.

    Them finishing together is shitting on her struggle and saying that the grandmother is just some frustrated old lady that was sad because she didn't get some good dick.
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    I hated the pairing of the grandma and grandpa in Coco and I consider it worse than any pairing disney ever did. This might seem like the usual overplaying but there actual reason for why I say this. Usually the pairing happens because they are the main character and the relation was one of the main focus. But in this case not only are they secondary character but the romance has nothing to do with the actual love story making a totally superficious move. You give a kid the 2 grandparents meeting Coco and they would be happpy regardless of if they are together.

    And I freaking hate because of what it says about the grandmother. She left the guy because she valued actually having her family rather than fawning over the hope of her man returning and then worked hard as a single mother to start a business, raise her child and lleave a decent means of leaving for her descendants.
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    Holy shit. Iron Fist is out and I didn't even know.

    Usually I'm like tracking the date on those things. It's crazy to realize how little I cared about it.

    Sorry for the silence I was experiencing one those period of blues that zap your all your energy. Probably gonna send you a bunch of PM over the next couple days. I hope your box ain't to full.
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    Is there any comic you are currently following?
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