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    Black Lightning 5. Opinions?
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    I liked the gun episode(Jimmy) of static. I really like that part where Static rant on how he is confused and mad at everyone. Of course the psy was a little preachy but most of it was good/great. Shows get the right to be preachy sometimes especially with kids. Movies not so much. Season 3 mark a big change. The costume is changed and Richie gets powers. I like it right now. Also loved the new intro better. It's the second season that begins with a batman crossover. Stomping guy is definitely my favorite power after rubber.

    Manga you have to read are assasination classroom and Negima. I can't believe I didn't mention Assasination classroom. Negima is better in my opinion but assasination is shorter and have less echhi. Still Classroom setting with helping the children be the best they can be. Buuut they are trying to kill their teacher so he oesn't destroy the world.
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    I like seeing Nacho train in the art of poisoning. Gus was probably my favorite thing in Breaking bad but I really don't need to see him in that.
    If you are in the last episode you probably saw my favorite piece of editing AKA Kim's accident. I just love the way you just see her doze and see the result imminently. Gives you the same perspective as her.
    As for Jimmy I don't hate the guy. Not even as a lawyer(Saul Goodman was cold-hearted criminal he's just a bit crooked). I mostly side with Chuck on discussion because seems blind to the reasons he doesn't like Jimmy. Plus the whole story only proves Chuck right since in any pinch Jimmy simply use his wits and doubtful methods. Also you finally got the full story of the dad.
    At least he made it right for the grandma. Think about the lawyer that hired him and that Jimmy made his life hell to con him off paying his office.
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    Yeah, took me a good minute when I was posting in a thread and I noticed some color had changed haha!
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    Well thank you, that truly means a lot.
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    Static is definitely dickish to non-human looking metas. I don't know if that's on purpose or not but it continue to fascinate me. The show can be pretty good at telling little stories. I think the episodes that work the best on me are the ones with kids. I don't know why maybe I have a soft spot for them. I like the guy with stomping powers but damn it he sounds stereotypical. The blandest episode I think was Trantrum with Chinese kid that couldn't get 99%. It wasn't bad or even stereotypical it was just flat and boring. I think my favorite might be the one where Static is talking to his mother grave. Also I finally get his name is static not static shock.It was also fun to see the dad chewing them out for messing his dating life. Currrently on the on the one with the psychiatrist and it seems like I'm going to love it.
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    Not gonna lie MIke stuff might be boring but I do like the meticulousness of messing with the truck of drugs

    So static

    I watched, the one where Richie gets powers( I was expecting drug metaphor but if it was weak), the one where JOker appear(For a moment I really thought they killed horseman), The one where Ebon is a big brother(I continue to just love anything involving Rubberman and for once Static really ticked me with the jealousy and constantly berating the guy), The one where Sharon finds out but not really(Loudspeaker guy is the blandest villain ever thankfully he has a sister), the one with Shack, the one with zombies, the one where Stretchy becomes a star(just fun t see one where Rubber is straight up good).
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    Just cleared it.

    Yup that JImmy scene is definetely one of my favorite. The crazy betrayal he must feel must be as great or even bigger than when he used the phone in season 1. I mean his brother just weaponized his sickness against him. It's like a family member using how much you care about their cancer against you.

    MIke is pretty much in a side quest. Like I said things that try to tie back to breaking bad are the most meh.
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    Recommend watching this video and this guys channel
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    I'm reading Monkey thoughts now.
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