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    Have you watch the black lightning premiere? It reminds of a Netflix show and feels quite different than the rest of DC. There's only one scene I truly consider cheesy in it and I guess it was probably for trailers. Not a fan of the music tho.
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    Edit - Whoops, trying to put an image in here and it's not working? I posted it, and in the edit window it shows up, and yet I can't see it - hmmmm lol I'll just link it:

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    I planned on writing something about Avatar/Korra at some point on its thread and I wanted to make sure you know it before asking your opinion.
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    Have you finished both Korra and Avatar?

    I responded to the discussion on Academia.
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    Do you think luffy will gain awakening? I have seen a friend of mine that doesnt believe that he will gain awakening or any other power up for that matter. He believes that luffy wont be the literal strongest character by the end of the series. He wont be as strong as blackbeard or even akainu he will overcome them by exploiting their weakness. I am curious as to how oda is gonna sandwich awakening in the midist of the upcoming arcs without another training arc or timeskip. Cant imagine luffy gaining awakening, then learning it over the course of the series without having a training arc to master it.
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    What do you consider to be plot convience or plot armor? Been hearing that word thrown around lately in this arc.
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    No problem man (in regards to the friendship request), i like discussing stories with people that are smarter than me on this subject of stories. I do think I can make informed opinions but i simply for the life of me dont have analytical eye like you or some of my friends do when it comes to breaking down the mechanics of the story to bolster their argument on why they like or dont like something. Like i saw your post on how dressora is sacrifical lamb because oda is trying to tie all of the element he introuduced in the timskip. I never saw that. So for me i gained my knowledge by discussing with people at that more knowledable than men and their better informed opinions gave me better insight into the series
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    You are one insightful motherfucker , where did you get your knowledge on writing from? experience? or reading books on the subject.
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    Anyways what do you think of my hero academia? I recently started watching the anime and I am really liking it. What do you think of the common criticism thats its generic? Too many people think its a naruto cop out, with going to school to become a hero,having an exam arc etc. I just love the japanese spin on the traditional western hero comic story style.
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    I pretty much agree with everything except the yonko part. I do believe that they are equal in 1v1 fight otherwise they wouldnt be locked in a stalemate. I just think they are strong in their own aspects. Big moms has powerful durability and a df that can do a lot of damage which makes up for her low stamina. Kaido is the strongest PHYSICAL pirate, basically all of the physical attributes are top not but there is going to be some weakenss that oda is gonna introduce so the SH can beat him through teamwork. Shanks has the strongest haki in the world, he doesnt have df, and i cant imagine him being the strongest swordsman since mihawk has the title.
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