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    The reason I am interested in First man is Whiplash which was one of my favorite movies of 2014 in the exploration of how you go in the quest for greatness.

    I think the brain transfer was the most ridiculous thing about the movie. Mostly in how straightforward and litteral it was but the imagery was perfect. There was a real sense of dread throughout the whole thing. In interesting is how in classic horror the police finally arriving is the freedom of your main character but in this one you are not happy to see the police you just expect it to go wrong. It turns a positive force into an enemy.

    Usually I don't understand the whole gets better on second viewing thing but Get Out does get better. The first time it was a fine well-made movie but just good then you rewatch a couple times and you catch things that makes you realizehow great it is.

    Lord of War(with Nick Cage)?
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    Dude that made Lalaland but more importantly Whiplash made a new movie on Neil Amstrong. Concentrating on the person more than the moon landing.

    Opinion on Get Out?
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    You are watching first man?
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    Your descrption reminds me that moment from season 1 when the gun jams after the whole explanation of good of gun it is

    A great comidic moment.

    Season 1 Daredevil is still my favorite season of the show(JJ s1 slightly behind) so if it calls back to that I'm glad.

    I'm also hoping on the white suit since KingPin finally got his name and I think he earned to go full comic. Make him put it at a pivotal moment.

    Just 2 weeks.
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    With luck it will be an origin story rather than a real tragic backstory.

    He better not use gun. Guns are boring if you are not doing gun-fu. Only underlings used gun despite them being the best weapons out there. Heck I'm pretty sure not using guns is the distinctive thing about him.
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    Oh ok. You saw the trailers for season 3. Are they giving you a good vibe?

    I agree. For now I'm thinking those considered gems like the Armageddon one with Ben Affleck. Get the funniest and memorable one first to get used to the style a bit. And I have watched that movie so many times.

    Works fine. All you need is Peter deciding that after managing to triumph over Thanos that he doesn't have to be a new tony stark but rather be his own man. With Tony blessing. Kind of similar to Homecoming but better and more impactful and coherent.

    I definitely get that. I enjoy the episodic series as something I can watch a plot unfold without putting to much tought into it either. Just purely the fun of the average to sometime really good. But I definitely get people not liking episodic how procedural shows.

    But while who is kind of ok you should definitely check a best of TNG.

    What were your impressions on Black lightining as a whole?
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    Are they from the same writer? Will probably start them this week after Iron Fist. I'm still stuck at five.

    I'm always interested in trying commentaries but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy someone talking while I watch a movie if it's not a conversation I'm having. I'll probably check some audio commentary clip to get a proper feel of it.

    Other reason why having Spidey surviving instead of Tony work? The armor. You get to see Peter earned the armor that he believes he doesn't deserve and is a memento of his mentor brilliance. As the movie stands it's just a nice armor. It doesn't take anything but it also has no great purpose.

    You ever watched any doctor who?
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    You ever watch movie with audio commentaries? I haven't tried yet.
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    I definitely agree that a sibling has to die. That's why I alternate them. Either black panther die or Shuri dies. Not both. Never both. Okoye can either serve to emphasize the lost or be someone to sympathize with in a sea of strangers.

    I would be interested in Shuri and Tony surviving with Toy trying his usual asshole shtick and with calling him out about how she doesn't feel like playing and she just lost his brother. Than Tony drops the facade and talk a bit how he lost someone he should have protected(Spiderman) and maybe a bit about the man he considers a brother(war machine).
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    Which is why I used Flash s1 as an example. Flash sucked but it was because the learning of the trick was part of his growth. He was actually learning rahter than being a tangent that has no reason to be.

    You could definitely do a great comic about Spiderman in his first days learning his powers. Or figuring it out. But it would receive the proper focus to be any good. And if it caused problem you probably get an issue were spiderman reflect on it. It wouldn't just be
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