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    I doubt they thought much about it but I love it in the sense of how unlikely it is that you will go in a big meaningful way. Even Batman just grew to old in this universe rather than some epic throwdown with the Joker(although there is a lot of great comics on that). And he died saving someone so it's still fitting. Plus I just love Diana reaction after he dies. I have always been a great sucker for execution and his death is handled pretty damn great. You really should watch the whole thing.

    Seems like a nice opportunity. You should probably have a couple of people act out your script to see how they actually sound. What is in your head can sometimes be different once at loud

    Invisibility? Maybe a fighter that is harder to read by making any launching motion invisible? Of course bending is always an option but than the power is more light bending with an option for invisibility.
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    How is your book going?
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    I always said JL/JLU had the best Superman.
    of all the villains to do him in, freaking Toyman
    Heeey. Anyone can have a bad day.

    You really should have the whole thing(JL/JLU). It's probably my number 3 cartoon(2 is FMB and 1 is Avatar). JL is good and JLU is great. There's Batman singing and flirting with Cheetah, Wonder woman, a Gorilla that became a gigantic woman as a pig and a good story, cast and banter. Best Superhero show in my opinion.
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    Extremely Relevant

    And this my friend is why the JL animated is so damn great. You can even have Superman fighting freaking wolves in it.
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    I keep imagining the producer high on Coke and giving all those crazy ideas while Kevin is just sitting on his chair wondering what the heeck is he signing on.

    It's a Kevin Smith movie with Nick Cage as Superman and probably one of the craziest producer out there. Would spuerman fans be baffled? YEs. But you can be sure that 10 years later the movie would be legendary and the memes endless. There's Brainiac wrestling a bear in that thing. I can imagine that thing ending on the list of must-watch-movie when you're high.
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    I just finish the first half and that things just cracks me up. I vaguely remember stories about that producer guy that was obsess with putting a damn spider in a mvie(I think he is also related to Wild wild west) and I remember thinking WTF kind of power and crazy logic producers have sometimes. And this story is just 100 times better than everything I could ever imagine.

    Kevin Smith is just great. I may not love his work but damn is it to listen to his stories. Especially with his chill earnest delivery.

    Back to watching the second one.
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    Gintama, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), One Punch-Man, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (AssClass) and Shingeki no Kyojin should close my top 10. Hard to mix Dragon Ball here, though, I watched it as a kid and it has a special place in my heart, but there is such a lack of story depth that I can't ignore when I watch it today By the way, how into anime are you? I got started on this medium via anime, but since most I've seen are mediocre adaptations, I've lost my taste for it and have dedicated my free time to reading manga.
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    Hey, thanks! I've been learning with a certain someone I just felt like I had to write all that stuff all day long. Sometimes we forget that on the other side of the screen are actual real people and talk in ways we wouldn't otherwise. I think this applies to various people including myself in that discussion and I'm glad it became more civilized and productive since yesterday. By the way, I never got to answer you last reply, sorry about that! That's a nice number of series there too. How would you make your top 5, out of those? My top 3 are definitely FMA (in a sort of combinatory way between the manga and both animes, if that even makes sense), Code Geass: Rebellion of Lelouche, and One Piece. The next 2 are hard to choose from, but I'd say Vinland Saga and Gin no Saji, for how different they are from what I typically read/watch and how they touch on more humane down to earth subjects.
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    So Part 3's adaptation rate was about 3.16 chapters per episode which is still a kinda brisk adaptation but coupled with a lengthier & slower paced structure & you get a really dramatically different experience. All this isn't said to hate on Stardust Crusaders though - not at all. In fact imo it probably has one of the greatest climaxes to a battle shounen arc I've ever seen. While there are definitely some mediocre fights scattered all throughout SC pretty much everything from the moment the Crusader's approach Dio's mansion is perfection. The tension finally ramps way up and never dies down from Pet Shop at the gates until the Crusade is over. It's a beautifully woven finale of simple but pure shounen style - incredible and emotional fights - races against time - also the Vanilla Ice fight has to be one of the best.
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    Beyond just the change in style (more concise set-up of Parts 1 & 2 vs stand of the week) tho the adaptational pace changed. Part 1 had about 4.89 chapters per episode which is very fast but really imo improved the material a lot. I'm not a fan of Araki's early faux-Fist of the north Star art at all - easily prefer the anime's look & the pacing makes it feel much more tense. Reading through Part 1 later made me realize just how slow PB was for such a short part - I think the entire tone would've been different if they handled it slower. Part 2 adapts 4.05 chaps per episode - haven't gotten the chance to read Part 2 yet but everyone loves BT for good reason. It's a really tight action shonen story which never looses its momentum or tension imo.
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