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    I'm iffy on Black Lightning development at times but yeah the Batman inc dig was great. Same with his speech.

    I remember when she's reveal that she's a mother at first I'm like motherboces can teleport and maybe cure people so maybe it makes sense. But then I tried to think about it and the shitload of powers seems really weird and I prefer to not think about it because it will make me angry.

    I like Jane as a Valkyrie because she is different. I would not like it if she's part of the warrior 3 or another thor that is never used like Beta Ray. My problem is with the Superior siderman/ MIles of the world. Where you just become the lesser version on the main version. But on this one they bothered to give her her own corner of the marvel to explore.

    I instantly thought about the Groot handle when it happened. But the design does look great.
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    Jane has the Hammer than can transform and is a Valkyrie after the others were all killed in a giant war(war of the realms.). There wasn't anyone to bring warriors to Valhalla and she took the job.

    The new hammer is classic except the handle has a cool tree design.
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    I didn't mind the different factions even s2 had that but more how they talk about it. It's really the discussion with Barbara that tells me to the show they will always be sidekicks playing with the grown ups instead of heroes themselves. I thought Batman Cabal was to show how they grew and were in leadership positions but instead it serves to show they are are still followers. It's why I like s2 wwith Dick having his own plan that isn't suddenly reveal to be Bats plan or anything. Hell in my head cannon Bats doesn't even know about Dick's plan.

    Hopefully her recent adventure with Granny made Halo lose the healing power because it is way too OP.

    I was thinking about WestWorld because of the one discussion we had about the soul. I think s1 is a solid exploration of reasoning/experience leading to consciouness. s2 is boring.

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    • I can't remember. Did you watch Westworld?

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    I would gradually decreasing healing factor. Like it seems it would be for a brief moment until we revealed that lady was crazy. Actually a good twist I think. I didn't expect her to be this deranged.

    He forged a new hammer in the last event(war of the realms) when he became king. Also King Thor is about the Thor from the future.
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    I really hate how season 3 view the teams.

    A big thing at the end of season was making everyone welcome in the watchtower because there is no sidekicks just heroes. But this season continues with the whole lettering that seperate Justice league, Yj etc... And one of the big selling points of Barbara against Bats is that the people he talks are use to following his orders. Which spits in the face of them becoming their own heroes. And also Batman barely managed the team back then and they never listen to the adults.

    But mostly I hate how after s2 making sure we are all heroes especially with all the league for leadership at the of s2 we are back to every generation being a lesser hero.
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    That kid reminds me the episode where Aquaman cuts his hand to save his son.
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    I have a really hard with killing immortals. I can understand doing it once or twice. Past that it just gets stupid and I wonder how is she always conveniently the one to die. It's not even like she jumps in the way. It's just random.

    I think YJ would have been better off making 2 great movies to conclude but i'm still interested.
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    Make to read the orginal supersons not the followup.

    What do you have in terms of recent reads?

    Aaron is concluding his Thor run with King Thor and Gor is back.
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    Yeah I read manga in that period where every shonen was echhi. But I can understand not getting past it.

    Did we really never saw Grodd? That's so weird. How the hell is that guy not Grodd in disguise or something.

    I think Connor very much connects to her outsider status especially once their mind melded and he got to see her true form(which is pretty early). Where as Md Martian like Connor lack of complications.
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