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    It's not being out that was weird. It was the contrast of Kurt having instant chemestry being in and Bill with sleazy air being out. And I learned that usually if there's a source of great income nearby and someone quickly got rich they will end up connected. watch as either Anvil was started with that money or is a front to launder money. One by it self would be a coincidence but all of it? Definitely in it.

    But like I said i would have catch him as one of them simply from how they portrayed him and being in the unit. Which annoys me since I know I'm not that good at it.
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    So how was Justice league?
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    A whole team that is corrupt? He got away just in time? Rich? Weirdly isn't aware of Frank? He was going to be dirty the moment he was to distant of Kurt and was part of a corrupt unit that made great money and he got rich.
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    Now it feels like I might end criticizing Punisher for not being political enough(AKA choosing generic story instead) when I wouldn't care normally.
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    By Luke Cage syndrom I mean starting with great storyline that suddenly shift into a more boring one half way with consecutive choices to replace the nice parts with generic. Although Luke Cage was still saying something interesting. I hope I am wrong
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    I also hate that the unlikable guy turns out to be fake. Which takes away the whole there is all type of people in the army.And for Lewis I was hoping for him to snap at the wrong moment.Maybe going after a senator pro guns or being to zealous in a protest. There were many interesting roads to go. Roads that would push the whole those people coming back need real help when coming from those traumatic experience. Even a personal story of hope would have been better than what we got.

    Accidently killed the guy with his weapon? The lowest of the lowest denominator? Give me a break punisher. You could have done better and you know that.

    So I don't like it becasue we went from military can be all kind of people and go everywhere. To the unlikable one is not a real soldier, the wealthy one is actually a drug dealer and the one with trauma got some lazy storyline.

    On good news the bully story interest me. So at least improvement on that.
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    Perfect I am starting 7 myself. Justice league will be later this week.

    What I feared with was going on with Billy just happened. He was a bad guy all along. And there lies my problem. The director or casting decided Billy should have felt off from the start. When you meet Kurt instant connection and when we meet Gunner he is instantly a pal too. But they gave Billy the usual smug bad guy that is fooling people into thinking he is good. And any interaction with the other marines is always semi distant

    I knew he would turn out to be bad because that's the only thing he portrayed not the friendship. So you now you don't feel the bond you just have to deduce that they are great pals. And the reason I jump on it is that his friendship with Bill is the most important. It is is the foundation of the twist and future while for the others it's simply the connection.I'm sure even if people don't see it coming the lack of bond will rob most of the emotional punch of it.
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    How far did you get in the season? Or are you already done? Some things I don't want to mention until you are at a certain point.
    The scripture thing was one of the best moment. I like how Frank is trying to play it cool and then Gunner cracks up.

    He also really sold the moral dilemma when they are taking that bullet.

    I'm at the halfway and I'm starting to fear the Luke Cage syndrom.
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    Ep 5
    The girl continue being great while the boy is empty.Young boy missing a parent tend to be ass but usually they have some humanization. But if only one had to be interested I'm glad it was the girl.

    It fits the hacker's paranoid ways and to avoid being dirty that he would keep hiding. While Castle barely seems to give a damn. I am enjoying their approach but your criticism with Lewis might be what people mean by not political enough? There's a certain thing I expect from Lewis and if he doesn't I will feel like a certain potential was wasted.

    The agent continue to have a quest I cannot get invested on. Her obsession of going solo is just strange and non-engaging.Soven her personal struggles feel hallow. Soulless can fit too.

    Got some cool forest actions.
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    The most boring part is still the feederal agency where the girl is working. I know it is supposedly important but I just can't get invested in her struggles or character.
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