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    I miss DC being about legacy and I think Dick might be the only chracter where my affection actually cloud my judgement. I like or respect other characters but I am a fan of Dick.

    Also Red hood should get penguin and Jon should get Myxy.

    I rember you were what ifs. What are some of the favorites from those you read? Have you read the house of X/powers of X story?
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    Also in a Supes Legacy Clark leave the job to Jon, And Bring Lois to travel the galaxy with him for their retirement, Lex is a good guy to reflect the message of hope of Superman, And right before he dies Myxy makes him travel to the future to see the 25th century where flash is honered, A Gotham that is safe and an example to the rest of the world and finally to the 31st century when the Legion of super heroes is getting created.

    Althought I debate between Supes becoming old slowly or using the time travel.
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    If we sharing idea I remember a wanted a line of books call Batman Legacy that traced the Batfamily history until Batman dies.
    A bunch happened But the end is:
    -Damien become Knightwing in honor both his father and Dick
    -Batman goes to paradise, Dick who is already there presents him to his parents then help him find Martha and Thomas who has been hearing about their son. Then as Bruce realize he did make his parents proud they ask him who is that young that helped him find them he say "This is your grandson Dick Grayson" and when they say "Im glad you had a family" you have BBruce say "I can't wait for you to meet them" with an image of the Batfamily in the background
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    I don't know if if I would like it but at least it would be different. And with more abstract concepts he could do other temup than batman or a copy of himself like that other member of the trinity name wonder woman or Zatana. Plus he is weak to magic.

    I say keep Myxy the same. But what you do is make it so Supes was in some battle outworld when their traditional battle should happen and that pissed him. Myxy thanks of all the ones Superman is constantly playing with and because of his anger or by choice a tiny bit of his power sips into them and deforms them because no one is equipped for that. Or he createres a tear in that dimension by acccident.
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    Fair enough. I heard studios are close to being able to buy their own theaters without scrutiny.
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    You getting Disney Plus?

    I can't believe they didsn't call it the vault or the Disney vault. You coulhave the pegs be the different properties they own.
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    In random analogy I always considered Daredevil to be the Batman of Marvel. And since it's marvel he is properly lowkey and flawed.
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    I know the song. I just didn't think it started with movie. I assumed it was a favorite of the writers or something.
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    Your description reminds me why i mostly like Batman when Dick is around since he's the only one that seems to truly bring the human out of him. And also why I like JLA Batman because he is actually a part of the team instead of just the cool baddass. You see him yell when he has a problem with what happened, you see him banter with Supes, You see him risk his life.

    You should read Forever evil Or Batman Universe. First one is cool Batman dealing with villains that don't give a damn about how cool he is and run the show(they murder a lot) and it's a damn fun event. I think I recommanded it before. The second is basically Batman roadtrip around the DC Universe except he is much more personable and even has a sense of humor.

    More importantly you should read supersons.
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    Yeah realism can be quite visceral. The lack of any sugarcoating or otherworldly makes it that much hard hitting. It's kind of like when a gun works on your fun superheroes. Like that one chapter of MHA. Except they didn't have it work. But it was scarier because it hits closer home. And yeah evangelist Stryker is terrifying.

    Those first few pages with the kids are f*** up. And while it's not exactly the point I think the book is also a great reason why Xavier and Magneto are still friends. They both know humanity is fucked up and they can understand why they chose those approach they just can't agree with it. Magneto think humanity doesn't deserve that much credit and Charles think sinking to that level is giving in.
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