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    What's wrong by the way, why aren't you doing too well? I've never asked you this but how old are you and where you from? (If you don't mind disclosing that is) I'm 25 and from London, England.
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    Black Panther...I enjoyed the film but I didn't like those "scars" on Killmongers body, I have trypophobia so it made me feel uneasy having to force myself to see those scenes with his top off lol. It was enjoyable and funny in the right places, paid homage to the source material quite a lot which is good. I still enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok more, I guess it's because the characters were higher on my list of characters I like from Marvel, Thor, Hulk (who actually had a personality besides mean green destroying machine) and Loki. As for Guardians of the Galaxy 2...what a let down. Offered much of the same except it didn't even match the first film and I don't believe it's because the novelty factor wore off, they just made the whole thing look too computer generated, forced a lot of jokes down your throat too. Had a bittersweet ending though, that part was done well, rest of the film was meh. Still love the characters though.
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    Well at least i'm not the only one that really doesn't like it. Kind of felt like what everyone might fear the first guardians would be.

    How is the proofreading on Jaimini going? Like the experience?
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    I've been well Count, thanks for checking up on me, how have you been?
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    I'm gonna guess he needed to lure Black Panther out after he become king and make him fail. That way he could challenge and become king. But they really made a poor job making it clear.

    When I think killmonger I think the primitive giant brute I saw in wathever avengers animation I watched. So really wasn't setting the bar high. The theme was nice. I like the soundtrack the sister has in her lab.

    Well he is just there it's not like he is that necessary but it's not that much stranger than the token black guy.

    In terms of sibling rivalry flipping him the finger might be the favorite becasue that's as real as you can get with friends or siblings. But yeah I really klike there scenes and chemestry. Like when she runs over a guy and he just tell her it's nothing.And how happy she is to drive.

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    I think papa monger was just thinking about staging a black revolution in America possibly the world. That's what his speech to daddy panther souded like. Yup it would have been simple to have him repurpose his suit to be the new representative of Wakanda new policy. And that's just if a new costume is to much money. Or make something with mask he loved so much if it's about stunt doubles. Sneakers joke was the best.
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    I liked Ross just fine. He does kind of just fallinto the conflict with what I consider a weak pretense(getting shot) but I enjoyed what they did with him. He didn't suddenly become a super soldier or anything. He was just a good character hanging around and his shooting plane might be the most interesting in the climax. I will say that when they are in the mountain range I suddenly realize damn it's weird how that random CIA agent is in the plot for reasons but wathever. I question the giant role Serkis had in the first half much more. The payoff on that is so weird. I'm not even sure why Killmonger kept him around so long.
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    Black Panther's Ex wanted them to open their borders which he mentioned to farmer friend.Farmer friend said bad idea becasue we don't need other people's problem or changing our way of life.

    I ask because I seriously was not invested in the whole "he killed his brother for me" angle. I like the whole he killed him to protect his citizen but that old wise man was trying way to hard to make it about him.

    I am happy we agree on the last fight. I did love that first brutal ritual fight with Black Panther and Killmonger.
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    I would definetely something this style rather than the usual formula. Some jokes still bother me in their placement
    Vegetarian joke

    but there's some real progress and the story is a real story with amore than decent villain.

    It's a 7+ for me. Meaning it's either a 7 or more but less than 8.5. I'd probably give it a 7.5 if I had to put something and I wanted to not be a dick.

    I really would have preferred Killmonger not getting a costumefor the last fight. Seeing 2 black panthers fight is pretty boring.
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    I dunno I really feel the reversal was sudden from "We must keep our tradition friend and keep ourselves from the outside" to " I shall follow this outsider to kill you and conquer the exterior world even if it means shitting on our traditions and slaughtering our brothers." Like he suddenly changed every principles and relationship he had because of the one kill Killmonger did. I didn't feel that movie earned that or rather if that's the direction they want the characterization at the begenning does not make sense. At least not to me.

    I liked Killmonger in the I took a lot of shit and I will dished some back. And the whole Black people's been oppressed it's time for it to change.

    Did you care about the priest/shaman death?
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