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    There's this Netflix series I binge watched recently, it's called Atypical. Watch an episode if you haven't already and tell me what you think lol
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    I am blessed with a good network of friends I have a stable job and I still do what I enjoy doing, going out with friends socializing but gaming now is on the backburner. I used to watch a lot of anime too and read a lot, all of that has been toned down because now I'm at a point in my life where I am looking to settle down and potentially start a family. Haha sharing my life story on your wall, never thought I'd be doing that on Arlong Park. You're awesome. We can definitely do what you suggested and be a sounding board for one another. I have some experience in things you're dealing with right now so it's good to talk things through. Sometimes you just need to write out what you're thinking to put things into perspective, it helps.
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    So I studied and completed a degree in Law, which I graduated from last year. Now that one hurdle is over with, there's still a few more to go before I can be a fully fledged lawyer. But, I don't have the passion for it, I did at one point but my true calling is in the creative arts. That ship has probably sailed though, funny though now my parents tell me to pursue whatever, but I feel like I am not willing to start over from scratch, I don't have that drive you mentioned. As far as romance goes, I have been in and out of relationships but nothing has given me the same feeling as my first one which lasted for 5 years or so. You know, when there's someone out there who likes you for you, puts up with your flaws and shortcomings because in their eyes the good outweighs the bad, that's a keeper. I had that but due to my young age at the time I sort of blew it.
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    My emotional development was helped along by touching stories that I would come across in this medium. I wanted to be a games developer, but more so I wanted to be part of storyboarding and character creation/development/designing. That's my dream job but it comes with this social stigma, my parents wanted me to be something reputable.
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    One of the reasons I asked you where you're from was just to make sure you didn't happen to live close by because you would definitely make a good friend, I can already see that as you're somehow able to do things a lot of us can't do, which is multitask and juggle several people conversing with you at the same time. You're somehow always there for people when they need to chat or vent or discuss something. I wonder how many people are there for you in return, again sounds like another thing we share but with me it's not so evident on the forums as I like to keep my forum persona separate to what I am really like (not fake, but only show a certain facet of my complicated personality). My passion growing up was gaming, I was a console gamer at first, SEGA Megadrive, the first PlayStation, N64 so on and so forth. It's what educated me.
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    Satisfaction...Sometimes we feel this longing for something that gives us purpose, impacting others' lives in a positive way, that's amazing man, the fact that you even think like that. The maturity levels are definitely there. I guess slowly research how you can do that in a way that can and will give you satisfaction and that feeling of productivity, I mean what do you like and excel in? On the surface we can see that you're very articulate and a wordsmith but you have a very analytical mind, there are people out there, massive firms that are looking for an inquisitive mind like yours. Also, a little thing I came across not too long ago, apparently the people that give the best advice are the ones who have the most problems, I fall under that category somewhat. I guess we're sailing on the same ship friend, a good thing too ay? (Considering we're fans of One Piece)
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    Can't believe you're that young. You have a bright future ahead of you. Spend this time to build yourself up professionally and the social stuff will come naturally. I used to be very introverted I still am to an extent but I'm more outgoing than before and I make friends fairly easily but that wasn't always the case. You must be great academically just keep working hard. As someone who is a Jack of all trades I've found it hard to focus on one thing and pursue it vigorously, I lose interest and can't seem to make a breakthrough in anything (a lot of it is due to bad luck but no point making excuses). When I was your age I went through a very bad break up that mentally crippled me for two years, pushed all friends and family away and resorted to online gaming to find my escape. It definitely helped but it was a waste of time, time I could have spent creating a better life for myself. I'm here to talk to anytime man. Sorry I haven't responded as promptly as I would have liked to.
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    What's wrong by the way, why aren't you doing too well? I've never asked you this but how old are you and where you from? (If you don't mind disclosing that is) I'm 25 and from London, England.
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    Black Panther...I enjoyed the film but I didn't like those "scars" on Killmongers body, I have trypophobia so it made me feel uneasy having to force myself to see those scenes with his top off lol. It was enjoyable and funny in the right places, paid homage to the source material quite a lot which is good. I still enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok more, I guess it's because the characters were higher on my list of characters I like from Marvel, Thor, Hulk (who actually had a personality besides mean green destroying machine) and Loki. As for Guardians of the Galaxy 2...what a let down. Offered much of the same except it didn't even match the first film and I don't believe it's because the novelty factor wore off, they just made the whole thing look too computer generated, forced a lot of jokes down your throat too. Had a bittersweet ending though, that part was done well, rest of the film was meh. Still love the characters though.
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    Well at least i'm not the only one that really doesn't like it. Kind of felt like what everyone might fear the first guardians would be.

    How is the proofreading on Jaimini going? Like the experience?
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