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    Yeah I really like that Zeus is just a god. He is not some alien from or an experiment but an actual god and most of the gods in the DC are similar. Similarly infinity,chaos are all what they are. I have always liked when fiction embrace their lore. And infinity being a living entity is something I liked conceptually.
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    What does he mean by comic book series tho? Like spiderman# 500 etc?

    I agree about some corners cut but it mostly work. The one I feel suffer most are Lewis and the agents. I do think killing the dad would have been more interesting than the bomb.

    Ep 8 I really really liked

    Billy way of torturing his mom is the most interesting thing in quite some time. It doesn't help the plot but it does help him stand out and add some needed characterization

    I have been wondering about Frank and the hacker's wife for some time and I was sure cut video feed meant sex without being watched. I gladed with the way the handled. And seeing Castle bond with him after that was pretty good.

    The boy suddenly got a character. I liked him breaking down as a kid would and we didn't get psycho kid that Frank threathen so he couldn't act.
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    Lol. That's totally what would happen. I imagine a five universe meeting for the time each with an important name. I am waiting the next crisis to have earth Alpha.

    To be fair I think they named themselves that( the heroes we follow) back when there was only 2 known ones. But still I think there is a couple of stories that makes their earth special but maybe I am just imagining that. I know the show did it but I'm sure in the actual comics. Still a weirdly self important name but it does sound cool and there mutiverse map is awesome.

    I always like the cosmic aspect of Marvel(With infinity, Chaos being actual beings) and the mystical of DC(where gods are gods and mystical). DC has the order I crave in universe story where each crisis is a big deal and big events can take some decades to revert(Barry and Hal stayed dead pretty long) but I like how the chaotic Marvel allowed for isolated and personal stuff(until recently at least. Each have their good sides.
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    Random thought. I like that marvel's earth is earth-616 rather than conveniently be earth 1 or prime like in DC.
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    I thought You're going way to fast with that lady, no wonder you can't be trusted with investigations. was you know Frank was there maybe they following them. Or the bug is at Sam's house. I just assumed they were mercenaries or a personal squad. And I'm sure Frank thought the same or at least they were to dirty. He did killed corrupted CIA and Marines before. The one that doesn't get killed are random people and honest law enforcement. Lewis is into some weird where I am. And killed his dad. I am really wondering what they want to do with him. He had so much potential. Same reaction as you about the window. And now that you told me you are definitely right about Billy's face.
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    Ep 7
    That woman really use some paper thin logic to jump into I have a bug in my office. It's almost as if the script and writers just decided she had to know right now but couldn't find a smart way to do it.

    I was really invested about Punisher not killing any marines.

    I like the look of the bad guy with his milky eye. He's not really interesting but I like his appeareance.

    That shoot being stopped by the glass was cool

    I have absolutely no clue how they plan on making that last 13 episodes. That's to much.
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    It's not being out that was weird. It was the contrast of Kurt having instant chemestry being in and Bill with sleazy air being out. And I learned that usually if there's a source of great income nearby and someone quickly got rich they will end up connected. watch as either Anvil was started with that money or is a front to launder money. One by it self would be a coincidence but all of it? Definitely in it.

    But like I said i would have catch him as one of them simply from how they portrayed him and being in the unit. Which annoys me since I know I'm not that good at it.
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    So how was Justice league?
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    A whole team that is corrupt? He got away just in time? Rich? Weirdly isn't aware of Frank? He was going to be dirty the moment he was to distant of Kurt and was part of a corrupt unit that made great money and he got rich.
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    Now it feels like I might end criticizing Punisher for not being political enough(AKA choosing generic story instead) when I wouldn't care normally.
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