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    Old movie tends to have a slower pace that's why i like to enjoy them late at night. When you are into it it's great but when you found yourself with one where you feel every it is the worst drag ever. You already have a much better opinion of No Country for Old Men than I have for Children of Men. This movie is always cited as being among the best sci-fi out there while to me it's one of those rarrisim I truly find really mediocre. Did you ever watch?

    I finally watched Lala land and am in the middle of watching breakfeast club. Will touch on Moonlight soon enough. Any recent movie you would consider personally great or childhood classic you like to revisit(I watched Speed and ransom but refuse to ruin my childhood by rewatching space jam ) ?
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    I thought you would watch it at least on tv for completism value.

    What did you think of Get out and No country for Old Man?
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    How is that Possible!!!!!
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    Opinion on the new deadpoopl? I know everyone seems love it but I need to be sure I'm not walking into a another GOTG2
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    We really need to keep superhero tv at 13-18 episodes. There's more than than enough to switch them out constantly and people are getting tired of the middle drags.
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    Could be in interesting idea but the break out need to happen mid season and we have him swearing vengeance in human kind then we gear up with him rassembling all he needs and last 2 episodes is the battle. Give it a 13 episodes treatment and it can properly terrifying.

    Of course first half need the scenes where the humans are treating Grodd like trash and our heroes are fighting the company that has him. Grodd going full evil in the mid finale by maybe doing a bloody massacre in the lab is the turn.

    I'm getting exited thinking about it.
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    Okkkk Not gonna lie now I'm intrigued. If it's just them arguing as usual it is boring but there is a real possibility that the Joker stay the joker and we see Lex being led into the madness by him. Now that's a truly interesting idea. Kind of remind me late JLU where Lex was a having a depression and Grodd was trying to get him back on his eveil feet.
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    Which reminds me I remember you saying that Grodd deserved a season to himself. While I disagree with that I think what would work great is a movie with Grodd as the villain. You get to see his savagerie, his cunning and get the proper build up to fighting that monster of a gorilla. Could actually make a great Flash 2. I don't Grodd benifit from the playing around a series villain love so much. Grodd is much more to the point. HE goes directly for your guts and when you see him only terror is on your mind and how you're going to survive. Head on a spike is Grodd( imagine that as a scene towards the 30 minutes mark with Barry or Wally showing up to see a Grodd waiting behind a barricade of spikes with human heads) not so much the sitting around. And we have the technology to make the imposing beast he is.
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    Yeeeeeeeeeees to the Justice League. It's basically the roster from the cartoond and I love that group. Hawkman can go take a walk he is always to edgy and tries to hard while Hawkgirl is a badass.

    Joker shouldn't be in with Lex. I love both separately but I always feel partner just mess with Joker's style. Especially later. I don't mind them sharing scenes and confronting their ideas but that's one team up people love that I don't. Joker's as his best when he is maniacal self and leading the show. Lex is the conniving one you want in a group watching to see when he makes his play to gain leadership.

    So drop Joker not becasue I don't like him but because that team would just get in the way of what makes him so great.
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