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    Everyone knows only uncle Ben can stay dead. Even Krypton always have some creature, person, city that escaped the explosion.

    At least the return of Barry was almost epic(sadly they didn't make final crisis a hard reboot) and Wally pretty much became mainstream. Bart wasn't so lucky and got killed pretty fast. But as comic book as DC can be I tend to feel their world evolve and function and that Marvel's is a mess. Although if following a specific character it seems it could be interesting.

    Aside from Daredevil and spiderman do you have any character you would personally recommend(and a writer if needed).
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    Rickert will surely improve his skills, and most importantly, since his group is traveling to the Bakiraka's village, he will most likely craft new weapons and tools for them. Even if their principles are to only rely on their own skills and no one else (much like Guts), the circumstances of the outside world should not allow them to refuse a help.

    I thought many times about the possibilty of Theresia coming back, and Jill too, at least to confirm that they survived the current outside world and made it safely to Falconia. But i don't think Miura intended since back then to make her relevant again in the story, instead i think she's there only as a parallel to Guts, she was overwhelmed with the succession of tragic events and at the end all she was left with was revenge against the stranger who brought her all those misfortunes, just like Guts and the God Hand. Only if Miura intends to give a very thorough ending to Berserk and bring a resolution to all then maybe we'll see her again.
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    But i think the arc had also its downs, Oda tried to put both a Yonkou's and Sanji's own arc together, and the result is that both of them have not been developed as it should have been, the Vinsmoke lack in characterization, and some members of the Big Mom pirates had barely few lines at all, due to how numerous they are. The explanation for Sanji's chivalry being caused by Zeff felt very weak to me, at this point it would have been better to have it revealed since the East Blue or not revealed at all. And i didn't like Pudding's recent developements either, especially in the last chapter where she shows her ridicolous jealous "tsundere" reaction, as if this was a generic bland manga, One Piece should be better than this.
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    Sorry for the late answer.

    I also have a positive consideration of the Totland arc overall. I love how atypical this arc has been compared to the other arcs, i enjoyed its many twists and surprises. I never had any problem with Sanji going through that series of misfortunes, both in flashback and present, and his flashback was ok, it had some flaws and it could have been done better but it wasn't bad either. Though the Vinsmoke haven not been properly characterized i liked the theme of his father rejecting him as a useless son and then ending up being saved by him. And i completely agree about Big Mom's awesome design (Teach and Moria as well), i love when authors instead of going through the safe route of a stereotypical character design choose a more unique and unconventional look for their characters, like making them fat or with unaesthetic traits like long noses.
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    Well at least the rebirth comics are pretty good. Taking the goods of the new 52 and wraping them in the great of old school DC. They might do some interesting movies someday.

    I think the thing that always stopped me from getting into maarvel is how messy everything seems to be. I tend to love a world which works pretty well for DC and his legacy system, his established heroes with a certain stability. Whereas Marvel feel like everything is a constant mess. Althought with street level things it might be less disturbing. I should probably try a specific hero and do the jump.

    Do you read detective books? And if so between Holmes and Poirot which do you think is the best character?
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    Not sure what to expect from Castle Bege or how much damage he can ~tank~ in this form. If it is a lot, unless they are still trying to go for the plan if Linlin has not snapped out of it, then I would hope he tries to jump down from the castle. I also would love if Luffy uses King Kong Gun to take down the entirety of Big Mom's castle, it would give them enough chaos to do whatever they need to do.

    Funny thing is, with Linlin declaring she will never forgive the Strawhats, the only way for a neutrality to happen is if Streusen witnessed Carmel's evil side and it is revealed to Big Mom so she stops putting her on a pedestal.
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    Funny thing is, this is not even the flashback I was thinking about when I mentioned a second flashback. So I am expecting more partitions coming.
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    We got a full ~flashback~ AND partition, Oda is going WILD
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    Brotherhood has probably my favorite finale war. Everyone is there and everything is dialed up to 400% for it.
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    Is there also that corruption story? I really feel there was an obvious christian parallel which is pretty much Jesus story where the devil dies rather than Jesus but for some reason I was the only one to mention it. Considering how people like to bring Jesus metaphor I was surprise.
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