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    Yeah sorry, I'm super paranoid. >_>

    Ivankov also has the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show thing going on. Admittedly I didn't like him very much at first but he definitely grew on me. I thought his design was over the top even for One Piece but I definitely got over it. I actually thought about Bege's powers after the fact so I'm glad you brought his up. I had to give Brook a shout for powers because he was the hardest Straw Hat to predict in terms of timeskip powers. I pretty much nailed everyone else but I couldn't figure out how to expand Brook's moveset anymore. In retrospect, the "cold winds of the underworld" and a soul leaving your body are pretty simple powers for a dead guy, but they never even crossed my mind.
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    Sorry, I didn't read your question correctly. I'm sick right now. xD

    Personalities: Blackbeard.
    Powers: Luffy, Brook, Law.
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    My favorite flashback is Brook's. Robin and Law's are purportedly sadder but they're just so sad that it's almost hard to take seriously. They're still great but they teeter on that line between "super duper sad" and "jeez, I'm definitely reading something right now". Brook's flashback was mostly cheery until the end which is what I feel gives it more depth. And then just the thought of him being stuck on a ship with the corpses of all his closest friends for 50 years... Yikes.

    Designs? I like Jinbe's. Coolest fat blue goomba around. Moria's is cool too since it's a pretty darn unique. And Blackbeard is awesome too. I love Blackbeard as the main villain since it's such a unique take. If Oda wasn't going to be completely gassed and too old by the end of One Piece, I'd love to see a spin-off series where we follow the Blackbeard pirates side of the adventure.
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    Sorry for not responding for so long, I've been away from my computer for a while.

    Hmm... I'm guessing this is a trap meant to either contrast your tastes versus mine or see where my logic comes from, but I'll bite. My three favorite characters overall in the series are Luffy, Jinbe and Vivi. Without going too much into it, Luffy since we've been following him the longest (and he gets that darn main character bonus), Jinbe because I really like his unique relationship with Luffy (they seem like really great friends; reminiscent of my best friend actually) and Vivi because I love characters with a lot of untapped potential. Like for instance, when Rosalina first showed up in Super Mario Galaxy, I took an extreme interest in her because her character potential is massive.

    [cont --->]
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    Out of curiosity, how was it you came to be interested in/become a fan of One Piece?
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    For the most part I just read your posts. If I feel like I don't have anything of weight to add to the topics being discussed I usually keep quiet. Of course if you mean general discussions between the two of us I'm always down for a chat too, in fact I might engage in more discussions with you in future because, differing opinions or not, it's always a pleasure to read your take on things.
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    Yeah I didn't like how they were speaking to you so I got defensive but then saw the way you dealt with it in a more kind manner so I followed suit. Got your back anytime.
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    I dunno if I'd recommend any of the Unfortunate Events adaptations, since I haven't watched any besides the film ages ago as a kid, but the books left a strong impression. I read them in third and fourth grade, and they were some of the first things I had read with a strong streak of dark humor. The author had a pretty eccentric style - and as you might know is a character in the larger plot-line too - full of digressions, rants on history and language, and frequent use of meta-plot and humor. One of the funniest and most infuriating bits about the series was the overall conspiracy that was formed, and constantly mocked in the latter books. I won't spoil it in case you dig further, but I remember how much it made me laugh and tear my hair out how the series would lay these clues and set-up that would seem to point to the increasingly bizarre and surreal conspiracy surrounding all the events and character, only to divert near the end of the book and continually poke fun at itself.
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    Well that's not bad tactics per se, Oda was planning One Piece for quite a while in advance - though of course not to the extent the most amorous fans will declare lol - and that seems to have worked well in his favor. Though if you're planning a webcomic method of release, I'd imagine your deadlines/release schedule would be considerably looser, though a tighter one would help to up publicity/keep fans invested. And I have no real experience in this, so no need to take my 'advice' to seriously lol, but I'd think you'd also want to release on multiple webcomic platforms. The webcomic scene seems - to me at least - highly decentralized, which seems both a potential boon for creativity but also a challenge to attain a real following.

    And yeah, it's been great chatting with you! I guess one reason I opened up so much is it can feel semi-voyeuristic being predominantly a lurker for so long, so it seems only fair in a weird way heh.
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    I'll have to apologize to you properly since you seem like a genuinely good guy. I could follow the conversation but my mind is filled with, let's just say an extreme distaste, with the upper echelons of society. On the other hand, I'm very, very forgiving of high concept entertainment. However, I shouldn't be allowing my distaste with elitism to bleed over and affect how I interact with persons that aren't necessarily elite, but just articulate.

    tl;dr: I'm sowie. T_T
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