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    That line from Batman was pretty good.

    I am not saying an Aquaman movie willbe bad in terms of quality but nothing grab me and I fear it would be a slog. His speech style kind of kept switching in the movie. Maybe the surfman are from one writer then they realize it was stupid gave him normal speech leaving only the moments already in the trailer.

    A cyborg movie could really be interesting. And they didn't shy away from green lantern.

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    I am pretty sure they are going to give sups control of the league but I would prefer Diana.

    Like I said I think a nice thing would have been Diana holding her own but slowly losing and then sups show up and help her turn the tides and help the others. Proving they are good but he is a trump card.

    I really think she shined this movie and a lot of the worries I had about her treatment did not come true.

    They are doing Flashpoint? Already? Now I'm scared everyone knows flashpoint is a reset button just like doomsday is superman's death or civil war is CA vs IM. I am really scared of what they will reset with.

    If they continue normally I don't think they will use Zoom yet.
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    My problem with that Lex is the he cannot be a businessman. He shove candy in senator's mouth and can't make a charity speech without losing it. But who knows maybe being full fledge villain will make it work.

    I don't want Sinestro. I don't want him stuck on earth. No Circe either they would definitely mess it up(I can already imagine the cringe worthy seduction scenes). Grid could be cool. If we do savage I prefer a partnership rather than being under Luthor. Ireally don't want mirror powers in my movie so definitely a captain cold or killer frost.

    Your comment on Ivy made me think captain planet.

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    I loved Diana tagging an automatic weapon. I am also glad they didn't have her be fully ineffective against SteppenWolf. He was stronger but clearly she could go a couple round. I kind of wish she and Aquaman could keep up with Stephen and sups would give them the edge by replacing Aqua but what we got was not bad.

    Her headbutts with superman was a nice moment. And I like the notion that sups could send aqua flying but not her.

    And I think her answer when the guy said "I don't believe who are you" was pretty good ("I am a believier").

    I even missed her song.

    Funny how much I praise her considering I thought she was incredebly random in BvS and didn't like the song in a movie setting.

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    Victor was interesting. I kind of wish his dad died dor some reason I'm sadistic like that. But I love his scenes with Wonder woman. I think she did well as support in their scenes. And he definitely does the brooding well. And I did like the small details or him and flash bumping fist.

    I didn't like Batman before but damn he tried hard this movie and I think he was an ok dude. The humor didn't work well on him at some moment(the bleeding) but I did appreciate the guilt aspect of the character. And he did have one of the best line about buying the bank.

    So I think the characters with real arcs in this movie were Cyborg, Sups,Bats, Wonder woman and with Flash having potential. Aqua was decent but didn't show much to expect something.

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    I remember one of my biggest complain for BvS was that the movie didn't earn his death.

    Well this movie fucking earned this sups and that first after credit scene.

    First moment with the kid interogating already show a lighter superman although a little stiff. When he comes back he quickly is put as the big gun of the team. And more importantly the personality is finally at the right tone. Slightly cocky but with a sense of justice and wanting to do right(not being forced to do it) and capable of levity even in dire situation.

    I liked his approach to death, I liked the moment when he is making a race with Flash to save people to lighten the mood(my favorite moment for Flash is the payoff with Sups losing with a building in his hands) and I loved him joking about his death and laughing after taking care of the problem.

    That movie earned his superman hard. I always said in terms of movies he works better in group than solo and I stand by it.

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    I like the effect of Flash moving. You see the start and the result. And the effect on when is about to move give that impression of explosiveness. And throughout the whole thing you can feel the speed.Also I'm not sure but I think they used a version of cw flash theme which was awesome.

    Some of his moments were definitely awkward and he was kind of just there but Between personality, power and the little hints of confidence issue I can easily see a good movie out of him.

    Favorite solo moment is saving the people one after another.but real favorite is shared with Sups.

    Aquaman was a decent character real personality and everything but he is the one scarring me the most going forward. I am not sure there is much to tell or make him stand out. Also evertime I heard my man I kept picturing this.
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    Justice League

    Superman noticing Flash was pretty great. What sold was the expression of terror when he realized he was almost moving at the same speed. You could sense the francticness and how much he was scrambling to survive.

    Favorite is Diana but I am biased. Her movie just make me care for herand her story wasn't uninteresting to me. Plus I like her personality. The power creep in me wish that would have kept her as the warrior on the group and kept up with superman due to that but that is personal and showing how superman is the big gun work too.

    Funniest moment by far is when Aquaman is on the plane talking and he gets worse and worst and at the end you realize she put the lasso on him. I mean that part when he is describing Diana alone is worth it.
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    Technically the prequels did have the main protagonist turn bad.

    I definitely expect some BS of some new path that has some fancy words to cover the fact it is the jedis all over again. Maybe without that stupid rule on marriage and attachment that was stupid when it was introduced and was a stupid thing to have Luke continue.
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    Lex appears in season 1 ep 1.

    Small is driven by pretty much 2 things. When does superman fly? The realationship between Lex and Clark and why Lex is who he is. It is pretty it was one of their main focus if THE main focus.
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