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    And here is the thing about Kaido. Yes, we have more specific intel on Big Mom's misdeeds. This is obvious since we're in the middle of her arc and Kaido's time will come during Wano Country.

    But it's definitely Kaido who is being built up to be the bigger threat. See, comparing Kaido beating Moria to Mihawk beating Don Krieg isn't a fair comparison. What I was drawing attention to was not that Moria was beaten, but how Moria mentions that his entire crew got SLAUGHTERED. To the point of breaking his mind enough to rely on zombies since they don't die and giving up the ambition to put personal effort into piracy. Mihawk's situation was just trolling lol, and Don Krieg was supposed to be pathetic and cowardly with how he relied on tools and cowardice. Think about how Oda was trying to establish Kaido as this intimidating monstrous force without mercy from a narrative perspective than just the superficial side of it.
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    Well, you're already on the right track in regards to why I think X Drake is likely to be a double-agent. XD His dad being a former Marine is a big factor. Mainly because of how being associated with his father's betrayal would make for the perfect double agent cover. But there is another big thing to pay attention to. His relationship with Law. They actually talked face-to-face briefly in Sabaody Archipelago. Also, X Drake basically had his flashback in Law's flashback lol. Which makes sense since I doubt that Oda will give every single Supernova their own dedicated flashback (only Kid is likely to get one similar to Law's due to his significant narrative attention). But what is important to take note is how X Drake and his father's tale is juxtaposed with Law and Corazon's in that flashback. Specifically with how, as we know, Corazon was a double-agent for the Marines. This leads me to believe that Law and Drake are going to form a partnership.
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    Also, I'm pretty sure that X Drake joined for the sake of eventually betraying Kaido like Capone's doing with Big Mom. Most likely as a double-agent for the Marines though. I could tell you why I believe this, if you're interested.
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    Also, keep in mind that Jimbei is the one who made the deal with Big Mom. The same Jimbei who revealed how Blackbeard became a Yonko and is hunting down Devil Fruit users. So I doubt that Jimbei picking Big Mom out of all the Emperors to cover Fishman Island is a coincidence. He most likely saw that she was the most negotiate and had the most merits. And keep in mind that we didn't exactly have the best first impression of Robin either. The first time we saw her, she took responsibility for blowing up Igaram's (Vivi's attendant) ship while smiling and taunting Vivi's ability to save her kingdom.

    And Kaido wants powerful Zoan users. He's starting a world war. If he hears word of somebody powerful enough defeating one of his minions with a Zoan Fruit, and probably gets an offer asking to join his crew, Kaido would accept it. Giving strong guys promotions doesn't make you ethical.
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    Except that the first time we hear about Big Mom after Garp introduces the Yonko is from Lola in Thriller Bark. Who refers to her as a strong pirate that the Straw Hats can rely on if they get intro trouble.


    Meanwhile, here's our first impression of Kaido:


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    Don't worry, I'm typically similar. In fact, I use a relative's Netflix account! Which is technically illegal...

    You can still easily find the episodes streamed on other sites though if you looked lol.
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    Are you a fan of the Marvel Netflix shows?
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    Yeah, Oracle was a shame. Wally West's whole situation bothered me too, and I'm never going to really be interested in him now that Barry Allen's in the main spotlight (although that whole situation happened before the New 52).

    But hey, Green Arrow has a beard again and will get with Black Canary again! That's something lol.
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    That's sad to hear about DC. But you have heard about how Rebirth is bringing back old characters and continuity, right? Just thought you should know.

    I mainly used to follow Spider-Man, Daredevil, Flash, Batman, Thor, and various other comic series in-between. I have whole shoeboxes filled with modern and old comics, including reprints of the first several issues of Amazing Spider-Man and old Iron Man comics for some reason. I also collected Mega Man and Sonic Archie comics for a brief while.
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    Yeah. It didn't do too well though. But the first game got a complete remake that ties into the movie (which is also based on the first game lol) for PS4, and it's one of the top-selling PS4 games and the best-selling R&C game since the PS2.

    I can definitely agree with that. Not to mention more consistent storytelling, less event tie-ins, needless cameos from other series' characters, etc lol. But this kind of makes me think of who Shonen Jump would pick to replace Oda as the writer/artists if something tragic happened to him...

    Which comic books were/are you into though? I mainly used to dabble in Marvel and DC, but I've tried expanding beyond them recently.
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