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    Second one also done (actually a while now)
    "The Sign of Four"
    By far better than the first i saw, here Sherlock definitely could shine and i also really like how Brett portais Sherlock.
    Also who doesn`t like the narrative ending with the treasure and it shows how interested Sherlock was in the backstory...comforting your antagonist to get what he wants.
    But to be honest iam not rly hooked for the series, so i guess i will skip that :)
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    "What you wrote in the random news thread about the rapture, seven years of trouble and the 1000 years rule since the quote is too large to post here"

    Since it's too late to bring it up in the random news thread I wanted to bring it up here. First off the Jews are God's people, yes they are damned to go to he'll but not all are. And you bring up good points yet there are bound to be survivors after the 7 years of trouble. I must point out that the morals and the law is currently breaking down, everything is happening right now. Many people believe that after the seven years Christ will rule for 1000 years. Second the seven years of trouble will not start out terrible, it will start out peacefully with little trouble but at the middle of the seven years the Antichrist is going to break the peace agreement with Israel and that's when things go down. I hope I clarify things up
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    Watched the first Sherlock you suggested to me.
    "The Hound of Baskerville"
    I rly like the old look of it (well, made in the70s) and Sherlock is well played.
    But he is rather rarely on screen, which is never something good.
    Also the story , (even when most likely the most famous story) ain`t belongs to my favourites.
    But it was well adapted from the novel as far as i can say.
    I hope the second one will satisfy me a bit more, but iam seeing where you`re coming from.
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    Happy Birthday !!!
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    Happy Birthday, buddy!
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    hey ubiq
    y can't i vote in the 2014 one piece character tournament?
    I really want to vote but i can't, could you tell me why?

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    We're all set, go check the thread and see if you have anything to add/change/something.
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    link to 726 if you want to edit your opening post in the senior discussion thread ;)
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    darn I wanted to make it all fit in one post but there's a character limit and I was wanting to send this as a pm as well but your message box is full :P also I have sent this message to Toraish and he is either too busy or is ignoring it, so hopefully I can rely on you for help with this problem :)
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    Hello Ubiq
    I am a One piece fan who has recently caught up with the manga and I would like to contribute and show my support for the series and it's characters. I'm the kind of person who liked more to read the forums and make theories, and to keep up to date with the latest news without being spoiled too much. And that is why I have not done much posting in the past, however I am becoming more interested in participating in the tournaments because I find it to be fun and showing support for my favorite characters, however for the last few weeks I have been unable to vote and I know that spambots and other people have made false accounts to make certain characters have more votes, but I would like the opportunity to give my vote to the characters that I campaign for :) Please allow me the opportunity to vote in the tournaments for the characters that I wist to campaign for if it is within your power. Thank you for your time and patience :D
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