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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    Hi! Would it be alright if I added you as a friend on 3DS? My code is 3196 - 6799 - 6143. Thank you and have a nice day~
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    Derp .
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    Can you make a poll in the League of Legends thread ? I can specify the poll in a PM.

    Anyway, thank you.
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    And where I can find the "start streaming" button ?
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    How can I get "online" on twitch ? And not off-line.
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    I understand your point, I'm not trying to shove things down people's throats. For me some things I see does not quite fit my style and really has nothing to do with religion. Everyone just have different taste. So this is all I can say but your free to think what you want. Thank you for your input
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    How do you define "Opinion"? Or is belifs more proper? I'm talking about what you post to me in "General News Discussion"
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    Was skimming some of my old facebook posts from when I was still in college and came across the link for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDGR2MiCyYs I remembered you were/are in electronics I think so you might find it amusing :P
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    AW YEAH FLIPPER. "Sex Bomb" is indeed a raucous gem. I'm a bit more cautious about Swans myself, seeing as how they very quite an acquired taste. Also, Michael Gira's penchant for repetition can get on my nerves sometimes.

    On those Japanese noise bands: I remembered trying to listen to Boredoms a few years and getting confused by the praise they received. Maybe with more (relatively) seasoned ears I can see where the hype be coming from.

    Lightning Bolt is exciting! They have this really controlled way of doing their style of spazz rock - really snappy stuff! Though like Swans I feel like it gets a bit too repetitive for their own good.

    Should try checking out the Cows too - I remember Mark Prindle getting excited about them back when he was still reviewing stuff on his site!
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