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    It's all good. You and I don't have to agree on stuff. It's just nice to discuss opinions and stuff.

    Speaking of which: I found Episode 49 highly enjoyable! THIS is the type of episode 48 should have been (which felt like filler by comparison). Good stuff!
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    Hell. When re-reading Dressrosa (cuz I loved alot of the characters, loved some of the fights in concept even if thier execution was imperfect, and I loved that thier bounties went up) I usually only pick certain chapters and skip the rest.
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    I'm consistent actually. I hated how dragged out those were too, in spite of their great moments. I complained about how slowly paced Dressrosa was a lot, actually. I'll admit I somewhat liked it because of the exciting fights but I was mostly just glad it was finally over and the plot could advance at long last. As for the Namek saga, I usually skip it anytime I re-read the manga. (I don't usually watch the DBZ Anime much because it's too slow paced).
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    If I'd written that episode, it would start the same as they did...but once he arrived at Capsule Corp, they would given him a senzu . He'd wake up, they'd get Goku and Vegeta, he would then explain what happened to him. He'd have some sort of additional flashback about Mai for padding...then he'd begin to train in the hyerbolic time chamber or some such to show he wants to get stronger...show a few seconds of that, and end on some sort of cliffhanger. Other than that, shorter versions of everything that was already in the episode. Bam. Alot more happened and the story still didn't advance straight to anything big yet.
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    Nah. I wasn't expecting that. I was just excepting more than about 5 minutes of content over a 20 minute or so episode. I guess I'm glad someone enjoyed it, I suppose.
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    Ah...you liked the episode of Nothing Happens Super? (I'm teasing)
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    Saw episode 48 of Dragonball Super. It was bullshit because nothing happened in the whole episode! It was just lots of nothing really. Only thing achieved? Trunks is in modern day now, and Kid Trunks thinks he has an illegitimate brother. That's it. This is bullshit.
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    I guess I'm one of the few who actually liked GT...to be fair though, that's mainly because I loved Super 17 and Nova Shenron.

    I'm definitely hoping Super's next arc will be much better than the early ones were.
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    Ah! I hated the initial episodes and stop watching and then just a few days ago I went back to the show after hearing about Evil Goku and the return of Future Trunks. (Both things I love). I just watched Champa's champions fight the Beerus Champions..they were mediocre.. ..and then saw all of Vegeta vs hit and Goku vs hit. LOVED THOSE TWO FIGHTS! Now just yesterday I saw the Golden Shenlong resurrect Earth in Universe 6 and that's all I've seen so far. Overall it was rediculously slow paced so I might stop here and wait a few episodes so I can watch it in bulk. What do you think i should do?
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    Is your avatar Dragonball Super? :)
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